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the blessingway ceremony | my mother blessing

A mother poses with her pregnant belly before her blessingway ceremony or mother blessing.
A little drink bar is set up for guests to help themselves.
A body scrub making station is also set up for guests to customize and take with them as a gift.
A gorgeous, vibrant vegetarian charcuterie spread is made to dine on during the mother blessing.
A mother sports her babies breath flower crown on her special blessingway ceremony day.
A beautiful charcuterie spread is made for a woman's mother blessing blessingway ceremony event.
A plethora of foods are set out charcuterie style.
Beads on a bracelet are shown to empower mom through her labor and birth.
Birth affirmation cards lay out on a table for mom to use as positive reminders during the marathon of labor.
Dried flowers are used for sugar scrubs and decorative effects at a mother blessing blessingway ceremony.
A side table holds a stack of poems and prayers written for the mother to be.
Sugar scrubs are made for mama to enjoy postpartum.

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