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Cozy Cottagecore Winter Watch List

This winter watch list is perfectly cottagecore and curated with the winter season in mind. These cozy tv shows and movies are excellent additions to your normal routine.

A cottagecore winter watch list consists of nine of ten movies that are pictured here.

I decided I wanted to create a winter watch list this year, because honestly in our home we tend to cozy up on the couch a bit more in the evenings when it’s too cold and dark outside to do much.

It’s a bit different than what I usually post about here, but sometimes it’s nice to change things up a bit. 

That being said, I thought I’d create a winter watch list that was specifically “cottagecore.” That does keep with my usual cottage living theme of my blog. 

These are all tv shows or movies that remind me of cottage life (i.e. simpler times, country living, family life, sustainability) in some form or another.

I’m going to keep this a bit shorter than my usual posts, but hopefully you can appreciate that. I sure hope this cottagecore winter watch list suits you for the restful winter season ahead… 

Cottagecore Winter Watch List

Gilmore girls

Peter Rabbit

The Holiday

Pride and Prejudice 



The Great British Bake-Off

Ever After

Goodbye Christopher Robin

The School of Good and Evil

Cottagecore Winter Watch List

Gilmore girls

Gilmore girls poster shows two young women smiling with a green background as part of a cottagecore winter watch list.

A classic. So adorable and funny–and cheesy at times. My absolute favorite tv show that I will watch on repeat all year long. Gilmore girls takes place in Stars Hollow, the picture perfect New England town full of diners, mom-and-pop shops, and all the quirkiest characters. Watch Lorelai and her daughter, Rory, grow up together as they navigate through life in this witty comedy-drama.

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit and friends are hopping through a garden in a post picture for a cottagcore winter watch list.

The ultimate cottagecore movie! Peter Rabbit’s life consists of perusing Mr. McGregor’s garden and taking whatever it is him and his family please. One day, Mr. McGregor passes away and a family member inherits the home. The new Mr. McGregor is at his wit’s end with the cottage animals. However, McGregor forms a new love interest that just so happens to be a lover of all living creatures. This begins to change how McGregor views the pesky rabbits. But he does have his limits…

The Holiday

A poster of a film is shown of the holiday where two couples smile at one another.

The Holiday is a cute rom-com where two women switch lives for a couple of weeks, across the globe. One of them is even lucky enough to travel from a ritzy home in L.A. to a cozy cottage in the middle of the countryside in the UK. These women’s lives are turned upside down in just a few short weeks as they reprioritize what matters most.

Pride and Prejudice 

A woman and man walk through a field in this movie poster.

This classic is based on the novel by Jane Austen. It’s a period drama based around a young woman and man who fall in love but are worlds apart in social status (and temperament). Will they overcome their pride and prejudice and marry, afterall?


A woman reaches toward a man in the mountains.

This tv series is based off of the novels by Diana Gabaldon. Claire travels through time after a strange encounter and falls for a man that saves her in more ways than one. You can’t get more cottagecore than time travel, tales of fairies and witches, and romance in the highlands of Scotland in the 1700s…


A woman and man stare into each other's eyes in this Bridgerton tv show poster.

Another period romance, this is about a woman who must find a suitor before it’s too late. After meeting a potential husband, she realizes that love is much more complicated than meets the eye. Follow along to see the complexities of high society in an age when social status was of the utmost importance.

The Great British Bake Off

Several people laugh toward a camera at a table of cakes in this poster.

Everyone’s favorite baking show. Competitors often work together rather than against one another in this friendly rivalry that decides who gets crowned with the best bakes of them all.

Ever After

A woman and man embrace in a forest in this movie poster.

A Drew Barrymore classic, this film is based on the Cinderella story and takes place in Renaissance-era France. A prince must marry soon, and a servant girl turns out to be more than meets the eye in this romantic comedy…

Christopher Robin

A man is surrounded by forest animals in this movie poster.

Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh are the closest of friends… that is, until Christopher Robin leaves for boarding school and grows up. He forgets about Pooh as he goes on with life. Years later, as an adult, Christopher and his family are suffering due to his work life and the pressure he faces. One weekend, though, Christopher is reunited with his childhood friends and soon realizes just how much things need to change.

The School for Good and Evil

Good and evil are pictured on opposite sides of this movie poster.

This is a new film on Netflix that I absolutely love. Two teenage girls are transported to another realm. Except, they are split up, each in a different school (though the schools are side by side one another). Will their friendship last through these tumultuous times where they become students in juxtaposing schools and lifestyles? Or will the forces of evil tear them apart?

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