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Cottagecore Gift Ideas for Her

These cottagecore gift ideas are perfect for her on any holiday or just because. Discover the top ten essentials you’ll need in your arsenal that’ll satisfy every cottagecore fan around.

A graphic shows 10 cottagecore gift ideas for her.

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Today I really wanted to make a gift list for those who need a little something extra as far as gift giving goes. For those of us who are or have cottagecore lovers in our inner circle, it can sometimes be a little more difficult to surprise them with a gift.

They want something unique, but also on the simple side. Nature inspired, but that may not exactly mean Little House on the Prairie style… 

I’ve compiled this list of cottagecore gift ideas just for the special women in your life. Whether they are artistic, agricultural, intellectual, or simply a free spirit. 

For those times when you need a special gift on the fly, I hope you’ll look to this list for inspiration. Even if she has all of these items, they can help guide you to the next perfect one. These gifts all embody the cottagecore lifestyle or aesthetic in some way or another. I sure hope they work for you!

What are some common cottagecore elements?

There are some recurring elements in the cottagecore aesthetic/lifestyle.

  • Animals
  • Nature
  • Soft, natural linens and neutral or pastel colors 
  • Stone or wood materials inside the home
  • Sewing
  • Baking
  • Gardening
  • Books
  • Arts, music, and culture

Is there only one type of cottagecore aesthetic?

Absolutely not. Most of us envision a country gal living in a stone cottage, barefoot and tending her garden in between kneading her bread and sewing her own dresses. But this is a very narrow scope of cottagecore. There are several different kinds! 

Cottagecore Aesthetics

  • Traditional Cottagecore
  • Dark Cottagecore
  • Minimalist Cottagecore
  • Fairy Cottagecore
  • Vintage Cottagecore 
  • Light Cottagecore 

Cottagecore Gift Ideas for Her

1. LambLittle Cushion Covers | cottagecore gift ideas for her

A cottagcore gift for her includes a pillow case with wildlife and flora on it.

These cushion covers are to die for! I bought a pair of them for some pillows on our couch in the living room several months ago. I have made sure to keep them in pristine condition. These nature-themed prints on the fabric are stunning–so detailed, illustrated, and vibrant. There are even some more dark and moody options for the dark cottagecore lovers. Even if she doesn’t need new pillow cases, this shop offers so many other stunning pieces, too. 

2. Jessica Roux’s Shop – Literally anything from her shop!

Different nature graphics are shown on different products scattered as part of a list of cottagecore gift ideas for her.

Jessica Roux offers a wide variety of goods from her shop. I was first introduced to her calendars and planners when I worked for a publishing company several years ago. Anything from her shops are amazing, though. She sells art prints, stickers, home decor, cards, stationary, and more. Many of these will appeal to the artistic cottagecore women out there.

3. Floppy Sun Hat | cottagecore gift ideas for her

A floppy sunhat is shown on a woman.

Many cottagecore women love to garden or simply be outside a lot. That being said, although the sunshine is so important and healthy for us, even too much of a good thing can be bad. It is especially important to protect tender skin on the face, to help prevent sunburns and aging. This floppy sun hat is perfect for lounging outside, going on nature walks, or tending the garden. It’s stylish, too, so it fits well with her favorite dress, jeans, or lounge clothes.

4. Handmade apron from Earthen Threads Co.

Earthen Threads Co. aprons are hung on wooden hangers as a display. This makes the list for the best cottagecore gift ideas for her.

I absolutely love this brand! Everything is handmade and carefully curated. The styles are romantic and feminine, comfortable and breathable, and practical and flowy. Basically the epitome of cottagecore. This shop is run by a woman who makes every piece herself by hand. She puts so much care and effort into every single item. There are some stunning patterns and colors to choose from and they’re very size inclusive. Did I mention they have both dresses and aprons?! Run, don’t walk.

5. The Sustainable Homestead book by Angela Ferraro-Fanning | cottagecore gift ideas for her

The book The Sustainable Homestead is shown with a woman gardening.

I personally received this gift for my birthday and was instantly in love with it. My husband knew I’d had my eye on this book for a while now and was excited to dive in. There is so much to learn on a homestead and just as much to learn about the art and science of permaculture. Angela creates a symbiotic farmstead on her property with a thriving ecosystem perfect for anyone–whether beginner or expert–to learn from in this homesteading book.

6. Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast by Ken Forkish

The book cover for Flour Water Salt Yeast is shown.

I’m still making my way through baking all the breads in this book, but it is so fun to see all the different techniques and styles of bread baking. I had no idea until picking this book up. Ken details how he came to be a baker, later an owner of a bakery, and then finally an author. With a plethora of recipes and guides, this book won’t disappoint any cottagecore breadmaker in your life.

7. Milky Mudra’s Mother’s Milk Jewelry | cottagecore gift ideas for her

A mother's milk ring is shown in white.

For all the cottagecore mothers out there, this gift would be greatly appreciated. If she is breastfeeding, this is a great gift to encapsulate her milk and even baby’s hair to commemorate her journey. It represents a time she may have felt her most vulnerable and worked her hardest, physically and emotionally, and yet mentally endured it all. Breastfeeding mothers are usually very proud of their hard work and dedication, and to find a way to make this a beautiful keepsake she can cherish and wear forever is an amazing gift you can give her. 

8. Wax seal stamp kit

Wax seals are shown in a kit to embrace cottagecore gift ideas for her.

A wax seal stamp kit is a great cottagecore gift idea. Many are artistically inclined and have hobbies that don’t necessarily include technology but instead focus on skills of the hand. Maybe they are master calligraphers or skilled sketchers or painters. Or maybe they are just dabbling in a bit of creative fun. Regardless, this stamp kit is a great way to send off cards of well wishes to family and friends that adds a little something extra special and unique to it. 

9. Wicker Woven Picnic Basket | cottagecore gift ideas for her

A woven wicker basket is shown for picnics.

I myself already own a picnic basket, but if I didn’t I would be all over this one. Us cottagecore folk are known to love the outdoors and enjoy fresh, homemade food. Combine the two with this gift of experience and she’ll be so grateful for the gesture. It will allow you to enjoy a lengthy, intimate meal together in the garden, a pasture, or the forest near your home for a perfectly cottagecore date. Romantic and practical!

10. Singer Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is shown in white.

Cottagecore women are known for their resourcefulness and are sometimes found sewing or mending clothes. This would be a great gift for those who are looking to start sewing or those who need a new replacement sewing machine. You never know when something will need to be mended…

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