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How to Paint Window Blinds

Wanting to change up your blinds without the cost of buying new ones? Learn how to paint faux wood window blinds in this easy step-by-step tutorial. 

White window blinds are the star of this photo after learning how to paint window blinds.

Disclaimer: The best type of blinds for this project is corded faux wood blinds. If you have cordless blinds and paint them, you will likely not be able to recoil the blinds after spray painting. That is why I recommend doing this only on corded faux wood blinds. 

However, if you do have cordless blinds and are switching to a similar color shade, you can still paint the slats and just skip painting the strings that recoil. The color of the strings may not matter much if you’re making a subtle change. 

The weather is getting nicer and nicer each day. I’m outside more and able to tackle a few more projects that weren’t possible in the colder months.

Enter: learning how to paint window blinds. 

How smart, you may say. 

Yes, it is a smart and affordable way to save money on new blinds. You end up with a whole new look, spending half as much money.

I am very happy with the new white blinds we now have in our kitchen.

Our dark walnut-stained blinds were just too stark in contrast to the white walls and pastel colors in our kitchen. 

A before image of dark window blinds.
Prior to painting white, these window blinds were a dark brown.

But they matched the dark walnut dining table you may think. 

Well, matchy-matchy is not my thing. One of the easiest ways for your home to look cheap is to match everything. Trust me, that look is very basic and ends up looking bland, lacking a whole lot of character. Ordinary is the last thing I want my home to be.

I prefer complementing over matching or adding stark contrasts. 

I eventually want to refinish our dining table into a lighter color that blends more seamlessly into the room, too, so it will be changing eventually. Plus we are renovating the kitchen in the fall, so I can’t decorate the entire room around one piece or furniture and one set of blinds. 

Hence, learning how to paint window blinds.

Window blinds have been painted white.

Overall, it was an easy DIY project that was done in an afternoon. Drying time was rather quick, and luckily I had blinds with slats that could easily be removed for painting. 

I’d recommend this project for anyone who is a beginner or just wants to save a few dollars. A simple update like this can really change the flow of an entire room. 

It definitely brightens up the space in our kitchen.

If you’d like to learn how to tackle this easy DIY project and how to paint window blinds in a few simple steps, read on for more information…

A white kitchen now features white painted window blinds after learning how to paint window blinds.

Supplies You Will Need

Faux wood window blinds

Rustoleum spray paint (I used 4 cans for one set of blinds, but this will depend on the color your blinds are and what color you’re painting them)

Spray paint gun, optional but recommended  

Old sheets or cloth/plastic drop cloths

Cleaning towels/rags

Cleaning solution


White spray paint is going to be used to learn how to paint window blinds.

Tips – How to Paint Window Blinds 

Be sure to pick a clear, sunny day without much wind. This will make your project go much more smoothly. It’ll ensure your blinds and sheets don’t blow away, and you won’t get spray paint all over yourself from the wind. Also, choose a day that isn’t too hot or humid–this could greatly affect results and dry time.

Pick a spray paint that is good for use on vinyl. Most faux wood blinds are made of PVC or vinyl, and you want to make sure the paint sticks.

You may need a second coat, especially if you’re going from one extreme to another (black to white, for example). Allow for additional drying time if so. Always follow drying instructions on the paint you buy. This can really vary.

Remember to not go too heavy on the paint or it could drip off and stick to the sheet you place under the blinds. This happened to me, even after being careful, and it was tedious trying to peel off extra dried paint on the edges of the slats. Nobody has time for that. 

Dark window blinds have been placed outside for painting.

How to Paint Window Blinds 

Step One 

Start by removing the slats from the slots they’re in. Next, using a drill, remove the body of the blinds from the brackets. Once you’ve removed the slats, be sure to keep the blinds straightened out and laid somewhere safe. Trust me, you don’t want the cords to get all tangled up.

Step Two

Using cloth towels and a cleaning solution, wipe every single slat down, each side. At this time, move outside to work. After the slats and other components are dry, gather your blinds and place them on a sheet or a drop cloth. Make sure they are all in a single layer. 

A woman is wiping down window blind slats.

Step Three

Connect the gun to the spray paint and shake for about one minute. Now begin to spray the slats from about 10 inches away. Spray one by one, evenly and quickly. Long, even strokes are key. Try not to spray too much in any single spot. Be thorough, but don’t use more than you need. That will only increase drying time and could lead to sticking and poor results. If you need to apply a second coat layer, that can always be done later.

Blinds have been painted white on one side.

Step Four

Repeat until everything is painted. Allow it to dry for about an hour. If it’s sunny out, this should be no problem.

Step Five

Turn the slats and other components over and repeat the same steps on the other side. The key thing to remember is to spray from 10 inches away, evenly, working quickly. 

Window blinds have been made over with white paint and are drying on a sheet on a lawn.

Step Six

After enough time has passed, the blinds will be dry and ready to be reassembled. Now you can install the blinds back into the brackets before reinserting the slats. It will be much easier this way. Slide each slat into its slot, one by one, until you have completed the entire set. This is tedious, but it has to be done. Your blinds should now be good as new.

White window blinds are the star of the show in this white kitchen.

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    1. Hi, Jillian. I spray painted the ladder cords (that ones that hold the slats together) white to match the rest of the blinds. Do be aware that if you have cordless blinds and do this, it can affect tension which will affect the way the blinds lift. I recommend my method for corded blinds unless not being able to retract them upwards doesn’t bother you.

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