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Spring Table Decor for Your Next Dinner Party

Dive into vibrant spring table decor for throwing your next dinner party. From edge to edge, this spring tablescape will wow friends and family. Using a table runner, flowers, and a few pieces of china, this table has transformed into a stunning seasonal statement. Guests won’t believe you did it all on your own…

Spring table decor is spread over an entire dining table with blues and whites and lots of florals adding some character.

Spring is here, and I’m so happy to be changing up some decorations in the cottage. More specifically, I’m excited to be changing our dinner table. In the winter I used wintergreens, eucalyptus, and holly branches as decor. I placed these in a large porcelain pitcher in the center of the table. Simple, yet cozy.

For spring, however, I thought I’d take extra care to create something a bit more extravagant.

Although I won’t keep this exact table arrangement 24/7, it’ll be nice to use this for any get-togethers I host during the spring season. The best part of this spring tablescape is that I already had all of these pieces on hand. The frugal gal in me is screaming with excitement over this!

A dining table is decked out with spring table decor for a small dinner party.
I’m really loving all the spring table decor here. Lots of pastel blue and white to soften the dark walnut stain of the table and benches. 

What is a spring tablescape?

A tablescape is “an attractive and often themed arrangement of tableware and other objects on a table,” according to Macmillan Dictionary. This spring table decor is an arrangement specifically themed to fit the spring season. A spring tablescape may consist of fresh flowers, soft pastel colors, white plates and platters, and possibly even fresh herbs and fruits. 

I personally used all of these ideas, minus the fruit and herbs. I’ll be saving those ideas for the summer season this year, instead.

A dining table has been completely decorated with china, glassware, blue hydrangeas, food, and more.

Supplies | Spring Table Decor

White or cream-colored china or plateware

White ceramic or natural wood platters and serving trays


Glass stemware

Cloth linens 

Table runner or tablecloth

Vase or porcelain pitcher

Fresh flowers or herb bundles 

Miniature watering can

Anything else you want to incorporate 

Spring table decor is spread out over a long dining table with lots of fresh flowers and other springlike pieces for a cottage.

How to Decorate with Spring Table Decor

Table runner/tablecloth

First thing’s first. The table runner or tablecloth goes down first. Whether you want this to be the star of the show or to quietly complement the flowers, this hefty piece of fabric sets the stage for what’s to come. 

I prefer table runners myself and happened to have this light blue and white checkered table runner already. I added this to the bare table, and it provided a solid base for the rest of the spring table decor. Choose either pastels or vibrant colors that will remind guests of the blossoming spring season. 

Another tip: Even if you can’t find a table runner long enough for your table, use it anyway. A table runner doesn’t have to cascade down the ends of the table. More importantly, it serves as an undergarment for other items. Old rules concerning length need not apply.

A checkered blue and white table runner runs the length of a long table.

Plateware & silverware

For photographic purposes, I chose to go with some china I inherited from my grandmother. I’d only ever use this for really special occasions, but they sure did fit in well with the other spring table decor. Choose neutral colors with designs around the rim for added sophistication. 

Don’t feel like doing dishes after dinner? Bamboo plates are classic, compostable, and convenient. They match just about anything. Silverware is easy to wash and nicer than standard plastic utensils. Go for something simple that complements the rest of your spring table decor. Add in woven placemats underneath if your tablescape isn’t too overwhelmed with other decor.

China plates and silverware are carefully organized around a dinner table for a dinner party with spring decor.

Platters & serving trays

Platters and serving trays are best left simple, at least when I decorate. I don’t like exceedingly large, flashy pieces that are overwhelming. Here I opted for a stoneware oval platter and a large acacia bark round serving tray that I added a bundle of dried baby’s breath to along with a miniature metal watering can. 

It’s easy to decorate serving trays with smaller pieces or to add a small stack of linen napkins to. I actually used my stoneware tray for serving food. Be sure to reserve at least one for bread or dessert. Doesn’t the chocolate babka sure look amazing in this arrangement?

A delicious chocolate babka has been sliced on a serving platter on a table.

Flowers with pitcher/vase

Flowers are a must-have in my world. Any centerpiece, especially a spring tablescape, looks complete with one. White flowers tend to be my favorite since they go with anything, but as you can see, I chose blue hydrangeas as part of my spring table decor. Use a small vase for a few flowers, or place a full bouquet arrangement in a pitcher like this. They can even be ones you’ve picked from outside–no need to be overly extravagant. 

If you aren’t keen on flowers, maybe a bundle of herbs would look nice in a jar for an understated, classic addition. Small wooden bowls of fruit are another affordable option to add to the table.

Baby's breath has been placed near a watering can and creamer on a spring tablescape.


I have so many cocktail and wine glasses in my cabinets that I’d be silly to not pull them out for a spring dinner party. I love these glasses with silver rims that pair well with the silverware. 

Even if you’re not a drinker, sometimes it’s nice to drink water, iced tea, or mocktails out of them. If you don’t already own any, use a standard matching glass set or even teacups if it’s for afternoon tea. I used these natural woven coasters for a bit of contrast from the glasses. They also match well with wooden trays. 

Glassware has been carefully selected for this spring tablescape.

Finishing touches 

Linen napkins, tea candles, wooden eggs, miniature nests, or any other pieces of china look lovely as part of your spring table decor. I placed this faux nest with eggs near my pitcher of flowers and added a creamer dish to the table for a pop of spring elegance. Really anything that adds a bit more of your style that feels springlike is great to add to a spring tablescape. Make it your own!

A faux bird's next has been placed near a vase on a spring table.

Final thoughts…

As you can see, creating a thoughtful tablescape with spring table decor can be fairly simple. The hard part may just be deciding which elements to add into the mix. Certain pieces will mesh better than others, so all you can really do is jump in and begin. I had envisioned a completely different look than what transpired with my spring tablescape. Once I started, it turned into something completely different. But I sure do love the magic it adds… 

Additionally, try to veer toward using items you already have on hand, for a little less pressure on yourself. No sense in spending more than you have to if you can already make something breathtaking from what you have.

This spring table decor is meant to inspire your next tablescape. Let it do just that–inspire you to create your very own, unique style. Yes, even if that means adding something kooky into the mix like a completely wrinkled table runner. 

Don’t think for a second that I didn’t realize the pictured table runner wasn’t crisp and smooth. Life happens, and I got caught up in decorating without remembering to plan for things like ironing the table runner first. Hopefully you’ll forgive me!

I still hope you’ll add a few of these ideas into your spring table decor this year.

A beautifully arranged spring tablescape has been decorated for spring.

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