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Easter Tablescape for Spring

Style an Easter tablescape this spring that is simple, elegant, and nature-inspired for a truly reviving celebration with loved ones. 

An Easter tablescape is set up on a long dining room table.

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Easter is right around the corner, which means many of you will be hosting some sort of get-together–whether it’s centered around gifts and egg hunting for the children or church and a feast with loved ones. Regardless, a beautiful Easter tablescape can really help set the joyful mood for the day.

I love to reuse decor, find pieces from nature, and make some of my own decorations. This may not look like a traditional Easter tablescape, but it sure is creative. Some of the most clever tablescapes I create are thrown together with what I have on hand and often surprise me with how suitable they are for the specific theme. 

This tablescape can easily be used for any spring gathering or party. It is simple with a quiet influence. Not too bold or over-the-top, which I prefer anyway. 

I love setting the table for more formal gatherings and find there is an art to creating a collected and suitable tablescape. It does take a little planning (I mean, you will need some sort of plateware, glasses, and flatware), but it doesn’t need to be extravagant or expensive. 

Heck, you can even mismatch plates and glasses for a more collected-over-time spring look. Pastel pinks, greens, and blues blend together seamlessly for a traditional Easter style. Floral plateware, fine china, and your favorite secondhand pieces can create a stunning, unique flair for your dining room table. 

Green vases hold hyacinth flowers on an Easter tablescape.

I found these green glasses (that I use as vases) at a thrift store and absolutely adore them. If I had similar glasses/vases in pinks, blues, or yellows I’d be putting these out alongside them for a colorful combination of festive Easter decor. 

Really, if you follow a few simple guidelines, you can create whatever you want that suits you, your time, and your budget and still have a gorgeous table for the holiday. 

Last year I created this spring table setting, but I decided on something a little different this year. I added some more colors into the mix. That’s the beauty of design and decorating. You’ll always create something new even when inspired by previous work.

Now, before I ramble on too much, let’s discuss all the ideas, tips, and steps to creating your very own Easter tablescape…

A spring Easter tablescape has eggs, candles, flowers, and more.

Easter Tablescape for Spring

What exactly is a tablescape?

A tablescape is a tabletop decorating scheme used specifically to convey a theme, whether it’s a season, holiday, or other celebration. It consists of specially curated pieces of decor, florals, linens, glassware, and plateware for a full dining experience. 

What kind of decor should I use for an Easter tablescape?

An Easter tablescape can consist of pastel colors for spring or have more neutrals. Seasonal dishes, herbs, and flowers should be used along with the table setting. You can use natural decor, handmade items, or purchased decor to fit your Easter table. Use what speaks to you this holiday season.

Here are some of my favorite pieces to add to an Easter table setting:

  • Eggs (wooden, dyed, or farm fresh)
  • Mini bunny figurines 
  • Spring herbs in jars along with flowers in vases, or dried in bundles
  • Dried hydrangeas
A spring Easter tablescape has eggs, candles, flowers, and more.

Supplies | Easter Tablescape

Tablecloth or table runner

Vases or jars

Flowers and/or herbs (dried or fresh)

Candlesticks or votives with holders

Other spring trinkets (egg, bunny, vegetable, or floral themes)




Round woven placemats for plates, optional

Linen napkins, optional

Candles are the center of an Easter table.

Steps | Easter Tablescape

Prep the table | Easter Tablescape

Start by clearing off the table and wiping it down with hot soapy water or a vinegar-water solution for gentle but effective cleansing. Be sure you don’t have any debris or sticky spots that will damage any new decor added. 

Find the right tablecloth or table runner | Easter Tablescape

My favorites are neutrals (since they are classic and can be repurposed for any type of event), like cream colored gauze cheesecloth, a natural woven table runner, or a plain tan linen tablecloth. This year I used a decorative linen that I typically reserve for food styling when I’m developing recipes for my blog. 

I also really love the gingham pattern, too. Especially if you have a country home (cottage or farmhouse style), you’ll love the small checkered pattern that flows seamlessly with neutral decor, pastels, and more. It’s classic and inviting. 

A spring tablescape has eggs, candles, flowers, and more.

Add in bouquets of flowers or herbs in vases | Easter Tablescape

Flowers give a tablescape life (literally). Add in a large bouquet or several small vases of flowers or herbs to add more color and texture to the table. Flowers are all so different and help create different moods with their own unique styles. 

Some of my favorite spring flowers:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Daffodils
  • Tulips
  • Hyacinth
  • Crocuses
Flowers blossom in a green vase on a table.

Add candles | Easter Tablescape

Adding candles adds height, color, and aroma. This kind of ambiance is perfect for your Easter gathering. I personally used the DIY wood candle holder I made recently because the colors are stunning for a spring or Easter tablescape. Use candlesticks in individual candle holders, or use votives scattered around the table as alternatives.

Candles are a centerpiece on a spring table setting.

Final touches | Easter Tablescape

Now you can add in additional pieces. These could be trinkets, items collected outside in nature, or festive dishes to fill any empty spots on the table. All of these things will help set the mood.

Here are some things I added to my tablescape:

  • Wooden eggs (you could even use a wire basket of real eggs)
  • Pussy willow branches
  • Green vases
  • Dried eucalyptus to the overhead chandelier 
  • Woven, round placemats (I use these HERE)
An Easter tablescape is complete with all its components.

Tips for Success | Easter Tablescape

Start small and gradually add more in. Step back and survey the table between each step. Sometimes too much can be distracting and actually look cheap and overdone. However, if you’re experienced with creating tablescapes, adding more can create drama and more sophistication when styled correctly. I like to take a simple approach and start small, though. Small touches can still create a big impact.

Don’t forget to add in glasses, flatware, and plates with your tablescape centerpiece. Using real (opposed to disposable) is great for smaller gatherings and really ups the level of detail and sophistication. Not a fan of doing dishes? Purchase compostable square bamboo plates that are neutral and match everything. These are stylish and classic for both formal and informal parties.

Don’t be afraid to repurpose old items or decor into something new. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to shop secondhand or make your own decor with what you have, by hand. Handmade and repurposed pieces are always my favorite and are well loved by guests. 

An Easter table setting is finished with final touches.

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