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Spring Cottage Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Peruse these inspiring spring cottage farmhouse decorating ideas with curiosity and imagination. With lots of spring colors and classic cottage decor, these pieces are sure to delight your home. These spring decor trends will never go out of style.

Blue hydrangeas sit in a vase on a spring cottage dining table.

Spring is quickly approaching, and I’ve got so many spring cottage farmhouse decorating ideas overflowing from my fingertips. I’m ready for lots of sunshine, warmer weather, and lots of gardening to start up outside. I planted some bulbs around the yard in the fall, so I’m excited to see all these in full bloom. My perennial lavender shrubs and quick fire hydrangea bush will be blossoming before I know it.

I’m also excited to bring a little bit of nature indoors for the season. I’m excited to get some of the winter greens and other decor out and start adding more bouquets of flowers + lots of cottagecore spring decor in. 

I’ve added in some wall decor, tableside knick knacks, and other decorative pieces into my home for the coming season. I enjoy crafting some decor by hand, finding some at local second hand shops, and incorporating some pieces from retail stores. 

Here are a few of my spring cottage farmhouse decorating ideas for the coming season.

A white striped linen sits on a table with a vase full of blue hydrangeas for one of these spring cottage decorating ideas.

Spring Cottage Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Decorative tins 

I absolutely fell in love with some decorative tins at Michael’s a few weeks ago. I love this tin here because it’s springlike without being too holiday specific. (If you’ve read my other seasonal decor posts, you’ll know I only decorate for seasons and not specific holidays. I do this for simplicity, and because holiday specific decor tends to feel a bit cheesy and overdone to me, at least in a country home–this is just my preference.)

I love that this one reminds me of a farmer’s market, which is so typical of spring since that’s when farmer’s markets open up again to start selling produce. Carrots in particular are a spring vegetable since they can be planted in winter and harvested in spring. They’re a very hardy vegetable. Another great reason to buy this decorative tin.

Vintage tins can be found at thrift stores or antique malls and displayed on countertops, open shelving, or on a side table in a hallway or living room. The best part is you can easily store other items inside these tins. I’m always looking for more storage ideas, so this is great.

Spring cottage decorating ideas are complete with a carrot patch decorative tin next to a bible.

Wooden eggs 

I have a special kind of fondness for anything made of wood. These gorgeous, unfinished eggs can be kept natural (and will match anything) or painted a lovely pastel color for fun. Children can even help decorate them and then put them out on display for guests to marvel at. 

Michael’s Craft Store even offers them in several sizes, these particular eggs being the medium size eggs.

Spring cottage decorating ideas are complete with a vintage scale and wooden eggs.

Eggs in particular are great for symbolizing spring because chickens and other birds start naturally increasing their egg production as temperatures warm in the spring. They are a wonderful dish enjoyed around Easter and spring meals because of this. 

I personally will keep them on a vintage scale next to some eucalyptus leaves. I do this quite subtly, so I’m leaving small touches here and there throughout my home.

As another option, place the wooden eggs in a small bowl or along a table runner as part of a tablescape for spring.

Wooden eggs sit on a vintage scale in a nook inside a cottage.

Mini wreaths

I saw some mini wreaths at an antique mall and knew I had to have them. I love decorating plain wreaths myself and knew exactly the spot where I’d be placing them.

For some festive spring details, add some green foliage, dried herbs or flowers (lavender and baby’s breath are my favorite) and/or pastel ribbons to them. Hang small ones in groups of two or three, or try making a large one for your front door for all your neighbors and guests to enjoy. 

Bunny figurines/statues  

I found this wonderful ceramic bunny figurine for $15 at Target last year and have loved it ever since. I even kept it around the house during the summer last year. Bunnies are great for adding to spring decor because they symbolize fertility and rebirth. Very fitting.

Add a medium-sized bunny like this one or gather a couple smaller ones to create a scene near an entertainment center, open shelving, or built-in cabinets. Or you can use this as a bookend if it’s heavy enough for your book collection as another function of this decor. 

Paper cards with animal/nature prints

My husband and I visited the local art museum recently and enjoyed the visit so much. We were able to take home some large animal print cards for free, too. I immediately knew I’d be able to use them in the cottage. 

These are great for a home any time of year, really, but particularly in spring. I love using decorative pieces like this to hang on a wall, lay against other decor, or scatter about on a side table. So adorable!

Animal art brings nature into view inside this spring cottage.

Signs with farmer’s market produce 

I almost thought this sign would be more suitable for summer, so it will probably stay up for the next season, too. I love fresh berries and thought of my garden coming in this spring. That’s exactly why it can still work for the spring season. 

I picked this sign up from Michael’s Craft Store and adore it. I love anything miniature sized, and now I just need to find the right nook to place it in. 

My only advice about signs is this: Be selective about signs or anything with lots of writing on them. I don’t like anything with cheesy quotes for my home, personally. But on a rare occasion I find a cute little sign like this that I can’t resist. Be picky, though, because it is so easy to overdo text/signs in the home. You don’t want your home to look like one of those diners with a million random signs in it.

A strawberry sign is very springlike and makes the spring cottage decorating ideas list this year. It sits In front of dried flowers on a ledge.

Antique pieces 

I unexpectedly picked up this sad iron from an antique store a couple of weekends ago. Typically something like this wouldn’t scream “spring” to me, but because of the gorgeous robin egg blue I knew it was meant to be. 

Charm your home with distinct pieces of antique or handmade decor to add some variety and authenticity. Choose items with patterns or spring colors or that simply symbolize the coming of a new season. 

A sad iron is a perfect antique piece to add into spring decor with its robin egg blue color.

Bunny/bird art decor

I chose these handmade pieces at a shop from a local artisan’s booth. They were so unique and reminded me of the french country style that I sometimes dabble in. 

Choose pieces with bunnies, butterflies, or birds that exude a sense of renewal. Select rustic looking pieces to complete the cottage spring look.

Bunny decor hangs on a wall perpendicular to a French country mirror.

Nests with mini eggs, green foliage, or mini bird figurines

This was an unexpected find for me because I wasn’t necessarily wanting to add something like this to my decor. However, the nest itself was so darn cute. I am easily swayed by mini-sized items. 

I also found this for a low price and decided to snag it. When I saw it I immediately thought of an old, stone cottage in the countryside with a big garden. It just embodies the cottagecore style. Place these small pieces in floral arrangements for a pleasant surprise or add it to another centerpiece. 

Adorable, tiny birds eggs in a nest are displayed next to a vintage style cow bell in a kitchen.

Fresh flowers 

This one is a no-brainer to me. I’m all about fresh bouquets of flowers in my home starting in the spring through the fall. In late fall, I transition to wintergreens, holly berries, olive branches, and pine cones.

In spring, however, there must be fresh flowers. Whether from a local florist, Trader Joe’s, or straight from a garden, flowers are the nicest touch. Floral arrangements are the best and easiest way to bring the outdoors inside. 

I love adding peonies and hydrangeas in the spring, but even a small bouquet of baby’s breath can add ambiance to a room. Baby’s breath even dries well and looks pretty in a vase for months.

Fresh baby's breath sits in a rustic vase on a side table in a living room for spring.

Bonus – Spring Cottage Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Pastels, pastels, pastels

I’m using this as a bonus because it can be incorporated into other items. Pastels are the colors of spring. Quite frankly, they’re the colors of my cottage all year round. They’re so easy to incorporate in my everyday decor. 

They exude a feeling of calmness and quiet inspiration. Pastels mesh well with one another even when their respective primary colors would normally be on opposite ends of the spectrum. 

I recommend picking two or three pastels for your decor that can seamlessly blend in with the color scheme in your home. This may only mean the main rooms in your home. Play around and see how these colors can subtly blend in. It can be as simple as painting a jar you’ll place some hand-picked flowers into or even the flowers themselves. 

Spring is in full swing in a couple's cottage.

Final thoughts | Spring Cottage Farmhouse Decor Ideas

I hope this serves you well as you’re searching for spring cottage decorating ideas to bring into your home this year. Even if you can’t afford to go out and buy a million pieces each season, these ideas can spark ideas for handmade pieces you can create yourself with supplies you can find out in nature. 

Adding in just a couple small pieces of decor can transform the mood of your home for the season. When in doubt, I like to let the phrase “less is more” guide me in my decorating decisions.

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