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Fall Patio Decor – A Simple Refresh

Peruse my stylish fall patio decor in all its natural beauty and glory. There are creative ideas for everyone.

A variety of pumpkins sit on our new, simple fall patio refresh.

Although I recently posted about how we created a pea gravel patio, I didn’t get to show much about decorating it. I decided I would definitely be dressing it up for the fall this year.

A simple fall patio refresh is perfect for those who don’t want or need to renovate their patio over, but who are looking for some new ideas to spruce it up for the fall season…

Fairytale pumpkins sit on straw in the corner of our simple fall patio refresh.

What patio decor should I use?

I personally prefer to use minimal plastic and packaged decor. Instead, I take the route of homemade and natural decor, using elements from outside.

I grow my own pumpkins, and this year I have leftover straw from gardening. If you have a bale and a few pumpkins, you’re already halfway there. 

A natural wood table sits next to walnut rocking chairs on a patio with a pumpkin and gourds.

You don’t need a million large lawn inflatables or spooky goblins to get into the fall spirit. You can add as much or as little as you’d like to style your patio.

A fire pit sits with various items on a fall pea gravel patio.

However, if you do want to add some spooky elements in, I’ve seen some great bat cutouts you can tape to siding.

I’ve also seen some spooky scarecrows and witch hats that could be incorporated.

Pine cones, mini pumpkins, a lantern, and a tray of apples rest near a fire pit.

How to refresh a patio with fall decor

Lots and lots of straw and hay

This is useful as a base to add more decor to. It’s affordable and can be conveniently found at home improvement stores, too. I like to style hay bales with pumpkins of varying sizes. And if I’m having guests over, I might add some pretty linens under the pumpkins. It’s a simple way to bring some autumnal style to your backyard.

A low view of pumpkins sits in front of a newly decorated patio.

Cornstalks or sunflowers

Leftover sunflowers from the summer months can be great to use in decorating. Depending on your region, you may still have some summer sunflowers still going strong. I say keep them around because they’re the “dressy casual” of flowers. Understated yet beautiful.

The yellow colors blend well with fall decorations. Plus, flowers always round out a space wonderfully whether they’re placed in a vase or growing in a nearby garden in the background. Cornstalks that are dried up can be wrapped together and propped up vertically beside vertical signs. They can even be draped around other decor on the patio.

Freshly burned wood sits in a fire pit with a tray of apples nearby for the autumn season.​
Freshly burned wood sits in our fire pit with a tray of apples nearby for the autumn season.

Pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and colors

Place pumpkins on a tiny wooden stool as a prop, next to a metal watering can, or even alongside an antique vase on your porch. Pumpkins can also be scattered around the inside of your home, too. I’m known for placing them here and there around the cottage and even using a pile of mini pumpkins as a table centerpiece.

If you have an outdoor picnic table on your patio this could look amazing over a jute table runner. When I decorate with pumpkins, I use a mixture of large and small ones. I personally love white pumpkins and Cinderella pumpkins the most. I always add white or pale blue varieties to the mix. Don’t worry, I have a few orange ones, too! 

Pumpkins of various shapes and sizes lay on a bed of straw for fall.

Cinnamon brooms, large or small

I’ve bought these from Trader Joe’s in the past since they seem to be out every single fall. They are so cute and very reasonably priced, so I never mind grabbing one. They smell of cinnamon and are perfect for conjuring up the most adorable (or wicked) witch. I usually lay mine against the house, near a door. 

A cinnamon broom lays against walnut rocking chairs.

Switch out a door mat

This is an easy way to make a fall statement. I see doormats for sometimes as low as $10 that have fall phrases on them. If you hate quotes, go for one with a black cat, apples, or my favorite—an old truck with a bed full of pumpkins.

A fall rug that reads “come in and cozy up” sits on a black stoop outside a Midwestern cottage.

Paint a stoop black

This creates a sleek new look that also doubles as a wicked way to set a moody scene for Halloween. I wanted mine dark to hide the wear on the concrete from over the years, but I also think it gives off major fall vibes with its dark color.

A fall door stoop has just been decorated for the season.
A skull sits near white pumpkins on a door stoop.

Patio string lights

These are great for summer or fall, when people tend to be outside most. They’re cute and can really be strung in an elegant manner and provide ambience to any outdoor space. Soft lighting is also nice in the fall when days are growing shorter. I especially love using these for entertaining.

Mini white pumpkins sit on a fire pit.
Mini pumpkins with pine cones, along with coasters, line a fire pit on our patio.


These gorgeous fall florals will look stunning on anyone’s patio. This year, I transferred them to a hanging planter that I have hanging next to the front porch. However, these would be a great addition to a fall patio. You could line them up in a row in a flower bed or keep them in pots on top of plant towers/tables.

Yellow mums hang from a hanging planter.


Lanterns with fall leaves, fairy lights, or even just a faux candle with a spooky trinket inside are all great fall patio decor ideas. I think if I veered toward the spooky side, I’d maybe frost up a lantern with some Mod Podge spray glue and then place a battery-operated candle inside. Then maybe apply some cobwebs and bats to the glass for fun. Children would love this little crafting idea!

A fairy lantern sits on a fire pit.

Fall signs

You either love them or hate them. Signs can be cute or over the top. If I were to add a sign to my decor, I’d only add one to my entire house. I wouldn’t want it ending up looking like a 54th Street Bar and Grill.

The large vertical signs I’ve seen with “cider mill,” “apple picking,” and “pumpkin patch” on them are cute. It reminds me of all the fun fall activities perfect for the cool weather. I’ve seen amazing designs for these. I’d just caution to keep any signs subtle and not to overdo it with signs all over the porch or house. This can quickly look tacky and cheap.

Pumpkins and gourds sit on a table next to rocking chairs on a patio.
A cozy spot awaits us on our fall patio.

A bowl of apples for your patio table

This is a great centerpiece, always. This can be for any season; just change the fruit in the bowl. I purchased a large wooden tray from Target a few months ago, and for the fall I’ll add some apples to it.

Add citrus in the summer months, and so on. Just be sure to bring your tray inside with you once you’re done hosting a party. I definitely wouldn’t keep these outside 24/7 because all the squirrels would be having a ball with them, nibbling each and every one before scurrying off.

Green apples sit on a wood tray on fire pit.
Green apples and a white linen sit on a wood tray.

One final note…

Hopefully my list has given you some ideas for sprucing up your lovely outdoor space. Always see my ideas as simple guidelines and get as creative as you want. It’s about creating your own unique style. Take what you like and discard what you don’t love. I just hope I’ve given you a strong foundation for adding some new fall patio decor to your home. I know I am so excited to spend more time outside after a long, hot summer here in Missouri!

A cottage-style pea gravel patio has been decorated for the autumn season with pumpkins and such.
A pea gravel patio has the sun setting behind it on a fall evening.

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