Classic, fluffy cinnamon rolls are in a casserole dish cooling on a dining table.

Classic, Fluffy Cinnamon Rolls

Dive into the best cinnamon roll recipe ever! These fluffy, soft cinnamon rolls are nostalgia, decadence, and a whole lotta cinnamon all rolled into one. Come see my secret to the perfect soft and fluffy cinnamon rolls every time.

Walking along the board docks on the bay is one of many things to do in St. Augustine, Florida.

Things To Do in St. Augustine, Florida

There are so many things to do in St. Augustine, Florida. I’ve rounded up the top places to visit, using my personal experience spending a day in this gorgeous seaside town.

Learn how to roast butternut squash is shown in a photo of roasted butternut squash alongside mini pumpkins.

How to Roast Butternut Squash

Slightly crispy, melt-in-your-mouth roasted butternut squash is the fall/winter side dish you need. Learn how to roast perfectly seasoned butternut squash with the most delicious texture.

A cottagecore winter watch list consists of nine of ten movies that are pictured here.

Cozy Cottagecore Winter Watch List

This winter watch list is perfectly cottagecore and curated with the winter season in mind. These cozy tv shows and movies are excellent additions to your normal routine.

A lavender bouquet is in front of a white box on a side table for summer decorating ideas.

stop censoring your creativity

Today I’m discussing what creative censorship is, why we censor ourselves, and how we can combat this in our creative work.

Impossible meat shepherd's pie is dished out on a blue saucers next to a jar of spilled chives.

Impossible Meat Shepherd’s Pie

Impossible Meat Shepherd’s Pie is a vegetarian spin on a classic comfort food. Perfect for the cooler months, this savory cottage pie will satisfy all your cravings for this traditional UK dish.

A cottagecore master bedroom is revealed after months of slowly decorating.

Cottagecore Master Bedroom Reveal

Tour our cottagecore master bedroom makeover! After two years of living here, we have finally added the finishing touches on our bedroom and are ready to show you how we decorated it. These ideas are great for your next bedroom makeover, making the perfect addition in any French Country or Cottage Farmhouse home.


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