Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Learn exactly how to make a personalized gift to remember with these toddler Easter basket ideas. Custom made, easy, and so darling!

Easter basket ideas for toddlers come alive in this boys' blue Easter basket.

Toddlers. You just have to love them. No matter the mess, the tantrums, or sleepless nights, they bring so much joy to our lives. Whether you’re a mother or father, an aunt or uncle, or planning for a little one in the near future, there are so many exciting things to prepare for. 

If you’re creative like me, with a super Type A-planner mind to boot, you’re probably excited to plan just about every outing, holiday, and activity out there. Over the past 13 years, I have enjoyed helping with planning some of these things for my nieces and nephews. 

Right now, though, the only toddler in my life is my nephew, Elías. What a perfect excuse to spoil him with an Easter basket… 

I’m sure he will already get one or two baskets between my sister and mom. But I just couldn’t resist spoiling him. He will love all the attention, too. Although I am sure he has some of these items already, he will love these new additions. And I thought I might as well share some of these clever ideas with you…

Let’s get into all of my toddler Easter basket ideas this year.

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Easter basket ideas for toddlers are easy in this cute basket filled with pastel toys.


  • Homemade or Reese’s peanut butter eggs
  • Popcorn
  • Spring trail mix 
  • Dehydrated/dried fruit 

Let’s face it, kids love their snacks. Heck, even my 25-year-old husband loves snacks. Stocking them up with a few goodies will be appreciated. Whether you decide to make some from scratch or pick some up from the grocery store, you know they’ll be enjoyed. Giving them individually-packed snacks like these allows them to feel like they have something of their own. Toddlers are all about feeling powerful. Besides, they don’t always have to share. Let them have their own little snacks.


  • Cars or dolls
  • Cleaning toys  
  • Putty or slime
  • Stuffed animals
  • Balls 

I, for one, can say my nephew will never turn down a toy car. Whether it’s a plain wooden one, a tiny plastic one, or a fancy, large one he can sit in and drive. He is just obsessed. Along with this, his other current obsessions include dinosaurs, construction machinery, and a little bit of outer space. 

A toy truck sits on a sofa ready to be played with.

He also loves cleaning. He wants to do whatever the adults are doing, you know. That’s why toy cleaning sets and tool boxes are great for little ones. Slime is a great sensory play activity and stuffed animals never go out of style, either. Incorporate one of these toys into the basket for something fun to keep them entertained. And use second-hand toys for a more budget- and environmentally-friendly approach.

I personally added an animal ball that lights up to his Easter basket this year.

A light up bouncy ball is featured in Easter basket ideas for toddlers.


  • Stickers or stamps
  • Paint
  • Coloring books
  • Crayons or colored pencils 

I was the creative child. I loved art as a kid and was always coloring or creating something. It’s always been a part of me. Through my late teens and early adulthood, I strayed away from my creative path. Society doesn’t always encourage it. Now, in my early thirties, my creativity has come back with a vengeance, and I’ve finally been honing all of my artistic abilities. This is why I will always encourage and support creative play with children. 

It’s so easy to incorporate arts and crafts into an Easter basket, too. Just adding in some paper and art utensils will do the trick. I love stickers and stamps (yes, even as an adult!), but my nephew loves getting his hands dirty with paint. Choose whatever suits your child best. 


  • Obstacle course
  • Egg scavenger hunt
  • Puzzle
  • Parachute 

Toddlers love games and some of these can easily be made with homemade items. For example, can’t find a parachute? Use bed sheets. Store is out of plastic eggs? Buy real eggs and dye them with food coloring (I like this idea better anyway). Use what you have.

Homemade obstacle courses can be so fun, indoors or outdoors. Then again, if you don’t have the time, using pre-made games is convenient. Stuff these into the baskets for a fun family activity that everyone will enjoy for some quality time together.

Learning/outdoor activities 

Pastel chalk shaped like eggs are laying on the arm of a sofa.

My nephew loves being outdoors. He would live outside if he were allowed to. That’s why bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and jump ropes are fun outdoor activities for toddlers to enjoy. The chalk I linked above is perfect for toddlers because they’re egg-shaped and much easier for small hands to grasp and color with.

On the other hand, even though my nephew hasn’t learned to jump rope yet, he will die trying. He is so determined to learn and try new things. Adding a jump rope into a basket is a great idea for future entertainment.

Another great learning activity for toddlers includes books. They are always a favorite of mine because of their many benefits (even audiobooks have similar benefits to traditional reading). Pick a book with one of your child’s interests and the story will be fun and relaxing. If you’re into STEM learning, try Kiwi Co., a company that creates crates of fun STEM, STEAM, and Science learning activities for children of all ages. 

About six months ago, I purchased a monthly subscription for my nephew, and he gets a crate with a new theme each month. They are age appropriate and are quick to set up. Elías is loving them! (By the way: this is not at all sponsored, I just truly love their crates.)

This is easily a great toddler Easter basket idea. 


Checkered blue bunny ears are being held up.

Accessories are a great toddler Easter basket ideas. Bunny ears are festive and cute. Socks, rain boots, and an umbrella are all practical gifts to encourage more outdoor play. Especially with the rainy spring season quickly approaching. 

Moreover, I’ve also found some adorable kids’ aprons that are perfect for toddlers who love to help in the kitchen. This is very sensible since toddlers aren’t exactly known for being clean and tidy. They usually love to help in the kitchen.

Final thoughts | Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Remember, the best gift you can give a child is your time and undivided attention. Don’t worry if you can’t afford all of these items or need to make a smaller basket with simpler gifts from scratch. These Easter basket ideas for toddlers are just a few ideas to get your creative ideas flowing. 

If your family values experiences over tangible gifts, spend the day centered around different activities and don’t feel bad about not giving them a basket full of a million items. For those who are keen on making baskets, these ideas will give you at least some inspiration about what to make.

Lots of Easter toys overflow form a pastel wire basket.

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