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Cottagecore Master Bedroom Reveal

Tour our cottagecore master bedroom makeover! After two years of living here, we have finally added the finishing touches on our bedroom and are ready to show you how we decorated it. These ideas are great for your next bedroom makeover, making the perfect addition in any French Country or Cottage Farmhouse home.

A cottagecore master bedroom is revealed after months of slowly decorating.

I am thrilled to announce we have finally finished our cottagecore bedroom. Now, I wouldn’t exactly say this room required any sort of renovation, per se. (Though we did pull up carpet and refinish the hardwood floors prior to moving in over two years ago.) But we have finished decorating it. I may add a few small touches here and there in the future, but I am really loving the look we pulled together for this room.

For the moment, it is about as done as done can be.

When we first moved in, the floors were covered in an old, dingy off-white carpet that I hated. I love the refined and classic look of real hardwood floors, so this was an easy decision. They were not in the best shape, but we managed to refinish them (using this Gunstock stain HERE) to make them last us a few years until we invest in new hardwood flooring.

The rooms were all painted a horrendous and dated robin egg blue, which I don’t mind touches of here and there, but it was way too overwhelming to have every room in the house that color.

A bedroom is bright with open windows and pastels and whites throughout the room.

In the bedroom there were 80s-style, double-mirror closet doors, an ugly orange entry door with weird locks, and just an overall bland feeling that made the room feel lifeless. 

Although we kept one of those things still remaining in the bedroom, the rest just had to go… 

Come tour our cottagecore master bedroom makeover today to see exactly what we changed. I’ll walk you through what we did and where we sourced everything. I hope you enjoy!

Cottagecore Master Bedroom Makeover

Walls | cottagecore bedroom

Initially, I was worried (as was my husband) that our cottagecore bedroom would be too feminine. That is, after I selected my vintage tea rose paint color. Going in, I knew I wanted to keep a pastel color on the wall. I use lots of neutrals and pastels on my walls throughout the house and wanted to keep that consistent. Well, I fell in love with a pink. 

My husband acquiesced, but later regretted it. 

A cottage-style master bedroom is painted pink with blue curtains and white bedding.

I told him we’ll repaint it in the future. Paint is so easy to change, but I want to wait a year at least before changing it again. After painting every piece of trim, woodwork, wall, ceiling, and more in this house… I need a break from paint. 

In the meantime, I doubled down on my efforts to try to use some masculine pieces to tie the whole look together and not be overly feminine. That meant adding in a dark rug and curtains, using furniture with darker colors and straight lines, and adding a couple of other small pieces that were curated with my husband in mind.

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Vintage Tea Rose wall paint color

Doors | cottagecore bedroom

These doors were so beaten up when we moved in. Last winter I gave myself the task of revamping all 6 of these in the bedrooms and bathroom. I painted them, added trim, and then we added new matte black hardware to them for an antique vibe. You can read more about how I did this DIY interior door makeover HERE

A bedroom door has been painted white with new trim and hardware added to it.

All I know is that these changes made a world of a difference. All at about half the cost of completely replacing them with new ones.

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Atrium White door paint

Door knobs  

Window treatments | cottagecore bedroom

We have used faux wood blinds throughout our entire home. More affordable than real wood blinds, they also have a more sophisticated style than your average blinds. They are cordless and we really enjoy them.

Curtains quickly add drama and a bit of extravagance to a room when done right, so we opted for these as well. I intended on using white curtain scarves around our windows initially. But they completely kept with the uber-feminine-princess-pink bedroom theme, so I decided to keep those for another project. 

Dark blue curtains are bold and dramatic in this cottagecore bedroom.

Instead I opted for something that AJ could tolerate a little more. These dark navy blue ones have straight lines that add a hint of dark and moody to the master bedroom. They nearly hit the floor, creating more drama. They also complement the rug very well. 

With brass curtain rods, these curtains create a simple but collected look that creates an illusion of height, along with ambiance. 

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White faux wood cordless blinds

Navy blue curtains

Brass curtain rods

Black floor register  

Furniture | cottagecore bedroom

We kept both my bed frame and chest of drawers that I already owned before we moved in together. Those were already in fairly decent shape, though I did make some updates to the dresser. A few months ago, I wrote a post about a DIY Marble Top Dresser Makeover  where you can learn more about how I added porcelain tile on the top to create an antique style. 

A bedroom has a David statues on a dresser.

We chose our nightstands because they were affordable and basic. At the time of purchase, all we knew is we wanted something simple that would nearly match the bed frame. I like that there is both a drawer and lower shelf for storage. I place a wicker basket that I buy for maybe $2 at a thrift store down the street and use this for storing and hiding smaller items. Baskets are notorious for being both stylish and roomy. Keep a small stock of them on shelves, on floors, in closets. They work for just about any room.

A floor has a rug, vases, and cascading plants.

We picked up our super cozy corner chair (along with another just like it) from someone off of Facebook Marketplace. They were in good condition, except for some natural sunlight bleaching on the arms that occurred from their placement by a large window. I couldn’t pass them up for the price, especially with the size, style, and color ticking all the boxes. It fits snugly but comfortably in the corner where we can use it as a reading nook. There isn’t anything more cottagecore for a bedroom than that, is there?

A dresser is made over using porcelain tile and is decorated with a plant and other decorative pieces.

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Porcelain tile on chest of drawers

Greek statue of David head bust


Bedding | cottagecore bedroom

I purchased a duvet along with a duvet cover because I wanted something that was both affordable and of decent quality. I love that this duvet is heavy enough to keep me warm in the cooler months. My old comforter fell flat after using it for a couple of years. And the duvet cover is just right. It is simple with just enough style for an adult who wants a nice, comfortable bed (but who isn’t very interested in anything fancy).

A white bed is cozy and simple in its pink cottage bedroom.
Hooks for hats are added to a corner of a pink cottagecore master bedroom.

On AJ’s side, I added in some hooks so he could proudly display his five favorite hats that he wears the most. (Men and their hats, it’s a real thing…) This small addition also helped tone down the femininity of our pink cottagecore master bedroom.

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White duvet cover

Duvet insert  

Bronze hook rack  

Light fixtures | cottagecore bedroom

Light fixtures can be one of the most important parts of styling a room. Not only can they serve as a focal point, the light itself will play a huge role in the hue of the room. Warmer toned light bulbs can create overly orange hues on wall colors, while too-cool bulbs can make colors come off as lifeless.

We chose this vintage chandelier for its small size but big impact. I love the curves of the arms and especially love the unique french country style. We also wanted some lights bedside, which is why we chose two farmhouse wall sconces that don’t even require any hard wiring (though that is optional if you wish). I kind of like the industrial look the cord gives as it hangs below the sconce. Just be sure to hide any cords pooled up on the floor with a basket or nightstand.

A chandelier adds drama to a master bedroom.
A farmhouse wall sconce is placed on both sides of a bed.

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French country chandelier  

Farmhouse wall sconces (discontinued, but here’s one very similar to what we bought)  

Mirror | cottagecore bedroom

This is the one thing I fully anticipated replacing but just couldn’t talk myself into when it came time. Are these mirrors dated? Absolutely. 

Full on 70s/80s vibes here. But, they are practical. 

I love the functionality of having an oversized mirror that doesn’t take up floor space and I am all about saving space. I toyed with the idea of adding some decorative trim to add a more updated look, but I have yet to make a decision on that. Stay tuned to see how that turns out… 

New door handles are added to an old mirror door.

However, I did make the decision to at least change the overly plain “handles”—small pieces of mirror that were glued on top. After prying these loose, I decided to try my hand at another small command strip project. (We use these a lot in our house.) 

I bought these stunning antique-style champagne bronze cabinet pulls and attached them to the mirror doors with command strips for a strong hold. 

So far, so good. They really add a drastic change for being so small.

A mirror gets a slight change with new door handles.

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Champagne bronze drawer pulls  

Wicker hamper basket  

Rug | cottagecore bedroom

I love the addition of rugs to rooms with hardwood floors. They add a slice of elegance and with so many colors and designs they can easily become a focal point in a very bland room. 

Keeping with the color of the navy blue curtains, I decided to also get a navy blue rug. To save a little money, we decided to go one size down than recommended for a room this size (where normally the rug would be almost completely under the bed). I think we got it just right though. We decided to position it so we could still see as much as possible, while also keeping the bottom feet of the bed over it. 

A blue rug fits perfectly in a pink room with blue curtains.

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Navy blue 5×8 Charleston rug  

Art | cottagecore bedroom

Last but not least, I cannot forget to mention the art in our little corner nook I love so much. I thought about doing a mini gallery wall in this corner, but decided on something simpler. Sometimes, the approach “less is more” really does hold true.

To begin I found a corner shelf that I liked, along with a philodendron plant that could cascade down the middle where the corners of the walls meet. This plant tolerates low light very well which made it perfect right here. I then found a terra cotta pot for the plant (I just love the earthy tones of terra cotta) and set out to find the perfect art for this space.

A cozy corner nook has art displayed on the walls of this cottagecore bedroom.

I knew I wanted to use this Miss Mustard Seed art print “Nice View” in an old, secondhand frame I transformed using antique gold rub ‘n buff. (You can read about that picture frame makeover HERE.) 

Just opposite, on the wall across from it, hang two small canvas art prints in antique gold frames. I acquired these from one of my favorite companies, Heirloom Art Co. They have a collection of religious art that I knew my husband would appreciate, so I decided to place these vertically with one another. 

A Miss Mustard Seed art print is at the center of a corner gallery wall.
A corner shot of a bedroom nook.

This collection we’ve created in this cozy corner sure does feel homey and I love using it to read or write.

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Corner shelf  

Terra cotta plant pot

Miss Mustard Seed art print

Antique gold 5×5 picture frames

Be Not Afraid 5×5 Heirloom Art Co. canvas art print  

He Healed Many of Diverse Diseases 5×5 Heirloom Art Co. art print

Final thoughts on our master bedroom makeover…

It feels so surreal to have our cottagecore bedroom complete. I have slowly been chipping away at this for the last two years and it finally feels more like home. That’s exactly how you want every room in your house to feel. Now we get to bask in its serene nature.

A corner with a mirror shows the reflection of a gorgeously decorated bedroom.

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  1. Of all of your blog posts, this one has to be my favorite. I always knew you were creative, but you have blown me away with the makeover of your first home. I remember how the house looked when you first bought it, WOW, what a transformation! I absolutely love how much time, effort, thought, heart and soul you both have put into every detail. This room I especially love. Great job, well done!! 👏

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