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Winter Date Ideas

Peruse a myriad of winter date ideas sure to keep you and your partner busy and entertained throughout this chilly season.

A couple celebrates their winter date idea: getting married in a national park one winter morning.

Winter can be a lackluster time of year for many of us. It’s cold outside and many of us want nothing more than to stay in.

But no one benefits from being inside all the time–especially if you want to keep things interesting with your partner. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of winter date ideas to bundle up to this season.

Come see what winter date ideas I have in store for you…

Winter Date Ideas

Ice skating

Ice skating evokes an image of large families with kids of all ages sliding around on ice, throwing snowballs at one another, and sipping hot cocoa on a mild winter day. However, ice skating can be a wonderful way to celebrate the winter season with your sweetheart.

Couples’ skating can be fun even for the most timid skaters. Cozy up to this winter date idea, and you’ll be surprised how much it brings back those childhood memories and creates a new, more romantic nostalgia to it.

Ballet performance

One winter, a couple of years ago, my husband bought us tickets to The Nutcracker ballet performance and it was nothing short of amazing. The ambiance of the stage, the elegant dancers, the joy-filled music: It kindled a newfound love and respect for ballet. We had drinks beforehand (how could I forget that grinch juice?!) at the bar of the performing arts center and then spent the next two hours watching this seasonal performance.

This is one that should be on everyone’s bucket list–experience it at least once in your life.

A woman drinks grinch juice at a performance.
A couple has many winter date ideas, one of which is a ballet. A stage is set with winter decor and ready for The Nutcracker.

Theatre performance

Along with the ballet performance, watching a play (whether at a performing arts center or your niece’s high school) can be a great way to experience the fine arts in the cooler months.

Theatre performances range from hysterical comedies to dramatic classics and are enjoyable for a range of ages if the kids want to tag along with you, too. And regardless of weather, save for a blizzard with undriveable roads, nothing will stop the show from going on. A brilliant winter date idea, indeed.

Winter wonderland outdoor lights (walking or driving)

Most folks are familiar with the viewing of festive Christmas lights during the holiday season, whether put on display by a company near a lake or driving around a ritzy neighborhood in town. I especially love the idea of a winter wonderland display for passersby on foot.

Perusing an outdoor venue, like Powell Gardens hosted just outside KCMO, can be plenty of fun and is more interactive than viewing by car. Getting some fresh air and movement is always a plus in my book.

Bake brownies and play board/card games

So maybe you’re feeling like a bit of a homebody on a Friday night. Gather a few ingredients you already have on hand and bake up some fresh, chocolatey brownies to nosh on as you and your partner play game after game together. Laugh your way through the night as you discover just how competitive your beloved is and your bellies ache with glee.

Chocolate brownies have been sliced and are ready for eating.

Murder mystery show

This is something I’ve actually always wanted to do but haven’t quite made it around to yet. Nothing beats an interactive game where your goal is to discover who killed the rich doctor of Fairview Manor. There are so many varieties, too. Train ride murder mysteries, comedy mysteries, and more.

Enjoy this winter date idea as you spend your evening in an ominous room full of fascinating characters.

Ghost hunt/haunted tour

I have been on many haunted tours in my life. I love exploring historic sites, and when you add in that element of suspense it’s easy to get spooked. Perfect for an evening spent closer to your date, learning all about remarkable people and places of the past. Take in everything at once and dive into another world as you search for a shadow in the distance.

The haunted Stanley Hotel stands tall in Estes Park.

Comedy show 

Comedy shows are great for breaking the ice. Especially if you and your date have just recently begun dating. If you aren’t into sappy rendezvous or creepy haunted tours, a comedy show may be a great way to get some fun into your routine life. Enjoy drinks and dinner, which are often served at these shows, and kick back while enjoying some raunchy humor.

Sledding and hot chocolate

Want a spontaneous, cheap date? Sledding is perfect for those who live in snowy regions in the north. Find a hill and grab a sled and prepare to be whisked away into your own personal winter wonderland. Just don’t forget to pack the hot chocolate.

Live music at a dive bar

If it’s been a long week and live music with some hard drinks sounds like a good time to you, check out a bar that locals rant about but you’ve never been able to make it to. Great for music lovers, this is a winter date idea for you to truly let loose.

Several beers line a table.

Plan and book a trip

This is something my husband and I just did a week ago. We knew we wanted to take a trip to Hot Springs National Park. Being less than 7 hours away, which is closer than other National Parks in our region, we knew it was low-key and made for relaxation.

We picked out a lake house to rent for a few nights and then surveyed the different spas, restaurants & breweries, and hiking trails in the area. By the end of the night we practically had the whole trip planned and booked. I can’t wait to mark this quirky town off our National Park bucket list!

Go to a hockey game

I’ve only been to one single hockey game in my life, but I’m so glad I went. A unique outing, hockey isn’t your typical sporting event. Let’s just say that many fights were witnessed that night…

If neither of you have been, it’ll be a unique way to spend a winter afternoon or evening together. It’s one of those sports that just gets you emotionally invested!

Craft and painting night at home

My husband and I keep saying we’re going to do this soon. Another great idea for a night in, creating art allows you both to tune into your creative side without any pressure to make something perfect or great. Just have fun, go in with zero expectations, and cozy up together.

Picture it: You’re Demi Moore, he’s Patrick Swayze. It’s like Ghost, but canvas and paints instead of pottery. Pour a glass and stream some music for the background, and prepare yourself for a laidback evening of artistic pursuits!

Crafts have been placed around a table for an entertaining evening.

Bundle up and go on a hike

Hiking is for any time of year. No rain, cold, or snow can keep the avid hiker/explorer from trekking along another trail. Pick a new spot and be sure to layer up, wear proper cold weather hiking boots, and bring some hot tea or coffee along. The great outdoors are amazing any time of year, and you’ll find a new appreciation of nature in the winter months.

Take a cooking class

Even if you’re a pro at cooking, drop this subtle hint to inspire your partner to cook at home a little more. The two of you can explore your culinary skills and immerse your senses into the world of cuisine.

There are a vast variety of cooking classes to take, and the best part is you get to enjoy your food afterward. You can’t go wrong with this winter date idea.

A chocolate chip pecan pie sits on a countertop on china, ready to be devoured.

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