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Visiting Caledonia, Missouri

Visiting Caledonia, Missouri is a wonderful getaway for some serious rest and relaxation as you explore all this small town has to offer.

Red wine is being held with a Victorian rug, fireplace, and clawfoot tub in the background.

More than two years ago my husband and I, not yet engaged, were ready for a long weekend away together. I was about to start a new position working in advertising at a publishing firm, one of my first big jobs since graduating from grad school with my MBA.

We decided since we only had a weekend, we’d find a small town in Missouri for a little getaway.

We wanted to do a little exploring, but mainly wanted some serious rest and relaxation together. Caledonia had many small antique shops and small businesses that were so fun to explore, along with some great local diners. It was just what we needed at the time.

We had such an amazing experience visiting Caledonia, Missouri that I just knew I’d have to write about it. Here’s what we did…

Old Caledonian Bed & Breakfast 

Old Caledonian, when we visited, was owned by a couple who had Scottish heritage. They wanted to preserve the integrity of the home by using it as a cozy bed and breakfast. They had acquired it from deceased family members, and although I can’t quite remember if they were actually vegan, they did run a fully vegan bed and breakfast.

(I do want to note that since our visit, these owners have sold the bed and breakfast and the menu is no longer fully vegan, but you can request vegan meals.)

When we stayed here, there was only one other couple staying for the weekend. It was so quiet and felt as if we had it ourselves. Truly magical.

A man poses next to a cardboard cutout of the Queen of England.
My husband posing with the queen, which was perfect for tea time!

We explored the inside first, finding a beautiful library stocked with all the classics, some board games, and completed with antique furniture.

As we made our way past the kitchen, where the owner always seemed to be baking up something fresh and delicious, we found a grand staircase navigating us toward our room.

If I remember correctly, the house had four stories. It had all the Victorian charm of my dreams. The inside of our room had a fireplace, a clawfoot tub, a large bed and one-of-a-kind furniture in pristine condition.

We were able to order a bottle of wine for later in the evening before heading down to explore the grounds. This was both romantic and needed after driving all day.

Wine I being held out in front pf a Victorian rug, fireplace, and clawfoot tub.
An antique couch sits in a library of a Bed and Breakfast with magazines and books scattered about.
Tea sits in a beautiful teacup on a table in Caledonia, Missouri.

Outside the flower garden surrounding the home, we found ourselves a small walking path that looped behind the house.

We discovered a gazebo, an outdoor sauna (in what appeared to be an oversized whiskey barrel) a tranquil koi pond, and a hot tub with the best views.

Shortly after arriving, it was tea time. We found an arrangement of herbal teas of our choice, served in nothing but the finest china. Mini cucumber (vegan) cream cheese sandwiches, hummus and pita bread, cookies, and little scones were served to us in the formal dining room.

It was a great snack after driving several hours.

Dinner was available upon request, but we decided we would like to explore and find something to do on the town.

A gravel pathway leads to a whiskey barrel sauna outside a bed and breakfast in Caledonia, Missouri.
Hot tea and scones wait to be devoured.
A koi pond provides ambiance outside a historic home turned B&B in Caledonia, Missouri.
Tea sandwiches with cucumber and vegan cream cheese sit on a plate with a cookie and scone.
A hot tub and sauna make the perfect addition to this Bed and Breakfast.

The following mornings we were served the most delicious meals.

One morning we were served fried green tomatoes with a tofu scramble, vegan sausage, citrus cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit, orange juice, tea, and coffee.

The next morning it was just as delicious: pancakes, banana bread, vegan sausage, and fresh fruit, with more orange juice, coffee, and tea.

I could stay here again just for the food alone!

Additionally, they offer a yoga studio with free classes on certain days of the week. We enjoyed a yin yoga session that helped us rejuvenate our minds and bodies during this restoring stay.

Fried green tomatoes and tofu scramble with vegan sausage and fresh fruit await guests.
Pancakes, banana bread, fresh fruit, and vegan sausage await B&B guests in the morning.

Hiking at Elephant Rocks State Park 

In addition to the myriad antique shops along the main road, Elephant State Park is located about ten minutes south from the town of Caledonia.

Though a bit busy, the many routes along the trail allowed us to have plenty of room to ourselves.

Most of the trail is handicap accessible, being paved, but there were some steep areas along the path.

Overall, I’d say the Braille Trail, which is a loop, is suitable for beginners.

One of the most beautiful parts of the trail was when we came to the quarry, a natural spring surrounded by ample layers of rocks on all sides.

It is also worth noting that throughout the hike there are many elephant-shaped boulders that can be climbed and are perfect lookout areas. We had an amazing time here and felt it really helped us connect to nature. It was so great to be far from the hustle and bustle of the city!

A quarry is the center of attention in Elephant Rocks State Park.
A man sits on a boulder in a state park, overlooking everything surrounding him.
Layers and layers of rock surround the quarry.
A woman sits on a boulder.

Meramec Caverns

Technically, this is not in Caledonia, Missouri. However, it was worth mentioning since it was a wonderful excursion on our way back from Caledonia.

Meramec Caverns is the largest commercial cave system in the state of Missouri. It stretches seven stories, where some breathtakingly large rock formations can be viewed throughout.

We attended the guided walking tour here and were even able to see a light show at the end of it. This highlighted all the gorgeous natural underground formations.

The tour took us well over an hour, where at times it was a bit steep and dark. But it was so worth experiencing these geologic formations that were once a refuge and hideout to outlaw Jesse James. 

Meramac Caverns is a beauty to behold with its crystals on the ceilings.
The cave systems is lit, showing off its beauty and vastness.
Highlighting its natural beauty, a multi-colored lightshow flashes lights on the crystals in the cave.

Final thoughts…

Visiting Caledonia, Missouri was such a magical experience. This village felt like we were stepping back in time. The fact that I was able to stay at a bed & breakfast that had a full vegan menu was beyond thrilling for me. We were made to feel like everything was planned around us and felt truly welcomed and at home.

I highly recommend visiting this quaint town for some major rest and relaxation. With the quiet location, friendly atmosphere, and just a hop away from a state park, Caledonia, Missouri makes an excellent, romantic weekend getaway for two. 

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