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Patio Decor Ideas for Spring – A Cottage-Style Patio

Spring decorating is in full swing, including my cottage patio. Using lots of fresh patio decor ideas, I show you how to transform your outdoor space into something special this spring. Perfect for the Cottage Style or American Farmhouse home. 

Spring patio decor is added to a pea gravel patio for subtle hints of spring.

Spring is here to stay and my patio needed a refresh. Between the dried leaves, random piles of sticks, and lack of color, it was time for some seasonal additions. 

I started decorating my patio last fall and I think I’ll make that a regular occurance each season, save for winter. Adrian (my husband) and I love sitting outside in the evenings when the sun is going down and it’s cooling off. I only wish that it was covered during the rainy spring season, so we could enjoy the outdoors during light showers, too.

One thing I knew I didn’t want to do this spring was spend a lot of money on freshening this space. Wouldn’t more natural elements make more sense for the outdoors anyway? 

Pansies are lifted into a woman's hand from a whiskey barrel on a spring morning.

So I made the decision to stick to mainly things I already owned and things I could find affordably or outside.

Luckily, most cottage decor already emanates spring. I didn’t need to use a ton of creativity since I already have cottagecore decor inside my home. 

With a bit of this and that, I was able to pull together a fabulous spread of cottage patio decor for spring. All without going over budget, too.

What is a cottage patio?

A cottage patio is usually a patio consisting of pea gravel or brick pavers, traditionally. The addition of some furniture for dining or lounging is also typical. Comfort is of the utmost importance. Lots of blooming flowers and plants are on display for all to enjoy, as well. 

We built our pea gravel patio just last summer, so ours is a bit new. We are still in love with it. 

It’s so easy to decorate, without being too ostentatious. We feel so at home gathering in this area and will love to entertain over the next few months with a few special guests. 

Spring patio decor is kept minimal on this cottage patio this spring.

Why decorate a patio for spring?

You could almost ask, “Why decorate any area for any season?” Well, because it looks better this way.

It gives a personalized touch to a home, and when spending more time outdoors it’s nice to extend this character past the interiors. 

Additionally, I think adding special touches make others want to spend more time in your home. Inviting and comfortable, it welcomes others to your space. I want my home, patio included, to exude whatever season we’re in. I want it to be comfortable for relaxation and good conversation. And I still want it to look pretty, too. 

A hummingbird feeder stands out in red on this spring patio.

Cottage patio decor ideas for spring

Incorporate lots of flowers for a refresh

This is probably the easiest and most affordable hack for refreshing any room or patio. As part of my spring patio decor ideas that veer toward the natural end, I like to add flowers. 

If you start them indoors by seed you’ll save even more money. You don’t need fancy pots or planters. I’ve seen mini terra cotta ones for less than a dollar. You could even find a way to disguise cheap plastic pots flowers come in for an affordable option. 

Flowers sometimes even last through the fall if you shop for the right variety. 

Line the edges of your patio with flowers planted in flower beds for extra color. Or place them near the corners on tiered plant stands for a personalized touch. Mix different varieties for a beautiful combination of colors, shapes, and sizes. 

A whiskey barrel has pansies toppling over as they shine bright in yellow. This piece of spring patio decor is simple but timeless.

They’re so pretty and so elegant that I just couldn’t leave them off my patio this season. 

Add bird feeders for pollinator friends

I also wanted to add a hummingbird feeder to attract more wildlife near the patio. Growing up, we always had hummingbird feeders on our huge back deck where we lived in the countryside. I remember admiring the hummingbirds from a distance thinking they were so graceful and strong. A lovely sight to look at. 

A hummingbird feeder is a practical piece of spring patio decor to add this sprig season.

This year, I only have one hummingbird feeder (that I’ll be making homemade food for, by the way) for the patio. I am still pretty excited, as I know they’ll be migrating very soon this spring season, probably by the time this post is published. 

I think wildlife add a perfect dose of ambiance to a patio area, so standard bird feeds or squirrel feeders are a great way to bring them a bit closer to home. 

Decorate with outdoor rugs

I did not want to entirely replace our medium-sized outdoor rug for the patio since I am pretty particular and they can get expensive. Luckily when I bought this one it was a two-sided rug, so I basically just switched its side for a new look this spring. I did replace the rugs on my porch, though, and this was a nice added touch.

I am a sucker for outdoor rugs on porches. I can’t get over some of the phrases and designs I’ve seen. I like to layer a checkered rug underneath to dress it up a bit more. Target and Amazon both have pretty affordable options for small outdoor rugs like these.

An outdoor rug reads, "There's no place like home."

Add in soothing wind chimes 

I added this bamboo wind chime to our patio this spring also. If you need patio decor ideas that serve more than one purpose, this is a great option. I find the sounds relaxing on a windy day, even if I just have the windows open. The bamboo easily blends in with a variety of styles, complementing my cottage pea gravel patio. 

A bamboo wind chime is the center of attention in this photo. It provides ambiance and soothing sounds to this patio.

I personally find the metal ones to be a bit too high pitched for my liking, so if you’re sensitive to sounds like I am, opt for a bamboo one instead. Bamboo wind chimes have a more meditative effect and provide a nice decoration with visible movement. Add one in for some music to your ears this spring. 

Gardening tools for ambiance 

If you’re a gardener like me, it’s only natural to leave some of your tools out, handy for the next day. I dislike getting them out each day, so I sometimes leave them on the porch. This will work to your advantage. Strategically arrange them near a small stool, gardening boots (just remember to bring them in on rainy days), or by a watering can. 

Gardening tools have been left near a side door. Spring patio decor wouldn't be complete without these pieces draped on the stoop.

This is a practical and a fun way to bring some personality to your patio without it looking too cluttered. It’s not cluttered if it’s practical and cute, at least that’s my thought.

More ideas…

Are you still wanting to add a few more special touches? I had a few more ideas for my patio. I decided to add some tea cups and saucers, some flowers, and fresh firewood. 

Obviously some of these could not stay on the patio 24/7 because of the elements and the impracticability. I do love an afternoon cup of tea on the patio, though. So it seemed fitting for the photoshoot. 

A teacup with a saucer and baby's breath flowers have been left on a wood side table on a cottage patio. This spring patio decor feels whimsical and fitting for the time of year.

It’s especially great to have these ready for guests who come over to join you. Once the season changes to summer, these will quickly turn to tall glasses of iced tea for sipping in the hot sun…

The flowers I like to add to the table for a subtle hint of femininity. I would only add these when guests are coming over. Vases are light and could easily blow away. But add a pot of flowers or a heavy vase and this could potentially stay outdoors for the season. 

Spring patio decor includes a dose of cottagecore decor such as teacups and saucers on a side table next to these rocking chairs.

I also really wanted to splurge on some outdoor cushions for the rocking chairs, but I’ve decided to wait until the summer season for this. If you have room in your budget, find some simple or sassy cushions to add some more personality to plain chairs or benches. Just be sure they are suitable for outdoors. 

Lastly, I added a bundle of firewood. Firewood is not just for fall and winter. There are plenty of chilly spring evenings when the patio can use some extra warmth. Even in warmer climates people love to gather around fire pits, roasting marshmallows for s’mores and enjoying drinks. A very practical addition, indeed. 

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