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Simple, Natural Fall Home Decor

Create a cozy style using my fall home decor ideas this season. From the living room to the patio, your space will be transformed in no time. Come see all of my ideas to blend into your natural home.

Simple, natural fall decor lays on a dark wood dining table in a cottage kitchen.

This fall I’ve decorated with really simple, natural fall home decor. I never go over the top with decorating season to season. Instead I prefer to make additions that will blend in seamlessly with my everyday decor.

You may have recently seen my blog post about A Simple Fall Patio Refresh. Here, I applied the same philosophy of keeping it simple and natural.

I do like to splurge on lots of pumpkin varieties and gourds, though. They go great on tables and little nooks & crannies throughout my home.

But overall, I keep things simple.

There are so many beautiful fall colors and textures to add into your home this time of year. I can’t wait to take you on a little tour of how I’ve decorated my home this autumn!

Read on for some inspiring fall home decor ideas…

Natural Fall Home Decor

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins

Of course, I add so many different pumpkins in my home. I enjoy the jarrahdale variety with their hushed blue tone and flattened, plump shape. White pumpkins, medium and mini sized, are also adorable. I have to keep the traditional orange jack-o’-lanterns, too, since orange is a great fall color. I just use the orange ones more sparingly since they are so bright.

This year I grew my own pumpkins, but I still bought a few from Trader Joe’s and Sprouts. I’m hoping next year to add some black pumpkins to my garden to have a few of these spooky ones to show off. Whether homegrown or store bought, you’re sure to find some sort of pumpkins that speak to you and fit well into your home. Just be sure to vary their sizes, at the very least, for a little variety.

Pumpkins are scattered around a broomstick for the autumn season. They sit inside a cozy cottage.

Natural dried wheatgrass

I love adding dried wheatgrass or oat bundles to small vases throughout my home. It adds a little extra something to the ambiance. You could also just wrap a bundle and lay it on a side table over a book as a natural display.

Wheatgrass is great because during this time of year wheat and oats have been harvested. These can be found on Etsy pretty easily, or you could purchase some from your local craft store like I did. They’re natural, which helps them blend in very organically. Plus they’re very simple, yet they still add that extra touch to show others you’re embracing the fall season.

Dried wheatgrass pokes out from a worn galvanized vase on a side table.

Mini gourds

I use these in the same way I use pumpkins to decorate. I place gourds on the entertainment center, as a centerpiece on my dining table, and sometimes in various other spots scattered throughout the house. Anything to remind me of the autumn season. I like to look around knowing and feeling the time of year by a quick glance.

Mini gourds are also pretty cheap, just like mini pumpkins. I buy the mini gourds for under $2. I love that they’re striped and can come in different colors, often with a little texture on them too. The funkier, the better! I swear I find some of the most imperfect pumpkins and gourds to be the cutest in my eyes. You can’t force Mother Nature into following societal beauty standards. 

Gourds sit on a small side table on a pea gravel patio outside.


Wreaths are always great for any season. I recently wrote a post about how to Create the Perfect Fall Wreath where I talk about my ideas for making a wreath using faux flowers and wheatgrass. There are so many different supplies you can use for this, though. Pine cones, cinnamon sticks, faux leaves, dried berriesthe list goes on and on.

You can even make or buy smaller, simpler wreaths to place on side doors or back doors, or even windows for a little extra something. Not into crafts? Find a simple, neutral wreath like this one HERE to add to your collection.

A fall wreath is the perfect addition to simple, natural fall decor.

Pine cones

Pine cones are so versatile because they can be casually laid against other larger fall decor, scattered on a coffee table along a table runner, or simply placed in a bowl on a side table. I personally place them on a lazy susan or outside on our fire pit when it’s not in use. They can even be made into little bird feeders to hang from trees near a deck or patio. Pine cones also double as winter decor, too. I love when I can repurpose decorations.

Simple, natural fall decor lays on a dark wood dining table in a cottage kitchen.

Cinnamon sticks

These aromatic sticks are great to tie into little bundles and place in wreaths, in bowls with potpourri, or other areas throughout a home. You could even put them in with citrus slices and boil them in a pot of water on a stove for an amazing, freshly spiced kitchen that smells like you’ve been baking all day. I plan on adding these into my decor this winter, as well. 


I pick these in early autumn and put them into vases on my dining table, throughout the kitchen counters, in the bathroomalmost anywhere in the house for some beautiful colors to add in. I know what you’re thinking: Marigolds stink! Yes, they are typically used for pest prevention, their scent deterring many bugs away from fruiting plants. At harvest time, I figure I might as well do something with them!

They’re so pretty and their scent isn’t too strong for the human nose, unless you smell them very closely. It doesn’t bother me at all keeping these around, and they’re a bright pop of yellow and orange on my pastel walls.

Marigolds are in a glass jar on a dining table alongside tomatoes and mini white pumpkins.

Festive table runner

I bought a black lace table runner a few years ago for Halloween season. Although I don’t go over the top with spooky decor, this simple table runner can look cute out on display the weeks leading up to Halloween. I opt to use this during the month of October (not the entire fall season) and place more neutral fall decor on it (no skulls or bats here!).

Lazy susan

Last year I was gifted a lazy susan during the holiday season. A lazy susan is a great centerpiece for a dining table. If yours is decorated, you may want to prop it up against a wall, facing out toward guests for them to see. If you have a plain one or want to cover up any writing or designs for something more natural, you can simply drape linens over it with a few branches, pine cones, and colorful dried corn cobs to make it more simple and festive.

Spooky candleholders

Moody and dark, these are perfect looming in a dark corner table in a bedroom or living room. You can put fall-scented candlesticks in them and fill the house with fragrant spices. You can find some spooky decor without looking completely gothic, too. I’ve seen some great ones at antique stores, Target, and even on Amazon lately. Just be sure to choose something that isn’t too cheesy for your style. You still want it to fit right in with everything else you’ve donned your home in.

Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes are piled onto straw on a patio.

These are just a few pieces I am using this year or have used in the past. There are so many more out there that I haven’t mentioned that would look immaculate in a cozy fall cottage. Some may prefer to veer more toward the moodier theme associated with Halloween, while others may prefer a more neutral tone, using less spooky fall decor. Either way, choose what suits your personal style. Don’t ever use fall home decor you don’t like just because it’s on trend. You have to look at it every day, so it should bring you joy!

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