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DIY Eucalyptus Christmas Wreath

Discover the art of crafting an easy, unique DIY eucalyptus Christmas wreath for your home this season. This festive and practical winter wreath idea can even be used all season long, well past the holidays. Perfect for displaying on an interior wall or an exterior door in a cabin, cozy cottage, or farmhouse.

A DIY eucalyptus Christmas wreath is decorated with greenery and bright red holly berries.

I’m not one to rush the seasons, but with the crazy-busy holiday season approaching, I thought I’d get a head start on some of the winter crafts this year. With a trip coming up, gift shopping, planning a birthday party, hosting Thanksgiving, and more, I thought it would be smart to get all of this stuff out of the way early this year. Now I can focus that month-long stretch from Thanksgiving to Christmas on baking, spending time with family, and cozied up with some really good books (at least that’s what my vision is). 

This year I’m recreating a winter wreath idea I had and brought to life a couple of years ago.

A DIY Christmas wreath is decked out with holly berries and eucalyptus and olive branches.

I previously created this same wreath but with all real foliage. It even lasted me a couple of winters. Even after drying out it still looked so vibrant and lovely. But now I decided to make something that could last even longer.

The great thing about winter decorating is that you don’t actually have to go over the top purchasing exclusive holiday decor that will soon go out of style the next year. You can use what you already have or you can head down to your craft store and buy a cheap bundle of greenery. Winter greenery tends to stretch quite a bit and can be used in vases, hung around mantels and shelves, and used in making a simple wreath. 

A DIY Eucalyptus Christmas wreath is the perfect addition. Especially since it adds a hint of color to the home without feeling too overwhelming. The different textures juxtapose one another, creating a pleasantly cohesive style. 

A close-up of a wreath that is decorated in olive branches, eucalyptus, and bright berries is laid out.

Simple and understated, with just enough to reflect the coming colder season. It’s festive, but not so over-the-top that it’s only appropriate for the month of December during the holidays.

So, come see what inspires me this winter season. See how I went about making this DIY winter Christmas wreath, along with a few other winter wreath ideas…

winter wreath ideas | DIY eucalyptus Christmas wreath

I’m sure we’re all aware of what a wreath is, but what specifically makes a winter wreath

Here are a few items that come to mind when brainstorming…

materials | winter wreath ideas

Holly berries

Olive branches

Eucalyptus leaves

Winter and evergreen branches (pine, juniper, fir)

Lamb’s ear leaves

Dried citrus slices

Pine cones

Cinnamon sticks



+ more

A winter wreath is propped up on a marble countertop.

Even when I veer toward using faux foliage, I like the idea of using natural elements in wreaths. It’s okay to add in a bow or some tiny bells to the mix. But I find the most natural looking ones tend to be the most beautiful.

Think of what is in season, flowers, herbs, and even produce, and try to focus on these. Think of your favorite winter memories and see what you can find that represents that. Wreaths aren’t just for looking pretty, they’re for representing special memories we’ll continue to hold dear to us.

How to Make a DIY Eucalyptus Christmas Wreath 

Supplies and Materials 

Wreath base HERE is a 12” wreath similar to the one I’m using

Faux eucalyptus stems I used this eucalyptus bundle HERE

Faux olive branches (or wintergreens) I used this one HERE  

Floral shears (wire cutters)

Faux holly berries (or other stems of choice) I used this red berry cluster HERE

Hot glue gun with glue sticks, optional

Floral wire, optional

Ribbon or bows, optional

Supplies for a DIY eucalyptus Christmas wreath are scattered on a table.


Select the base wreath

Start by choosing either a bare hoop wreath or a wreath that is pre-wrapped with foliage. You can find these at craft stores for a fairly reasonable price. (I usually won’t spend more than $10-15 on a base wreath, depending on its size.) 

It is very helpful to choose one with flexible branches that can wrap around the stems you add to it.

A flexible branch is bent on a base wreath.

Add your base foliage and greenery

Even if your wreath is pre-wrapped with a basic wintergreen, I recommend buying a small bundle for your own base foliage. I like to cover up as much as I can because the wrapped stuff tends to look really fake and cheap. Buying a bundle of evergreen branches can go a long way. It can really take it to another level without adding much in cost.

Eucalyptus leaves are added to a base Christmas wreath.

Begin wrapping your eucalyptus branches around your hoop. If the stem isn’t flexible, use floral wire to secure the stem along the circumference of the wreath. Just wrap it around the wreath and stems. If the stems do bend, snake them around until you reach the entirety of the wreath. Or if you have flexible arms already attached to the wreath, you can secure the pieces using this. 

A wreath has been wrapped with eucalyptus.

Secure each steam in 2-3 spots, depending on how long it is. I recommend wrapping the entire circumference for a lovely background to your decorative additions. Use hot glue if/where necessary.

Add in secondary foliage

I chose olive branches for my secondary foliage in my eucalyptus Christmas wreath. Olives resemble peace and I don’t think there’s anything more fitting for this time of year. Olive branches often get overlooked for other types of foliage in floral arrangements and wreaths, but it felt right to use it. 

Any selection of your choice will work great as a winter wreath idea, but try to choose something that is common to the winter season. This will make it as authentic as possible.

Use the same wrapping technique used in the previous step to secure the stems. I personally wanted to add these pieces all the way around the wreath, but you can arrange them to your liking. Use as many or as little as you like.

Olive branches are added to a eucalyptus wreath.

It does help to lay them out on top of the wreath first. Better to see what it will look like before securing them all in and having to undo it later. Additionally, it may help to weave some of these pieces into the first stems you arranged around the hoop/wreath base. This will make it look more natural and less like you just layered piles of different pieces on top of each other.

Olives stand out on a large eucalyptus Christmas wreath.

Add in something festive and bright

I absolutely love holly berries and always jump on the idea of using them for a winter wreath idea or in other winter decorations. They are tiny but bold and add just enough of a pop of color to a wreath. Reds, amber browns, and dark yellows and oranges are great colors to stick to, but feel free to experiment to make it yours.

Again, use the same techniques in the previous steps to secure these stems. Focus on arranging them in some sort of pattern and weaving them in to naturally fit with the others.

Holly berries get added to a DIY Christmas wreath.

Add in other decorations for flair

There is no hard-and-fast rule in wreath making that says you have to add a million decorations. I like to take a more minimalist approach and use these sparingly. However, it is nice to add another texture or color to the mix. Try to stick with colors that flow well with what you’ve already used in your wreath. 

You want your wreath to look like a collection of items that clearly belong together. This could mean tiny bows placed throughout, or one large one on top. Or maybe you have an ornament you are dying to add in. Use what feels right to you. Whether that’s traditional or something really special and different.

A DIY holiday wreath shows a close-up of different branches.

Tips | DIY Eucalyptus Christmas Wreath

Use real, dried foliage, branches, and citrus slices if they’re available to you. This can save you a little money on decorating. Many types of plants look beautiful even once they’ve dried.

You can use either a base wreath with some greenery already wrapped around it or a plain metal hoop. If you use a plain, bare hoop be prepared to purchase extra stems to wrap around and cover it for a similar look that I created. This may take a little extra time and patience, too. However, you could leave half of the hoop bare for a more minimalist, boho style. Decorate half, arranging the branches and fruits so they cascade toward the bare half for a natural flow.

A DIY wreath is laid on a countertop in all its green and red glory.

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