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DIY Outdoor Fairy Garden

Discover the art of making a DIY outdoor fairy garden curated just for your space. Using just a handful of items, you’ll create an enchanting fairy garden for all to enjoy.

A DIY outdoor fairy garden is surrounded by solar=powered mushroom lights on an outdoor patio.

Fall may seem like a strange time to be adding in a completely new garden outside–save for salad greens and a few select root vegetables. However, this year I’m adding a DIY outdoor fairy garden to the mix. 

I have been dreaming of creating an outdoor fairy garden since I made a DIY fairy lantern (you can read about how I created that HERE) a couple of years ago.

Something about fairy life just calls my name. 

Probably because of my Scottish heritage and my love for old English country homes. I mean, I’m not into the cottagecore lifestyle for nothing!

Along with my love for cottages, I also adore plant life and ancient folklore. (I am both a science and history nerd.)

Enter: the DIY outdoor fairy garden.

A DIY outdoor fairy garden is surrounded by solar=powered mushroom lights on an outdoor patio.

I just couldn’t resist this easy afternoon project. It should last well through the winter and for many seasons to come. Just add in a sealant to protect the fairy garden from all the elements, and you’ll be enjoying your fairy garden for years.

Months and months ago, I found a super cute, affordable fairy garden kit at Aldi. I swiped it up when I realized I could easily make this into an outdoor project to add more ambiance along our patio. 

You see, our backyard wasn’t exactly stunning when we moved in over two years ago. We’ve slowly been transitioning it into something a little easier on the eyes. 

We added in a pea gravel patio (read that post HERE), lots of edible plants, and now we have this magnificent little fairy garden. Now all we need to add in are a few raised garden beds and a privacy fence sometime in the future. 

Here’s to making our backyard beautiful enough for the fairies to flock to. This is how I made our DIY outdoor fairy garden…

What is a fairy garden?

A fairy garden is a small garden crafted in order to attract mythical fairies into your yard. It is an old legend that adding a fairy garden will attract fairies that will bring you good luck. 

This story originated in the UK hundreds of years ago and even those who don’t truly believe in fairies may still like to play along with this myth. It’s such an adorable way to add a touch of cottage charm to a backyard or patio area. 

This low maintenance “garden” doesn’t even require living plants. You can simply use rocks for a rock garden in your little fairy oasis. However, some people love to add moss, succulents, or native plants to their area to landscape near or around the fairy garden.

A fairy is nestled into her very own fairy garden box, surrounded by mushroom lights.

Supplies You Will Need | DIY Fairy Garden

Lights for nighttime I used these solar-powered mushroom lights HERE 

Fairy garden kit (or you can purchase these separately: house, fairy, table and chairs, mushrooms, animals, stones/rocks, fence, box/container to hold it all, etc.) I bought mine from Aldi

Polyurethane sealant spray or Mod Podge outdoor sealer (if you’re using the Aldi fairy garden kit like I did, it is already sealed for outdoor use and you won’t need this)

Pea gravel

Loose soil

Shovel, optional

Gardening gloves, optional

Plants, optional

Gnomes, optional

Lots of outdoor fairy garden supplies are laid out on a burgundy rug.

How to Make a DIY Outdoor Fairy Garden 

Prep fairy garden decorations for outdoors, if needed

If you bought an outdoor kit like I did, this won’t be necessary. However, if you had to find separate pieces at a craft store and they’re meant for indoor use, you will need to add some protection from the elements. Add a sealant to your little fairy decorations by spraying them lightly on all sides and letting them dry fully before using them.

A DIY fairy garden has many pieces sitting inside an empty box, just waiting to be filled.

Envision the overall look

Some people go into projects without any end goal in mind. This can waste time and prevent you from creating what you truly want. Be flexible with how you expect it to turn out (because even if you copy something, it never looks exactly like the original). But at least going in with a vision will help guide you with what supplies to purchase and the overall layout and design of it. A DIY fairy garden has so many options. 

If you need a bit of inspiration, peruse Pinterest for more visuals. It’s good to go into this project having an idea, but being flexible as you go.

A fairy garden is decked out with decorations and lights on a patio in the evening.

Prepare the outdoor fairy garden area

Begin by finding a well-lit area to make your DIY outdoor fairy garden. I recommend a well-lit area because it will provide enough sun to charge your mushroom solar-powered lights for light during the night. If you aren’t using these lights, you’re free to use a part-shade area of your yard or patio.

After choosing an area, dig up any grass, mulch, or weeds to nestle your fairy garden box or container into the ground. This will help it stay put.

A spot is made for an outside fairy garden along a patio bed.

Line your DIY fairy garden with bricks, stones, or lights

This will give your outdoor fairy garden a more cohesive look. Creating some sort of barrier between the yard and your DIY fairy garden will create a more attractive look. It’ll also be easier to maintain when there’s a clear boundary between the two. I would recommend using bricks, large stones, or lights to outline your fairy garden.

A container pot/box is great for creating a barrier, but if you want to put your fairy garden straight into the ground you can do that, too. I used a box since it came with the outdoor fairy garden kit, but I still added lights around it for more fun. 

These solar-powered mushroom lights are perfect for a fairy garden. They charge in the sunshine by day and light up at night. This adds a bit more ambiance by nightfall. Even in the daytime it is so cute!

Mushroom lights begin to shine on a patio as the sun sets.

Add in soil

Now, add in loose soil to the top of your container, leaving an inch of space or so. Then, start by adding in any larger pieces like the house and fencing for your garden. Although you already have a boundary made with bricks or stone (or your container), it’s always nice to add this special touch. Anything mini-sized is always so cute that I can’t resist it. I do love a white picket fence! 

If you’re planting this garden directly in the ground, use a shovel to loosen dirt (you may need to moisten the soil first). Then carefully plant each piece into the ground. 

A wooden box is filled with soil and has embellishments sitting nearby.

Add fairies and friends

The fairies will need to be added into their garden in the same manner. Once they are secured, you can add other decorative elements to the mix.

You fairies may want a few friends in their garden. Don’t forget to add any animals or mushrooms or other pieces to keep them comfortable. 

Decorative animal friends and mushrooms are added into the garden.
A fairy is added to her garden along with a cottage and picket fence.

Don’t forget finishing touches

Finally, add rocks or pebbles to cover the soil inside your fairy garden. If you prefer, you could even add some moss in. If you want to add more plant life (like small succulents) that works well, too. Any larger plants should border and fall behind the fairy garden for a nice background. Anything too big inside the actual fairy garden will overwhelm it and block out the view of the fairies. 

Pebbles are added to the fairy garden.
A mushroom is added into a little garden.
A succulent is added to a garden space on a patio.

Tips for DIY Outdoor Fairy Garden

If you’re adding plants to your DIY outdoor fairy garden, be sure to select plants that do well in a full-sun environment. You’ll want them to survive for the fairies to enjoy!

If you live in particularly rainy areas, you may want to add a UV coating that can add another layer of protection to your fairy garden.

Feel free to add in a water bath or gnomes for more ambiance around your fairy garden. The soothing sounds of a circulating water bath are a peaceful addition.

A fairy garden is stylish with its mushroom lights, fairy, and other elements on a patio.

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