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20 Fall Date Ideas To Cozy Up To

Discover the coziest fall date night ideas to celebrate the season. Some of these dates may even surprise you!

It’s that time of year again. Cool, crisp leaves falling. Warm soups with apple and pumpkin desserts. Late night bonfires.

Autumn seems to be a favorite among most people here in the Midwest. Every year, I can’t help but realize how many family-friendly events take place during the fall season. Weather is cooling down, so people love to get outside more to enjoy it before winter hits.

This year I’m pretty excited for some fall dates with my husband, too. There are a plethora of fall date ideas, a few of them I hope to give you this year. Where we live, there is always something new. I also don’t mind returning to previous date locations either. Some of them are just too good to pass up again.

Perhaps you are starting new traditions. Then, maybe these can give you a few ideas to add to that.

Let’s jump right in, because I know you’re eager to get to the list of my top fall date ideas…

Fall Date Ideas

Attend a bonfire with friends/family

Whether you have the space to host your own bonfire gathering or you’ll be headed to a friend’s shindig, bonfires bring people together over a warm fire and a bottle (or two) of beer.

An outdoor fire pit on a patio, just waiting for wood.

Go on a haunted hayride

Find a local farmer that hosts these spooky, fun hayrides during the autumn season. They usually only run for a few weeks, but they are so much fun and always a unique experience. 

Lose yourself in a corn maze

You either love them or hate the obnoxious surprises that often accompany them. Corn mazes can be a lot of fun for couples, as they allow you to work as a team to not get lost in the maze. I’ve done these a few times in my life, and I have to say I prefer navigating one during the night hours. It adds a bit of suspense! 

Pick pumpkins at the pumpkin patch

I know this is known for being more of a family event for the young ones, but if you’re a kid at heart you’ll still love this as a couple. Pet the animals, take silly pictures, pick out a pumpkin to carve later, and simply enjoy the atmosphere. This is a classic fall date idea.

A scrumptious iced pumpkin slush at a pumpkin patch is a wonderful fall date idea.

Visit the cider mill

My husband and I visited Louisburg Cider Mill in the open plains of Kansas last year and had so much fun. We got to watch the apples going through the process of being turned into cider, ate some delicious food from different food trucks, walked through a field of pumpkins, and saw precious farm animals.

Take a haunted ghost tour at a historical place in town

Every small town has them. Even many suburbs will have one of two. Maybe it’s an old museum, mansion, hotel, or jail—but many will offer nighttime haunted tours for the adventure seekers out there. Be prepared to be spooked, and whatever you do… don’t let go of your partner. 

Make s’mores and watch horror flicks all night

Ahhh, this is probably my favorite pastime in the autumn season. So simple, too. Some tv networks have marathons during October and play all the greatest horror classics, so this shouldn’t be too difficult to find. (Especially with Netflix and Hulu!) Throw in some slightly burnt s’mores and I’m in. Perfect for a cozy night in when you can’t be bothered with spending money out anywhere. 

Bake apple pie and pumpkin bars

There’s a baker in every one of us. Some of us more so than others, BUT I do believe that nearly all of us can learn a new skill if practiced enough. I love how creative, yet scientific, baking is. The best part? Lots and lots of snacks for days.

Muffins sit on China and are ready to be eaten.
Pumpkin Apple Muffins for fall

Attend a fall festival

Everybody loves a good old honky tonk night of bingo, carnival rides and games, and corn dogs and caramel apples galore.

Attend a spooky play

Maybe your town has a theatre that just so happens to be re-enacting an old time horror classic this year and you’re dying to go. Grab your partner and get ready to experience theatrics like never before. 

Take a fun outdoor class at the local nursery or botanical garden

Oftentimes, nurseries and gardens will host special events throughout the year. During the fall season, they may host special classes that involve touring the grounds with a certain theme in place. Or perhaps they have a cocktail making night. Or maybe they’ll show you how to DIY your own terrarium for a small fee. Whatever it is, it’ll be great to get outside and get busy for a couple of hours. I love interactive dates like this. 

Take a walk through a cemetery and then go for ice cream

This may sound odd and a bit creepy. We have an old cemetery in our neighborhood, and it is known for being the go-to place for dog walking and relaxing nature walks in the evenings. Ours is such a peaceful place. Just be respectful, of course. Take a gander down through the cemetery and then go for ice cream afterward (with lots of delicious fall toppings of course). It is never too cold for ice cream, in my opinion.

A cemetery appears dark and grey on a fall day.

Peruse a Halloween store

Even if you know you won’t be buying anything, hit up the latest Halloween pop-up store. One of my first dates with my husband was at a Halloween store. I still have a picture of me stupidly trying on a horse mask. You’ll get scared and have some laughs without feeling the need to spend money. 

Create a handmade Halloween costume & eat all the candy

This could be as simple or elaborate as you’d like. Gather old clothes and bedding for repurposing into something new. Then hand out candy or just save it for yourself because this is one of the few times a year we can eat it all and feel like it’s the norm. Even though you’ll be staying in all dressed up, it can still be one of the best fall date ideas when you’re feeling like a homebody.

Check out horror books at the library/bookstore and then go for coffee

Maybe you’re a fan of classic literature and you’ll go for Poe’s dark and moody poetry. Or maybe you’re looking for something more light-hearted and cheesy, like a cutesy Halloween romance or young adult novel. Grab a book and then cozy up with a hot cup of coffee or tea at home, or in a busy coffee shop if your prefer. Just don’t get so enthralled in your reading that you completely forget about your partner.

Cheer on your favorite football team in person

Or just watch a game at home because no one is judging you. I’m not particularly keen on sports or sporting events, but I would go for my husband. Sometimes we have to compromise and do things we don’t love for the happiness of our partner. This favorite fall pastime may even be more enjoyable than you were anticipating.

Head out to the symphony, opera, or ballet

We have been to the symphony, opera, and ballet so many times. We just love immersing ourselves into something so different from our ordinary lives. Being whisked into different pieces from your favorite composers or dancers can be an amazing feeling. That doesn’t end during the autumn when many pieces are picked because they’re somber, dark, and moody—just in time for the Halloween season.

Immerse yourself into Día de los Muertos by eating a traditional Mexican feast & honoring the dead

My nephew is Hispanic, so I always try to incorporate bits of his culture into our world. Día de los Muertos is a special day honoring the deceased, where many traditions and rituals are performed. You could easily find a wonderful authentic Mexican restaurant downtown or cook your own meal if you have the right recipes. Creating an altar and making handmade sugar skulls could then round out the evening. 

Pick apples at the orchard

We have been to the orchard a couple of times and it’s so nostalgic. It’s funny how the setting we’re in can shape our whole mood and sometimes our entire day, but it sure does give me all the feels. Orchards often carry pies, jams, butters, and more. They sometimes have live music and other fun activities to enjoy while there, too. Also, very photogenic for all the photographers out there. Perfect fall date if you ask me!

Picking an apple at the apple orchard one fall day as a fall date idea.

Hit up the farmer’s market for autumnal produce and then go antiquing

There are so many crops still thriving in the fall season—pumpkins, squash, gourds, potatoes, apples, and pears, plus dried fruits, jams, and honey. This makes for a wonderful fall date idea! After the market, stop in at your favorite secondhand store, if only for a minute. I love discovering and inspecting rare, antiquated items. Each and every piece tells a special story that we can only partially guess; its character holds the rest of its unique story. Pro tip: This activity also helps give gift ideas for future holidays if you notice your significant other pining over their favorite things. 

Antique shopping in Amish country.

Stargaze near a fire with hot toddies in hand

You can’t go wrong with looking at the stars. Pick a not-so-cloudy night, grab a thick blanket, and head outside with a hot toddy in hand. Romantic and relaxing for a fall date night. 

Hike a scenic area where you can admire all the changing scenery

I love going on hikes in the fall. The leaves crunch underfoot, the air feels cleaner, and there’s a little bit of peace in my mind knowing that no matter what goes on around us, Mother Nature never skips a beat. Seasons change: Life is whirling around us one minute, dying down, and then coming alive once again in a symbiotic rhythm of dance. This sort of date really sets the tone for an easygoing time and gives couples quality time to chat and unwind.

A quarry is surrounded by rock formations in a forest, which makes the perfect fall date idea.

If you’ve been looking for more fall date ideas, I hope this helps you along in planning your next date. We all need a few moments to reconnect with ourselves, our partner, and nature. Many of these dates will incorporate all three of these things. Enjoy trying to mark these off this fall season as you start to make your way through this list of fun fall date ideas. 

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