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Visualizing My Dream Kitchen

Today I thought I would discuss more about the kitchen renovation (that hasn’t quite started just yet) and what my dream kitchen looks like… Well, my dream kitchen for the space and budget we currently have, anyway. 

I’ve been creating a timeline of events and working on a budget lately, so we are making progress. I’ve also been researching different products and deciding on a color scheme and types of materials we want to use. 

So far, I’ve decided on a color for the beadboard we’ll be adding to all the walls, and have narrowed down colors for painting the cabinets. I think I’ve even found an oven I love!

At this point, I am really eager to just dive in, but I still have a few things to get done around the house before taking on this big project. I’m trying to enjoy the planning process before we get super busy for a couple of months. Renovating such an important space will be very consuming on my many levels.

So far here is what I’ve envisioned…

Oven Range 

Initially I wanted to convert from an electric to a gas range. I love the many benefits of cooking on a gas stovetop. Better temperature control, faster heating time, ability to use it if the power goes out, and more. Gas ranges are recommended and used by professional chefs for a reason. And as someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen–creating recipes for my blog and using our range three times a day to cook me and my husband hot, fresh meals–a reliable, efficient, and beautiful range matters.  

However, in order to use a gas range in our kitchen we would need to not only run a gas line, but we would also need to install a hood range. Those could both likely include hiring out for help. Not to mention two more big steps in our renovation before even getting to put the actual oven in. This really deterred me. This was upsetting because I had even found a professional style range that was half off!

But, it just wasn’t meant to be…

Instead, I found a lovely KitchenAid electric range that I love the style of. It will require less steps overall, too. The only thing we need to do is install lower cabinets on that side of the kitchen since it is a slide-in range, not a freestanding one like we currently have. It has good reviews, has some features I want in a new range, and is really pretty. 

Beadboard and Chair Moulding Wainscoting 

You may have noticed the beadboard wainscoting we have on one wall in our kitchen, in the dining area to be exact. I absolutely love this. It elevates the kitchen area a bit more, giving it a more polished look that still manages to honor the cottage style I adore so much. It also gives me the opportunity to add some more color to the white walls. I have actually chosen a fairly neutral color that I want to add to the beadboard, but it is going to look so good

I’ve seen a few other people use this color in various areas of their home and it is stunning. (I won’t reveal which color I’ve chosen yet, though!) It’s not what I would normally choose for a paint color, but it’ll work much better against the dark walnut dining table and benches we have and it will give me the opportunity to add some color to the lower cabinets to juxtapose the neutral used on the walls. Exciting!

Open Shelving 

I’ve been saying this for so long: I’ve been dying for some open shelving in the kitchen to really open it up more. I’ve toyed with the idea of keeping our upper cabinets and updating the color, faces, and hardware like the bottom half, but I just don’t know that I want that many cabinets so common in fitted kitchens today. I really think small kitchens look best with open shelving to feel a bit more roomy and to let more light in. I also have lots of styling ideas to hone the country home aesthetic and feel like we’ll be able to make enough room in the lower cabinets to store things. 

I have a couple other ideas as far as countertops and the floor go, but I’m not quite ready to share them just yet. Hopefully over these next few weeks as I start working and getting sections done I’ll be better able to envision the final results. I’ve been getting lots of inspiration from Pinterest lately and have been loving it. 

I hope to share the overall color scheme of the kitchen very soon, but for now I’m still browsing and getting more ideas. I can’t wait to show you!

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