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Cottagecore Books To Read This Spring

Today I’m sharing a list of cottagecore books I adore and you’ll love, too. The spring season is approaching quickly, and you won’t want to miss out on these whimsical books for an enchanting season ahead.

Cottagecore books are pictured in a graphic.

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I have the perfect list of cottagecore books for you to read (some of them unexpected) this spring season. When I searched my bookshelves and perused other blogs for ideas on this list it became obvious to me that I hadn’t read a lot of the popular, stereotypical cottagecore books yet. 

That’s okay. Now I have a few more books to add to my TBR (to be read) pile and I’m thrilled to eventually get to some of those reads. 

The second thing I realized is that a lot of books I would categorize as cottagecore are not overtly cottagecore, but instead it’s hidden a little more deeply in the setting or plot of the story. Nevertheless, I think it’s important I share these with you. It’s no fun to read about the same lists of the same books on every cottagecore book blog post…

Don’t get me wrong. There are clearly some very popular cottagecore books out there. 

I just have a few more, less popular ideas to add to these lists. Some of these may be classified more as fantasy, some were less popular novels written by authors of other popular cottagecore books, and some simply embody cottagecore living skills or hobbies. I think you’ll see what I mean as you read through this.

I have a mix of both fiction and non-fiction reads I hope you’ll enjoy just as much as I did. Here are some of my favorite cottagecore books I’d like to recommend to you this spring.

Cottagecore Books To Read This Spring

Persuasion by Jane Austen | Cottagecore Books

Persuasion is shown as a book on a list of cottagecore books.

I couldn’t not mention a Jane Austen novel in this list. Most folks like to mention Pride and Prejudice or Emma as a cottagecore book to read. But I think Persuasion needs an honorable mention too. 

With a setting in the English countryside, I don’t see what could be more fitting for a period romance circa 1814. As Anne gets acquainted with a long lost love, Captain Wentworth (who she previously turned down marriage to because of his social status), she begins to question and regret her previous decision. He’s gained ranks in the Navy and is now well respected in social circles… but can he forgive and forget that Anne brushed him off years ago?

Floriography by Jessica Roux | Cottagecore Books

The cover of the book Floriography is pictured.

This is a wonderful book all about flowers. Floriography was the secret language of flowers in the Victorian era. Different flowers symbolized different notions and were used to send messages of varying reasons. They were a means to display subtle admissions of true feelings during a time when manners and dignity were everything. If you’re a plant lover or gardener, you will really appreciate this one.

Feels Like Home by Marian Parsons | Cottagecore Books

Feels Like Home is shown as an example of a cottagecore book.

Originally, I decided this book wasn’t exactly cottagecore. That’s because Marian has a more traditional style of decorating opposed to a classic cottagecore style. If you look a little deeper, you’ll notice the simplicity in the way she styles her home, though. She doesn’t exactly do modern or trendy styles in her space.

Sure, she’s an artist and loves decorative pieces and patterns, but she is full of wisdom on making a home truly yours–whatever that looks like for you. Her personal home color scheme, her art, her inspirations and handmade crafts–they all speak to me just as the natural, simple cottagecore lifestyle does. This book is full of affordable DIY tutorials and tips for decorating your home and is a phenomenal read I truly savored. 

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon | Cottagecore Books

The Outlander novel is pictured with its original cover.

My absolute favorite fantasy historical fiction, this series has literally everything you need in it. From romance and drama to history and war, it takes you through Claire Fraser’s life as she stumbles back into time. It is a wild plot full of falling in love and fighting off villains, and so well written with extraordinary characters. If I had to choose one book or one series I could read for the rest of my life it would be this. The fantasy aspect and the nature of the setting, located in the 1700s in the Highlands of Scotland, make it perfectly cottagecore. 

The Green Witch by Arin Hiscock-Murphy | Cottagecore Books

The Green Witch is pictured.

The Green Witch is a book full of practical magic using essential oils, herbs, and flowers. It is an herbalist’s dream. This book is chock full of ways to celebrate the natural world, heal through herbal magic, and connect the inner self to the natural world around you.

Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish | Cottagecore Books

The Flour Water Salt Yeast cookbook is shown as an example of cottagecore books.

A book all about baking bread, this is the perfect cottagecore activity on those cool, quiet mornings. Ken outlines detailed recipes, techniques, tools, and more to help you craft the perfect artisan-style breads. From pizzas to rolls to flatbreads and the more traditional loaf. As you read, stop to practice each recipe until you get it down just right. Then continue building your bread-making skills as you make your way through this mouthwatering guidebook.

Vegetables Love Flowers by Lisa Mason-Ziegler | Cottagecore Books

Vegetables Love Flowers is pictured as a cottagecore book for spring.

I read this book a couple of years ago, and it helped me learn a lot about starting and maintaining a garden. Vegetables Love Flowers is all about the symbiotic relationship between vegetables and flowers. It is such a well-rounded gardening book that will really help you understand how plants grow and what makes them thrive naturally. If you’re a gardener at all or just curious about plants, read this. 

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë | Cottagecore Books

Wuthering Heights is shown with its cover.

Classic literature at its finest. A lot of people don’t like Wuthering Heights. I can see why, but I believe the story has a lesson to teach and character traits we can all learn from. Wuthering Heights is about a woman who breaks off a romance with Heathcliff, a man who is in a very different social class than her (as most of these stories go). 

Heathcliff dedicates his life to seeking revenge on her through damaging her family in more ways than one. He becomes a cruel person in the absence of her love and allows his anger and vengeance to console his deep insecurities. 

Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit | Cottagecore Books

Tuck Everlasting is shown as an example of cottagecore books.

I read this in middle school and still remember it to this day. It’s a fantasy book about a girl, Winnie, who finds a special spring of immortality on the property her family owns. She bonds with the Tuck family over time, who all drank the spring water and have watched life pass by, people coming and going. Eventually, she must decide her own fate–whether she will drink the spring water and continue a life with the Tucks as an immortal being or reject it and go back to her own family in the real world.

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett | Cottagecore Books

The Secret Garden is shown with its book cover.

I will admit that I haven’t read this one yet. But I am so eager to. I saw the movie once and really enjoyed the enchanting setting. A young girl is orphaned and shipped off to a lonely estate where her uncle lives. One day, she discovers her cousin, a boy right around her age who is constricted to a wheelchair. Together, they discover an enchanting garden on the property where they speak to animals and bask in the rich, vibrant plant life right in front of them.

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