DIY Gift Baskets for the Holidays

Join me to learn how to make fun and personalized DIY gift baskets this holiday season. With so many options, they’re perfect for anyone.

A basket is filled with three different wines for a bridal shower.

The winter holidays are just around the corner, and you probably need a few ideas for gifts this year!

I personally love the thoughtful touch of handmade gifts. Or at least some DIY gift baskets that were put together with that someone special in mind. 

DIY gift baskets are so versatile! Even if you aren’t the type to whip up a huge batch of body butter, candles, and sweets, you can still craft a personal, charming gift basket for loved ones.

Even when you combine store bought gifts into one unique, curated basket it sends the message that you took the time to really select a variety of items for someone. Just select anywhere from 3-5 items to nestle into a basket with a bit of filler and you’re set!

Many, many people prefer gifts like this. And even if they don’t, you can always throw in a little gift card into the mix, too.

Let’s get into making the perfect DIY gift baskets this holiday season…

DIY Gift Basket Ideas

Cozy DIY gift basket

A cozy gift basket filled with luxury items can be perfect for any friend, relative, or partner in your life. Either buy or make some candles, body scrubs like my DIY sugar scrub recipe here, maybe a body butter, and add in some cozy socks or slippers and you’ve got the cutest little basket.

You could even add in a gift card to their favorite spa. If you have a special skill like sewing you could craft a new scarf for the cold weather emerging.

Books are also a favorite of mine to receive. Figure out who their favorite author is and earn even more brownie points by throwing in a title by that author.

Lastly, you could decide to throw in some chocolates and a flower and you have yourself the most lovely gift. This is always a go-to for any females in my life.

DIY sugar scrubs are perfect for DIY gift baskets. A sugar scrub sits atop a table next to pine branches and pine cone.
DIY sugar scrubs are a perfect addition to a cozy gift basket.

Men’s DIY gift basket

I always struggle with creating a gift basket that men will enjoy. If it’s for my Papa, it’s easy because he loves food, he enjoys alcohol occasionally (but never buys it for himself), and he’s just not a picky person in general. I usually get him a gift card to a home improvement store or a restaurant and then throw in some gourmet meat and cheese and a bottled cocktail he can sip on.

However, if the men in your life aren’t like Papa, you may need to get a bit more creative.

Maybe you want to make some homemade beard oil and body butter (using masculine scents) to add to the basket. Then you could throw in a magazine subscription to a car magazine or Rolling Stone Magazine, or whatever else he’s into.

Finally, you could add in a tool he needs, a beer mug, or even splurge on tickets to a concert or a sporting event he’ll enjoy. You could even roll up a t-shirt or sweater and stuff it into the basket. A DIY gift basket doesn’t always have to have a specific theme, as long as the receiver will enjoy it all. That’s what truly matters.

Date night DIY gift basket

I once made a gift basket that had a date night theme that I thought “Wow, I would love to receive this gift from someone!”

It contained two wine glasses, a bottle of wine, a movie theatre gift card, some jarred marinara, and some dry spaghetti. Perfect for any couple who doesn’t make enough time to just kick back with a simple but delicious dinner with wine and a movie afterward.

You could even add in a kitchen towel or wooden spoon with some garden fresh herbs to really give it a special touch.

Kids’ DIY gift basket

This is a new one for me. However, this year I decided I’m going to make my nieces gift baskets. I plan on filling them with a clothing item they’ll love, pop-its (this is all the rage now with kids and teens), a pack of fun facial masks for my older niece and a small toy for the younger one, a hair product, and their favorite candy.

These are all fairly affordable, simple things, but put together they’re so personalized.

Maybe you have a child who goes nuts over outer space, and you decide to give a basket with this theme. You could include tickets to the local planetarium, a STEM space kit, a blanket with all the planets on them, a space toy, and a fun book about space.

Kids tend to fall into obsessions over very specific topics, so themed baskets may work wonderfully for any children you want to make baskets for.

And if all else fails: a gift card for Five Below seems to always do the trick. Just add in a couple small, low-cost toys and some candy, too, and you have yourself a basket. 

A kids’ DIY gift basket contains socks, colored pencils, hair spray, facial masks, and a Starbucks gift card.
A gift basket for a niece of mine to receive over Christmas.

Wine DIY gift basket

I recently made a simple wine basket for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower, and although it wasn’t anything extraordinary it was practical.

I knew she would get use from it, and I knew she would probably need it with a wedding coming up!

It just made sense to grab a variety of a few wine bottles to create a cute basket when I knew she already had everything else she needed. These don’t have to be expensive either.

Just select wines you know the recipient will enjoy. They will love the thought you put into this.

A DIY gift basket is full of wine and dried eucalyptus.

Holiday DIY gift basket

This is my favorite gift basket to make, probably because I usually only create DIY gift baskets during this time of year. Because I make most items myself, I figure it makes sense to make a large batch that I can divide up into several baskets.

I personally like to throw in something sweet (chocolate or homemade candy will do) and something with a little alcohol, too. I’ve made lemon flavored vodka before and plan on making limoncello eventually.

Then I’ll add in something practical like a nice decorative holiday towel for the kitchen or a spatula (who doesn’t love baking around the holidays?).

Finally, I’ll add either a mug or glass with a gift card in it, or some body scrub (because everyone needs to stay clean). It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just try to sprinkle in a little of this and a little of that.

DIY gift baskets consisting of sugar scrubs, cookie mix, and lemon-infused vodka sit on a dining table.

More Basket Stuffer Ideas

Scratcher tickets


High quality meats or cheeses (jerky, summer sausage, and prosciutto wrapped cheese sticks are a few things that come to mind)

Mini-sized make-up products

Gourmet hot chocolate mix

Cookie mix

Small-sized cologne 

Final thoughts

These gift baskets are perfect for just about anyone. If you’re still looking for the right thing to gift this season, any of these ideas will work well for you.

Whether you’re creative and will be making everything yourself, down to the last gift tag, or you prefer to throw a bunch of store-bought items into a simple vessel.

Just be sure to throw some simple decorations in the basket to make it look appealing and you’re all set!

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