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Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults

Join me today for some stocking stuffer ideas for adults this Christmas. The holidays are in full swing, so you won’t want to miss any of these ideas!

Stocking stuffer ideas for adults are shown with cottagecore stockings hanging from a mantle.

This year, I am really getting into gift giving. More so than ever. I don’t know if it’s because I started buying gifts so early this year or my creativity is just flowing like crazy. But I have so many ideas, almost daily. 

Lest we forget, stocking stuffers are an important part of gift giving during the holidays. Regardless of how small or silly they may seem. 

Honestly, it’s not even always about the actual gift. It’s the extra thought that goes into filling these cute little stockings. Sometimes the smallest items, regardless of cost, can bring the most joy. This may be especially true if you’re obsessed with all things miniature sized and adorable. The best things in life are tiny!

Stockings hang from a mantle.

Here’s another thing to remember: You do not have to be a child to hang a stocking and enjoy a few small gifts.

Everyone deserves cute little pick-me-up goodies around this time of year.

That’s why, today, I have a creative list of stocking stuffer ideas for adults… I can’t wait to dive into this festive list.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults

Cooling towel | stocking stuffer ideas for adults

This is great for people who do a lot of outdoor work or work out at the gym often. My husband I know will be using this during the hot summers when he is mowing the lawn. They remain cool for a couple of hours and can easily be worn around the neck as you go about your day. I can’t wait to see how well these work!

Cooling towels are part of Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for adults this holiday season.

Carhartt Beanie | stocking stuffer ideas for adults

I love this Carhartt beanie HERE. When I saw it I knew this would be a great stocking stuffer. Perfect for those who love hats, it’s also stylish but not too over the top either. It’s good for cold weather and for those who do outside work. 

A Carhartt beanie lays on a side table as part of a stocking stuffer idea for adults.

Gift cards | stocking stuffer ideas for adults

If you’ve run out of ideas, you can always count on a gift card doing the trick. Starbucks or gas station gift cards are good for almost anyone, but you could also throw in a gift card to a local restaurant or favorite store. There are just so many options to choose from, which is why I love this Christmas stocking stuffer so much.


I personally LOVE the Burt’s Bees brand, especially their chapstick variety pack HERE. It comes with cucumber mint, coconut pear, beeswax, and vanilla bean, but they have others too. So many great varieties to choose from and so handy to have during the cold winter months. A great gift for anyone of any age.

A woman holds up a Burt's Bees chapstick.

Fountain/calligraphy pens | stocking stuffer ideas for adults

If your loved one has a penchant for art and loves to write or draw, some new pens or pencils may be a great stocking stuffer. I love using pens like these HERE for hand lettering. They are great for beginners and make less of a mess than dip or fountain pens, but really you can buy whichever pens your loved one uses most. I can never have too many of these!

This is something I’m slipping into my husband’s stocking this year. It may seem silly, but my husband is always scratching his back like a farm animal would–against a large, still object–which is entertaining but unnecessary. It’s quite the sight to see. So I figured I’d throw this into his stocking because it’s practical and will help ease his itching pains.

Back scratchers lay on a table.

Sleep mask

You could buy regular or compression sleep masks that help the wearer relax and shut out all light at bedtime. This is especially nice for restless sleepers who are super sensitive to light or for those who travel a lot. How practical!


Any type of chocolate is appreciated by practically everyone. I love dark chocolate, but choose the gift receiver’s absolute favorite. It could even be a cute hot chocolate bomb. For those who care about ethically-sourced chocolate, there are so many fair trade brands these days too. I don’t know of anyone who would complain about receiving a sweet treat like this during the holidays. 

Dark chocolate sits on a. table near a centerpiece.

Shower steamers/bath bombs | stocking stuffer ideas for adults

Great for men and women, these are available in a variety of scents and make the showering experience much like a quick spa trip (minus all the fuss and cost). They’re especially nice to have on hand during the winter for opening up the sinuses. 

Air tags | stocking stuffer ideas for adults

This is great for any adult who is constantly losing things. Wallets, keys, purses, you name it. These babies help locate the item, so you don’t spend your entire day searching far and low. I’m tucking this into a stocking this year for my husband who loses practically everything at some point in time. I think it will come in handy…

An apple is the logo for an air tag and is shown here.

Air pods

These are on the steep end, so just know this is only for those who truly have some extra change to spare. They are definitely a luxury good, but they’re awesome for those who love music. I’d love to have these myself for when I want to listen to a podcast while I cook or clean, or for simply working on my laptop. They’re also great for those who love to listen to music while working out or doing yard work. Keep this in mind if you really want to spoil that special someone this year.


In our house, we love to eat jerky. Specifically Epic jerky. It’s the best. My husband will eat the venison, bison, or wagyu beef strips, while I eat the salmon jerky. This brand of jerky is healthy and so full of flavor, so why not add some into a stocking this year? 

Epic jerky is shown in a box.

Facial masks | stocking stuffer ideas for adults

Facial masks are great for women or men who take extra good care of their skin. Whether it exfoliates, brightens, or unclogs pores, these are sure to be a hit!

Magnetic wrist band

This was actually a gift I got for my grandpa this year. It’s convenient for any handyman or handywoman in your life. Especially if they’re DIYers. Great for catching and holding screws and nails as you go, these are something to keep in mind. 

A magnetic wrist band sits on a dining room table.

Jewelry | stocking stuffer ideas for adults

Many women and even some men really enjoy jewelry. Even if you can’t afford something expensive, there are almost always more affordable options from local shops and on Etsy. I love adding these to gift bags and stockings for my nieces, sister, and sisters in law. 

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