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12 Pregnancy Must-Haves for Mom

Discover my top 12 pregnancy must-haves for mom. I’ve been using all of these amazing products throughout pregnancy and don’t know where I’d be without them!

A graphic shows 12 pregnancy must haves for mom.

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Pregnancy isn’t easy. Even if you’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy compared to other women, I’d argue that the whole process still isn’t exactly “easy.” Even with a lack of physical symptoms, it’s likely you’ve been feeling all the emotional and mental ones. At the very least, if you’re a first-time mom you’re probably even a little stressed (albeit excited) to prepare everything for when baby arrives. I know that’s how I’ve felt.

Let me explain a little…

Although I didn’t have to deal with vomiting during my first trimester, you better believe I still got waves of nausea and had extreme fatigue. Then there’s been the on and off sore breasts from day one. Couple that with new symptoms during the second trimester… Whew, some days I really feel like it’s gonna be a long nine months.

Believe me, I am so grateful. I feel lucky to be pregnant (I can just hear someone thinking “be more grateful” as they read this) and extremely thankful to have at least skipped some of the more annoying symptoms. I’ve had a smooth pregnancy so far, and me and baby are perfectly healthy.

However, I want to note that it is okay to be both grateful and acknowledge the difficulty of all the huge changes, too. 

Let’s be honest. Putting on weight for nine months, dealing with a combination of minor symptoms constantly, trying to get it all done and not miss a thing before the grand arrival… It’s A LOT. At least for us first time mamas. We didn’t study for this in college, that’s for sure.

At the end of the day, though, I know it’ll all be worth it. We’ve planned for this baby over the last couple of years so we could be financially ready, so the main living area of our home was renovated, and until we both felt fully “ready.”

I also feel privileged to be working from home doing something I enjoy and with our little bundle of joy 24/7. 

Believe me, there is no lack of appreciation and gratefulness that we have.

But I’ve realized that pregnancy can change things quickly by the day or even the hour. Some days are just plain hard. Well, thankfully all the products I’m going to talk about today are going to help make pregnancy just a little bit easier for you. I’ve found all of these to help with sleep, comfort, or joy at some level or another. 

So, here are my top 12 pregnancy must-haves for moms everywhere. This is just my opinion, of course. Some of you may disagree and hate some of these, but I absolutely could not be pregnant without them.

12 Pregnancy Must-Haves for Mom

Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow  

A pregnancy must have for mom includes a mint green pregnancy pillow.

I technically already had a pregnancy pillow. I’ve had it for the last ten years because I am a princess when it comes to sleep. I am all about the pillows, having my own blanket, some sort of fan on for noise, and total darkness. All of it. So of course I snagged one long before I was pregnant. It just looked too comfortable.

Fast forward to when I got pregnant, I realized I really needed to invest in a new one. I needed something fresh, full, and fluffy to support my new pregnancy discomforts. 

I was already waking up 3-4 times a night to use the bathroom immediately in the first trimester and once or twice a week I’d have trouble falling back to sleep. And some nights I just couldn’t get comfortable. 

That’s where this pillow comes in. It’s affordable, effective, and comes in so many cute colors. I like that I’m nestled in the middle and feel cocooned in. I’m a sleep diva and need all the extra bells and whistles for my beauty sleep, so this pillow was well worth every penny spent. It’s also got high ratings with a much lower price point compared to others on the market.

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth Book  | pregnancy must-haves for mom

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth book cover is shown as a pregnancy must haves for mom.

This book gave me so much hope and was so uplifting. Ina May Gaskin has paved the way for midwives over the decades. She’s been a home birth and midwife advocate for years and years, and this book not only helps inform new mothers about prenatal care and what to expect in labor and delivery, but Gaskin also uses the first half of the book to showcase many birth stories written by numerous women who she’s worked with over the years. 

Reading this book gave me such a profound respect for women and a new outlook on birth. This empowering book also showed me how vastly different birth looks woman to woman and even birth to birth. There are so many ways to have an enjoyable, empowering birth experience and no one way is right. Highly recommend reading this if you’re scared, nervous, or are just plain curious about what birth looks like in a natural, non-medicalized setting.

Hoka One Walking Sandals  

Hoka walking sandals are shown in black as a pregnancy must have for mom.

I invested in these about a month before we conceived. And I am so glad I did! With all the walking that is recommended as exercise during pregnancy, a mom has got to have comfy shoes. I was already having arch issues and these have all the support I need. My feet never hurt anymore. My feet are the one thing I can always count on feeling normal right now and I am so thankful.

You can’t beat these shoes for the price, either. Perfect as indoor slippers, walking shoes, or everyday sandals during the warmer months. These shoes are everything I’ve ever needed in a shoe. I use them daily and can walk miles in them. I currently walk an hour a day on week days and these have gotten me through it all

Good American Maternity Swimsuit Bra and Brief | pregnancy must-haves for mom

A black maternity swimsuit is shown as a pregnancy must have.

If it’s not warm where you live or summertime, you may be able to skip this one. But if you live in the Midwest like me during the blazing hot summers, you’ll thank me later. I initially didn’t think I’d be doing any swimming this summer. But pregnancy changed that for me real fast. It is hot, our house is older and tends to get warm by late afternoon/evening during summer, and swimsuits are just plain comfy when you want to walk around naked but need to wear something to cover up.

This has been great for me to wear swimming and it feels really fashionable without being over the top. I didn’t want weird tan lines (so no cut outs, halter tops, or extra strings) and I wanted something that would support my growing belly. I also tend to like black swimsuits. They’re flattering and match any sarong or cover up I want to pair it with. 

I found this one from Good American with its rave reviews and a 50% off Memorial Day deal when I bought it. It has plenty of extra room for growth on both the top and bottom throughout pregnancy, but I have a feeling I could probably get away with wearing it postpartum too. The fabric has amazing stretch and support without being tight at all. If you love high waisted bottoms and a basic, no-fuss top, this is your maternity swimsuit!

Swimming Pool  

A swimming pool is shown with a child and a dog in it.

Again, I didn’t expect for this to be a summer purchase for us this year, but pregnancy changes priorities sometimes. It has been hot and sticky, and this pool right here fits perfectly on our patio and ticked all our boxes. I had to have it! And honestly, my husband is getting a lot of use from it too.

It is about a foot deep which is perfect for lounging in. I love to lay out for about 20 minutes on most days and get a little tan. The sun warms my skin up while the cool water relaxes me and feels so good on my joints. Now I see why many women prefer to labor or birth in water. Everything feels lighter and looser in there. 

In addition to this, I also love the size of the pool. It’s five feet wide so both my husband and I can fit in it together if we want. We can sit up with our legs sprawled out to catch some rays, or stretch completely out, lying comfortably side by side to cool off. 

It’s technically a dog pool for an extra large dog, so it doesn’t tear easily which I was concerned about since it’s not a hard plastic pool. Luckily, this means it folds up easily and can be stored away during the cooler months with little space. It is so easy to drain, too, with the drain located on the lower side. We purchased the pool cover too since our patio is directly under a tree and this has helped immensely in keeping it clean. We change the water once or twice a week and it stays fairly clean. Highly recommend this for pregnant summers!

Belly Support Band | pregnancy must-haves for mom

A belly support band is shown on a woman.

I was skeptical about if I really needed to purchase this product or if it was another baby/maternity marketing ploy. However, this one is affordable and effective. Don’t spend an arm and a leg if you want to try one out. Try this affordable one instead. 

It works for plus-size women, all the way up to nine months, and relieves hip and pelvic pressure and pain when wearing. It is a gamechanger. Just be sure to not overdo it and become overly reliant on it or wear it all the time. On a hard, very long day on your feet it can work wonders.

Kindred Bravely Nursing Bras

A nursing bra is shown on a woman.

I know these are technically nursing bras, but they are absolutely okay to wear during pregnancy too. They come in so many pretty colors and this brand is size inclusive, too, which is always a win in my book. Each bra even comes with an extender if you need to size up at any point. This prevents you from having to purchase more if you grow throughout pregnancy. 

What I love most about these bras are the comfort. You won’t ever catch me wearing a bra with underwire, ever. They are not comfy and the straps always annoy me. For years I resorted to wearing sports bras, but those don’t provide the support like these bras do. Plus, I really like the thinner straps that make these easy to wear with most clothes. These bras are the best of both worlds, I tell ya! 

When you’re postpartum, they’re easy to unhook to nurse discreetly and efficiently, too. So worth the investment. If you buy a bundle on the Kindred Bravely website, you even save and get a slight discount. So don’t miss out.

It’s Bodily Maternity/Postpartum Underwear | pregnancy must-haves for mom

A five pack of underwear is shown as part of a list of pregnancy must haves for mom.

I really didn’t want to invest in an entire new wardrobe for pregnancy, but there are definitely a few essentials needed. Who wants to be stuck wearing baggy t-shirts and sweats for nine months? I quickly realized a package of maternity underwear would be a good investment. 

Personally, I prefer wearing high-rise undies and pants these days. They’re flattering if you’re curvy, more comfortable than other panties, and hold everything in. Practicality is something I am all about these days. I have no desire to have a huge belly hanging over tiny panties for an entire nine months, thank you. Life is too short to be that kind of uncomfortable. I was okay with spending a bit on a package of five undies that would last me throughout both pregnancy and postpartum. 

These are light, breathable, buttery soft, and feel like I’m wearing nothing. They definitely have a lot of give and room to grow. I love that they aren’t too baggy so I can wear them post birth as I’m recovering, too.

Yoga Mat  

A pink yoga mat is rolled up.

Even if you haven’t practiced yoga for years like I have, if you’re interested in doing some stretching and restorative yoga during pregnancy you’ll want to buy one of these. I like a simple yoga mat like this for doing a few poses before bedtime. I may spend only 10-15 minutes stretching, but my goodness my body feels so good afterwards. Having one of these ensures you have a non-slip, comfy surface to practice on. So grab your mat and get some stretching in. This is perfect for preparing your body for birth and easing everyday discomforts.

Stability Ball | pregnancy must-haves for mom

A large grey stability ball is shown.

There are so many different hip and pelvic exercises you can do with one of these exercise balls. These are recommended to use for the weeks leading up to birth and even excellent to use during labor to relax, help the cervix dilate, and ensure the hips/pelvis open up. Practicing with one of these balls in the weeks leading up to birth can even help baby get in the optimal position. Plus, they just feel good to sit on and use.

Reusable Nursing Pads  

A set of reusable nursing pads is shown.

Many women actually need to use these before birth. Leaky nipples are a very real thing that can happen weeks before going into labor. As the body prepares for birth, colostrum can kick in ahead of time. It’s best to have these on hand in advance just in case. I prefer a reusable kind because they’re easy to throw in the washer with other towels and it’s one less disposable thing I need to remember to restock.

Babymoon | pregnancy must-haves for mom

If you’re a first-time mom especially, you should really try to plan at least a weekend away for a babymoon. My husband and I are planning a quick weekend one last time in a small town here in Missouri. We’ll be staying in a serene little bed and breakfast with lots of views and a property full of animals in a historic Victorian mansion. 

However, we’re also very close to the town we’ll be visiting and have plenty of outdoor exploration, shops and museums to visit, and more. I am pretty excited for this trip! Just try to plan something in the late second trimester or early third trimester where your risk of going into labor is still low, but you’re still fairly comfortable.

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