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Boho Nursery Ideas | Gender Neutral

Discover the cutest gender neutral boho nursery ideas today. Learn tips on the art of decorating a colorful, eclectic room fitting for a free-spirited little one.

A graphic says "boho gender neutral nursery ideas" and shows a variety of items.

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We are officially counting down the days to our baby’s “due date” now that we are in the double digits. We’ve been on our babymoon, made it to the third trimester, and are having our coed baby-q + a mother blessing in the next few weeks. It’s getting very real.

Aside from all those little milestones, we have also been completing the nursery for our surprise gender baby. You heard that right. We are waiting until birth to find out the sex of our little one.

Although we anticipated that this may make it a little harder to buy clothes or decorate a nursery, it really hasn’t been an issue. There are so many cute, colorful pieces for babies that either sex can use. 

I personally really like neutrals. They photograph well and are so easy to style. But I’m a really artistic person and have to have color in my life. Our house is full of beautiful color schemes that flow well together room to room. It only made sense to make a beautiful gender-neutral nursery that was full of color, too. We still added some neutrals in the decor, but wow I’m loving how earthy and vibrant it is. 

Although I’m not ready to show a full reveal yet, I thought I’d show off some of my favorite boho nursery ideas that go along with our general theme.

They work for either gender and definitely slant more towards a nature theme.

I love the woodland animal theme and we are yearly National Park goers, so I wanted to incorporate that in with these boho nursery ideas too. (I just really didn’t want to oversaturate the room with decor from either of those… so boho it is with a small combination of the both of those themes sprinkled in!)

What exactly is boho (bohemian)?

The fun thing about the boho style is it pulls from other styles, mixing and matching the best from each. It’s funky, eclectic, and can be very colorful (or neutral if you prefer). It’s great for either gender and you can even make it more vintage-inspired or very trendy/modern. It pulls from styles from all over the world and from all eras. Lots of variation.

For some this may seem overwhelming and maximalist. But you truly can make it minimalist, too, if that’s your style. It really is what you make of it. 

What boho is in my home may look completely different for a neutral-colored home with more Scandinavian-inspired pieces. In one home it may look more vintage, while in another it may look very modern. If you do a quick Google search, you’ll see exactly what I mean.

However, there are a few components that are common for the bohemian style. 

  • Natural, earthy colors you’d see in nature 
  • Wood, wicker, and other natural fibers in furniture pieces
  • Mixing patterns, metals, woods, and colors for an eclectic style
  • Trinkets from travels, nature, antique stores, and secondhand shops
  • Funky fixtures and vintage pieces

Now, let’s get into all the wonderful boho nursery ideas I have for you today…

Boho Nursery Ideas

Furniture | boho nursery ideas

Boho furniture shows a crib, dresser, and chair.

I love chestnut, honey, or raw finishes on wood for a bohemian look. However, when styled with the right pieces you can absolutely get away with other darker stains too. I like lighter finishes because they look more natural and bohemian is a pretty “natural” style.

 This is also why I recommended a natural wooden baby crib. This goes well with a boho style (especially if you incorporate the National Park/woodland animals into the theme). I also love the vintage style metal cribs. They can be very pricey, but I love the antique look to them. Mixing and matching metals and woods is a big component to this quirky style. 

If you have room for a chair in your nursery, I really like big, comfy armchairs. I know this goes against the grain since everyone else seems to think rocking chairs are the only proper thing to have in a nursery. 

But I personally know people who bought gliders or rocking chairs and barely used them and got rid of them a year or two later. Plus, I mean, you can literally rock a baby to sleep against your body in any chair, bed, or couch. (Don’t hate me for pointing out the obvious.) 

A glider doesn’t feel like a long-term piece of furniture to me, and I am very careful with spending our money on things we will use for a long time and get a lot of use from. Obviously, you can do what you want, which is why I also listed a glider for you just in case. 

I love these roomy chairs I listed because they have ample room and can easily look nice when switched to another room in the house or used by an older child or teen. They just look nicer and feel sturdier to me, too. 

Wicker Accessories | boho nursery ideas

Boho nursery ideas include a variety of wicker accessories, pictured.

Boho nurseries are all about wicker and woven baskets and accessory pieces. I love wicker laundry baskets, toy storage baskets, ottomans, chairs, and more. They can be expensive, so I try to source some of these items secondhand, but I also think if you truly love something it’s okay to splurge on occasion. 

I really love the design of the moses basket bassinet we’ll be using for the first 3-4 months in our bedroom. But I even considered using it as a regular basket for toy storage or laundry after the baby switches to a mini crib in our room. It would be a practical storage piece that would look very nice in a boho nursery. 

Floor Decor | boho nursery ideas

Floor decor entails a rug, a tile mat, and a quilt.

I love adding fabrics that add texture to the room. Rugs can add layers and draw the attention of the eye, or cover up less than ideal floors. Whether you choose a neutral or a pop of color for a rug, it can do wonders for a room. It can be the difference between two completely different styles and moods.
Don’t forget to add a quilt stand with all the baby blankets and quilts you will inevitably be gifted that will eventually become useful. These can be beautiful and serve several different purposes as your baby grows.

Wall Decor | boho nursery ideas

A graphic reads "wall decor" and shows a faux plant, mirror, and floating shelves.

My only big note on this one is to make sure if you add any real plants that they are non-toxic to baby. Be mindful that once they start moving around on their own they are bound to get curious and pull on vines, taste leaves, and dump pots of dirt onto the ground. You also don’t want any huge plants in pots that can break when knocked over or be climbed up themselves. 

I love the idea of shelves just for this reason. It’s easy to add decor, plants included, into the mix when they can be placed high up for safety. 

Add a mirror over the changing table, anchored really securely to the wall, so baby can look at themselves as you’re dressing them and play peek-a-boo games in between diaper changes. Babies love mirrors. (This should go without saying, but always supervise little ones around glass mirrors.)

Wall Art | boho nursery ideas

Boho nursery ideas show wall art with wooden mountains, a felt banner, and woodland animals ABC's and numbers posters.

You can’t have a nursery without some fun decorations. This is one of my favorite parts of designing any room. The details matter the most. Adding in a few brightly colored pieces or fun pieces specific to a theme really make a nursery unique. I found quite a few cute ideas when I was searching for some for myself and just had to share them with you. 

Hopefully these last few pieces inspire you. I love using wall art and decor to create gallery walls, points of interest, and add more texture or layers to the room.

As a final note on safety, never place items in cribs with the baby, be mindful about curtains and blinds, always anchor furniture and other heavy pieces into studs, and please do not place anything directly above a crib. I know some people still think this is overkill, but accidents do happen and it is possible to decorate a beautiful nursery in a safe way.

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