How to Build a Vegetarian Charcuterie Board

A vegetarian charcuterie board has a spread of fruits, nuts, dips, cheeses, and more.
A vegetarian charcuterie board is placed next to flowers on a table.
Learn how to build a charcuterie board is shown with a board of cracks, cheeses, fruits, and more laid out on a tabletop.
After learning how to build a charcuterie board, a woman places it on a table, full of veggies, dips, sweets, and more.
A wooden board looks glossy and ready for food to be added.
Bowls or hummus and nuts plus a small jar of jam are added to a wooden board.
Cheeses are added to a charcuterie board.
Veggies and fruits fill a wooden board.
Delectable sweets are added to a food board.
Serving utensils are added for ease of serving guests.
A charcuterie board is complete.

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