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Cottagecore Color Palette for a Kitchen

Several colors instantly pop into mind when envisioning a cottagecore kitchen… Join me to see my favorite cottagecore color palette for designing a kitchen that I hope will inspire you too.

A cottagecore color palette has five cozy colors.

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As you may already know, if you’re following along on our kitchen renovation journey, we have been up to our elbows in sweat, tears, and paint. We’ve been transforming our very outdated 1950s galley kitchen into a welcoming, open kitchen with so much cottage charm. 

I don’t know about you, but I really adore the country style in homes. English cottage, French country, American farmhouse, you name it and I probably love it. Any style that has a homey, cozy feel to it with warm tones and lots of natural pieces. I prefer an overall rustic look, but also don’t mind sprinkling in a little modern here and there. 

You’ve probably got a pretty good idea of what my style is if you’ve read some of my other posts, but today I really want to share a little piece of our cottage kitchen by honing in on our cottagecore color palette.

So far, these are the colors I’ve selected (we all know that can change in the blink of an eye, though) for our kitchen. I have a combination of warm neutrals paired with softer warm and cool colors to balance out the small space I have to work with. 

These are my current obsession, my absolute favorite cottagecore color palette, that I hope will inspire you too. 

Cottagecore Color Palette for a Kitchen

1. Balanced Beige – Sherwin Williams | Cottagecore Color Palette

Balanced Beige is shown as part of a color scheme for a cottage kitchen.

Balanced Beige was the very first color we added during our kitchen renovation that started several weeks ago. I wanted something neutral that wasn’t boring like white or gray. Plus, I also wanted a color with a warmer tone to balance out the cool tones of the white present on the walls and our painted hardwood floors

I ended up using this color throughout the kitchen on all the beadboard paneling we added to all the walls. It is timeless and stunning, I must say. Balanced Beige looks great in any lighting and pairs especially well with the sage green color we added to the cabinets. Cannot recommend this creamy latte color that reminds me of cozy cottage mornings enough!

2. Farm to Table – Sherwin Williams | Cottagecore Color Palette

Farm to table is shown as part of a color scheme for a cottage kitchen.

Farm to Table has actually been discontinued, however, I can assure you that any Sherwin Williams store employee will still mix it up if you can give them the name and the color code (HGSW3263). This color has a deep green color in late evenings and a warm sage green color in the daylight hours. When I was painting our cabinet doors outside, I even noticed it can appear as more of a blue-green shade. This was really pleasing to me since I couldn’t decide between a blue or green color for the cabinets. I figured even if the green wasn’t as prominent in some lighting, then I could at least have my second favorite choice. 

It is worth noting that this color (like all colors) depends on not only lighting but also on what other colors are paired with it. Luckily, the warm Balanced Beige I used on the beadboard paneling throughout the kitchen enhanced the warm sage green color. Something cooler would have made it appear closer to a blue. This is worth considering if you’re considering this color and deciding which colors to use along with it. 

3. Atrium White – Pittsburgh Paint | Cottagecore Color Palette

Atrium white is shown as part of a kitchen color scheme.

Atrium White is a color we had used previously on our kitchen walls and also on our painted hardwood floors in the dining portion of the kitchen. I decided to keep this color as it looked natural against the Balanced Beige and Farm to Table colors that are the most prominent colors we added. 

This is a pale, cosmetic white perfect for a neutral foundation in your kitchen. It goes especially well with warmer tones and is also great for using on trim (trust me, I’ve used it throughout our entire house on doors, trim, you name it).  

4. Upward – Sherwin Williams | Cottagecore Color Palette

Upward is one of five colors for a cottagecore color palette for a kitchen.

Upward really fits into my typical color tones. I tend to stick to light pastels in lots of areas of my home for a calming mood. In our kitchen, I decided I wanted to paint our vinyl tile floors in a classic checkered style (minus the high contrast black and white color combo). 

After realizing I could pair a white with just about any color for a checkered effect and was stunned to see some amazing work using pastel blues, greens, and grays. I decided on using a cool blue that would complement the warm green on the cabinets best. I’m so excited to paint the kitchen floors now to see how this looks in person!

5. Bracing Blue – Sherwin Williams | Cottagecore Color Palette

Bracing blue is one of five colors for a cottagecore color palette for a kitchen.

Bracing Blue is a bit bolder than Upward in that it’s a bit darker and saturated. I decided to add this color to our side door in our kitchen for a pop of color without using something too dramatic. It fits this color scheme well (I just love the blue-green combo in any cottage color palette), and I also like that it’s a bit out of my comfort zone since I tend to stick to lighter pastels in general. 

This is a great color for adding some interest to a specific area in your kitchen while still being gentle on the senses. The cool, gray undertones also help balance out the warmth in the room.

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