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What’s in my Postpartum Bathroom Basket?

A graphic shows images of postpartum products for moms with the words "postpartum bathroom basket."
A bottle of perineal spray is shown by Earth Mama as an example of postpartum bathroom basket ideas.
Two boxes of herbal sitz bath herbs are shown as examples for postpartum bathroom basket ideas.
A pink peri wash bottle is pictured.
Gray disposable underwear is shown as an example of postpartum bathroom basket ideas.
Reusable maternity pads are lined up in black and vibrant colors.
A bottle of witch hazel is shown.
A bottle of aloe vera is pictured.
Purple boxes of "down there" wipes are shown.
A pink jar labeled nipple butter is pictured.
Blue ice packs are shown for placing inside underwear.
Goat's milk body butter is stacked high in glass jars.
Round shower bombs are stickers with colorful labels.
A round blue bluetooth speaker is shown.

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