Meet the Cottagemaker

Hi, I’m Tara Kelly. I recently married the love of my life, Adrian, and we’re on a journey to a simpler way of living. I’m turning our 1950s ranch-style house into a cottage fit just for us. We’ve been putting in work over the last year, continuing to create the coziest environment for slower living.

I create wholesome vegetarian recipes, garden my way closer to the homesteading life, and complete many DIY home projects to restore our house closer to its original integrity, with added English cottage charm. I’ve been relearning and teaching myself all the basics to a more handmade life, just how I remember on the small farm I grew up on. 

I’m learning the art of cottagemaking right here in the Midwest. We invite you to follow us on our family’s journey toward a more self-sufficient and humbling life.