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A Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Basket Idea

Learn how to create a simple and practical gift this holiday with Mom in mind. Made with love, this Mother’s Day gift basket idea is full of luxury, handmade items she can pamper herself with. This Mother’s Day gift basket includes whipped body butter, body scrub, and bath melt. All curated just to her liking. 

A Mother's Day gift basket idea consists of homemade bath and body products nestled into wicker baskets.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and I actually feel like I have the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year. I have a Mother’s Day gift basket idea that I’d personally love to receive myself if I were a mom. Who doesn’t love to be pampered?

In the past, I have opted for gift cards, make-up/hair care products, or the lunch & movie experience for a Mother’s Day gift. This year I thought I would create a bath and body basket for each of our mothers to give on Mother’s Day weekend.

The best part is that this Mother’s Day gift idea is affordable, especially if you routinely keep these on hand. If you do this, you can make these for yourself and for gift giving any time of year. A win in my book!

This Mother’s Day gift basket is also customizable… you can easily add some of your mom’s personal style to the basket. Make it unique.

A Mother's Day gift basket is toppling over with herbs, homemade body butter, candles, DIY bath melts, and a body sugar scrub.

Why create a handmade Mother’s Day gift basket?

Handmade gift baskets are so thoughtful. It’s not that other gifts are bad, it’s just that homemade gifts tend to mean more. A labor of love, they are hand crafted and created with intention. 

A DIY gift basket is a lovely way to show someone you care and that you put extra effort into them. Even if you don’t make each item yourself, taking the extra time and creativity to curate the perfect basket full of Mom’s favorite goodies means you went the extra mile. 

I think any mom would appreciate that. 

A Mother's Day gift basket idea includes lots of homemade bath and body products inside wicker baskets.

Tips | Mother’s Day Gift Basket Idea

If you have a mom that isn’t into bath products, but loves books or all the gourmet foods, then make her a gift basket with all those things instead. Chocolate or a homemade dessert go well with any gift basket, too. Sneak around on her Pinterest to see what she loves most. Pay attention to what she enjoys for entertainment or relaxation. There are so many different themes for gift baskets these days. 

Furthermore, you can decorate the basket with your mom’s personal style. If she’s really feminine and loves pink, tie pink ribbons around the basket or even spray paint the basket a pastel pink color. 

Does she love anything with flowers? Stuff a floral-patterned linen towel into the gift basket that is a striking, useful bath gift.

A bouquet of fresh lavender is bundled next to gift baskets.

I love to fill my homemade gift baskets with flowers or herbs, whether fresh or dry. The season determines what exactly I place in the basket, but it always adds such a special touch. The aromas and physical beauty awaken the senses immediately upon arrival. They can be affordable, too. Handpick them from outside or buy them from an affordable source to save a bit. Don’t skimp on this.

Materials You May Need

Whipped body butter

Coconut oil

Olive (or you can use avocado oil like I did)

Shea butter – I get mine from here  

Cocoa butter – I get mine from here  

Essential oil of your choice 

Wide mouth mason jars – I get mine here  

A lavender scented whipped body butter sits next to a bundle of lavender.

Sugar scrub

Sugar, granulated 

Olive or avocado oil

Essential oil of your choice

Wide 8oz. Jars – I get mine here

A jar of handmade sugar scrub is dipped into for a luxurious body scrub.

Bath melts

Coconut oil

Essential oil of your choice 

Molds of your choice

Bath salts to sprinkle in, optional (this was my own idea; I used Eucalyptus epsom salts)

Heart shaped coconut bath melts are a perfect addition to any spa gift basket.

For decorating your basket

Fresh or dried flowers or herbs

Wicker basket – this can be secondhand

Shredded paper for filler – I buy mine here  

Ribbon, optional

Linen towels, optional

Gift baskets have been decorated an sit on a marble countertop awaiting their opening.

Recipes I recommend

Farmhouse on Boone’s Whipped Body Butter  

My Sugar Body Scrub  

The Coconut Mama’s Bath Melts  

Instructions | Mother’s Day Gift Basket Idea

Select a basket

I start by using a secondhand basket that I pick up at a local thrift store for 50 cents each. If bought from a craft store, baskets can get pricey. Plus, it’s more sustainable to reuse a basket that someone else no longer wants. I am always looking for ways to reduce waste and save money. 

Your basket can have a handle or not, can be large or small, and can be square or round. It truly doesn’t matter. Choose what feels right for the contents of the basket. In this case, I’d recommend a medium-sized basket. Everything will fit, but it won’t be rolling around inside. 

A wicker basket has been stuffed full of Mother's Day goodies.

Add a filler

I like to start by layering the gift basket with the shredded paper first. I order a large quantity from Amazon and this gets me through the holiday season, plus Mother’s Day and any other birthdays or gift-giving times of the year. It really fluffs out a lot, but can be packed tightly into a small box for storage. 

Filler has been added to a gift basket. Lavender is nearby, alongside a jar, too.

Add layers

Add any linen towels if you wish. Sometimes I add a kitchen or bath towel to gift baskets I make, depending on the overall theme. Pick a color/design that isn’t too loud and can blend in well with most decor. This looks nice laid in a gift basket or rolled up on the side.

Layers of handmade gifts have been added to baskets.

Place gifts inside

Start adding in the handmade gifts, nestling them snugly. Be sure if you’re using glass containers to make sure they have stuffing in between them so no accidents happen. Place larger items toward the back, smaller items in front. That way everything can be seen at a glance. 

Gifts baskets are finished with a few sets of candles.


Here is the fun part. Add ribbon, flowers, herbs, or anything else to top off the basket. This really adds a little character to it and plays up your design/crafting skills. I add fresh or dried flowers or herbs, whether in a small bundle or just a long stem. Something about this just gives a whimsical, fairytale feel to it. 

Additionally, I used my newly acquired hand-lettering skills on these DIY name tags. The backs were cut from an old National Parks calendar and have beautiful scenes on them. You could even cut up old holiday cards for this, too. Then using calligraphy tools, write whatever you wish on the other side. This is decorative and was a fun way for me to put my new skill to use (and practice).

"Mom" is hand-lettered onto a name tag for this Mother's Day gift basket.

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