Rustic DIY Wood Candle Holder

Come see how I make these rustic DIY wood candle holders in four easy steps. This centerpiece makes the perfect seasonal decor for your tabletop any time of year. Just rotate out the candle colors and see its magic each holiday and season. Simple and timeless.

A DIY rustic wood candle holder is set up on a table near flowers.

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Today I want to show you how to make the easiest rustic table centerpiece ever. It costs dollars if you already have some stain and the proper tools on hand. You may even already have an extra piece of wood laying around to make this DIY candle holder. It’s so easy!

Around the holidays, I was scrolling on social media and noticed someone I followed had been gifted a handmade candle holder. Hers was darker than mine and probably a different size and had lots of small, skinny candlesticks sticking out of it. It looked like such a fun centerpiece for winter. All that candlelight during a cold, dark evening would create a wonderful ambiance to share a cozy dinner with someone over.

I screenshot the photo and decided I had to make my own version of this. 

Finally, nearing the spring season, I decided I’d give this project a shot with my husband’s help and we made the coolest centerpiece yet. 

The final product is so simple and fun, but I could see it dressed up a bit more sophisticated for a more serious event, too. All white candlesticks with flowers and foliage wrapping around the block along the center length of the table would elevate this rustic piece. It could be truly stunning in no time.

I personally decided that since it’s almost spring I would buy candlesticks that were mostly pastels and could even be used for an Easter gathering. I love how it turned out.

This project was too easy not to share.

Let’s begin with some ideas and supplies before I outline how to make a DIY wood candle holder.

A DIY rustic wood candle holder is set up on a table near flowers.
Candles are scattered on a wood block.

How to Make a DIY Wood Candle Holder

Can this be customized?

Absolutely. In fact, I encourage you to do that. You can line your holes up in one straight row for a seamless flow of candles, or you can kind of scatter them like I did. You can use all of the same color of candles or use different colors. Same goes with candlestick sizes–the tapered effect can work very well. You can use whatever stain you would like. And the wood block itself can be whatever size you prefer with as many or as little holes drilled in as you want. Just depends on the impact you want to add with this centerpiece. 

Pastel candles stick out of a a wood block as table decor.

Supplies | DIY Wood Candle Holder

Spade drill bits of varying sizes (I love this kit HERE with 13 different sizes), with about ⅞-inch size recommended for most candlesticks

2x4x14 block of wood 


Stain of choice 

Rag or brush to apply stain

120-grit sandpaper 

Circular saw, optional


Steps | DIY Wood Candle Holder

Start by cutting your wood board to about 14 inches if it is not already this size. You can always purchase a longer board to cut in half and make two of these.

Next, line up your candles to see how far you want them spaced apart on the block. After this, use a pencil to roughly mark where you’d like each candle. I made 7 dots to indicate where to drill each hole. 

Dots are marked on wood for drilling holes. Candles indicate where these marks are made.

Use the correct size spade drill bit that fits your candlesticks to drill each of the holes. Drill about ½ – ¾ inch deep. 

Grab some sandpaper and sand the block smooth on all sides and wipe it down afterward.

Holes are drilled into a bock and the wood is sanded.

Apply stain to each side, using a rag or brush, letting it dry before staining the bottom. Be sure to work it in and wipe the stain off afterward. (Remember, we are staining, not painting. Stain soaks in and should not be sitting on top of the wood or it won’t dry properly and will leave a sticky, tacky residue that you don’t want.)

Stain is added to the wood candle holder.

After the stain dries, fit each of your candles inside each of the holes. Use as a centerpiece for a tabletop for entertaining during holidays or during your favorite seasons as an everyday piece.

Candles are inserted into wood decor on a table next to flowers.
A DIY rustic wood candle holder is set up on a table near flowers.

Tips for Success | DIY Wood Candle Holder

Be sure to start small and work your way up with the spade drill bits. If they’re too big, there’s no going back. Usually if a hole is slightly too small you can still squeeze a candlestick into it, but if it’s too big the candlestick won’t stand up straight safely. 

I highly recommend testing the spade drill bits on an extra piece of wood first. If you’ve never used one it can feel kind of wonky at first and create uneven, lopsided holes. Furthermore, this allows you to gauge which size works for your candlesticks. If yours are a different size than mine, you will need a different size spade drill bit than I recommended. 

When fitting the candles inside their holes, handle the candlestick by the base so you don’t break it. Especially if it’s a tighter fit. Slowly twist it in one direction. When it is firmly in place, you may need to wipe away candle wax residue that shaved off during insertion. Remember, it is a good thing if it fits tightly. You need the candlesticks to be secure and safe.

A DIY rustic wood candle holder is set up on a table near flowers.

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