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Lavender & Eucalyptus Wreath DIY | How to Make a Lavender Wreath

Discover the beauty of making a DIY lavender wreath this season. With just a few supplies and pointers, you’ll learn how to make a lavender wreath that’ll last for many seasons to come. 

A lavender wreath DIY is hung outside a white door.

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As the warmer seasons approach, I like to gather ideas for sprucing up my home. Of course, I always reuse spring/summer decor from previous years, but I enjoy adding something new here and there. It’s always fun to craft and add some pop of color.

This year I thought it would be fun to make a DIY lavender wreath to place on the door leading to our patio. We spend lots of free time on the patio and in the garden during the warm seasons. It just makes sense to give this area some attention too.

This dried lavender wreath adds just a hint of purple to the door and makes it feel a little more like spring. I especially love smelling the floral notes of lavender as I’m opening and closing this door, going in and out numerous times a day. Such a welcoming, calming fragrance.

The beauty of this wreath is that these same techniques could apply to other herbs and flowers, too. This tutorial I’m going to walk you through can be easily adapted to whatever type of wreath you prefer to make this spring. 

You can use whatever you have available to you. 

Last summer, I snagged a bundle of dried lavender at my local Trader Joe’s for $4.99 and even after a year it still smells fresh and heavenly. How easy is that?

Gather a handful of supplies and meet me at the kitchen table. We’re going to get into all the little details now… Let’s see how to make a dried lavender wreath.

A newly made wreath hangs on a door after learning how to make a lavender wreath.

How to Make a Lavender Wreath | Lavender Wreath DIY

Can I use faux lavender?

Yes, you can use faux lavender, though I really prefer real, dried lavender because of its amazing scent. One thing about faux lavender is that it is easier to handle, though. You won’t have the same mess you have with dried lavender. 

What other herbs or flowers can I use?

If you would like to add in other herbs or flowers to your wreath along with the lavender, feel free to add these in. 

I recommend using:

  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Rose buds
  • Jasmine flowers

Consider which colors and scents mesh well with the soft hue of lavender buds and its floral aroma for an out-of-this-world wreath you’ll reuse every single spring and summer.

A wreath with lavender and eucalyptus lays out on a table.

Supplies | Lavender Wreath DIY

Base wreath (I used this one HERE)

Dried lavender

Floral wire 

Floral shears 

Hot glue gun, optional

Steps | Lavender & Eucalyptus Wreath DIY

Start by trimming the lavender so you only have about 2-3 inches or so of the stem with the lavender buds. 

Gather these stems into small bundles and tie floral wire around them. Wrap this tightly around the ends to secure the lavender pieces.

Little bundles of lavender are made.

Lay the base wreath out and decide where you would like the lavender placed along it. You can pack them in closely for more impact if you have tons of lavender. But if you are short on lavender or want something simpler, scatter the bundles around in some sort of pattern. I spaced mine about 6 inches apart.

A base wreath with faux eucalyptus lays on a table.
Bundles of dried lavender are arranged around a wreath.

Using floral wire, wrap each little bundle into its spot on the wreath. This may take some patience, but be thorough so the bundles don’t fall off. 

Lavender is secured to a wreath.

If you would like to add a bow, gather some ribbon and make your bow before attaching to the top or bottom of the lavender wreath. 

Hang in a door or window after the wreath is complete. 

A lavender wreath DIY hangs on a white door.

Tips for Success | Lavender Wreath DIY

If you have trouble with securing the lavender bundles to the wreath, I recommend breaking out a hot glue gun. Since this is meant to be a permanent wreath anyway, hot glue is great for adhering items.

To make a bow to add, measure a piece of ribbon about 6-12 inches long. A short piece will create a traditional bow, where a longer piece will allow the ends to cascade down the wreath. After cutting the ribbon, create two loops in the center, bunny ear style, and hot glue them in place. Finally, wrap and glue a small scrap piece of ribbon around the center to cover the little gap between the loops.

For a more dramatic lavender wreath you may want to add a lot more of it to the wreath and use a wreath with less greenery. 

A lavender eucalyptus wreath DIY hangs on a door after learning how to make a lavender wreath.

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