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Summer Decorating Ideas

Peruse my summer decorating ideas for summer decor inspiration. Using my favorite DIY’s and finds of the season, I’ll be decorating all over my cottage.

Limes in a wooden bowl are sitting in front of a pitcher and picnic basket.

Summer is nearly here, and I’m excited for all the summer decorating ideas. Last year I didn’t really decorate for the summer, so this year I decided to add a few pieces to my everyday decor.

I felt pretty clueless about summer decor until I realized it was about as simple as the other times of year. Envisioning the different seasons, and how the weather and surrounding environment changes, helped guide me. 

I was drawn to a few things in particular, so part of selecting pieces was about going with my gut. 

A cozy nook in a cottage dons a plethora of summer decorating ideas.

Don’t you just love how it reminds you of breezy summer days? 

A bundle of lavender takes center stage.

All of these summer decorating ideas are sure to delight your home. Come see what I’ve come up with!

Summer Decorating Ideas

Galvanized windmill and silo

This duo tops my summer decorating ideas list because something about farm life just screams summer. I grew up on a small hobby farm, and we were always outside during the summers. Maybe that’s why I felt drawn to this so much.

Though we never had a silo or windmill, we did have a large barn and these pieces just remind me of the entire picture-perfect farmland scene.

This set is no longer sold, but you could probably find something similar at a craft store. At least it can give you some inspiration for some country-themed summer decor.

A mini windmill and silo are part of summer decorating ideas in a Midwest cottage.

Cotton bundle 

A cotton bundle could aso remind one of the farm life. In the South, cotton is harvested in the late summer months. It dries out and bursts from the bolls, exposing its fluff. So when I saw this bundle at the craft store, I just knew it would look right in the cottage.  

When choosing one, sometimes less is more. Even a simple bundle laid across a side table is enough to add a touch of summer.

A bundle of cotton hangs on a wall near a vintage mirror.

DIY Summer Wreath 

I created this summer wreath myself. Out of a hat, ribbon, and faux flowers, totaling less than $10. A steal if you ask me. Gardening, working in the sun, and flowers all embody the summer heat. What a perfect way to capture this in a stunning wreath that is viewable from the patio. 

You can view the post here about how I created it. If you buy a premade wreath, select one with summer flowers or herbs, or even one with a fun sign in the center. 

A sun hat wreath is decorated with faux flowers and striped ribbon for a summer vibe.

Beachy candle 

What more could you need than a beach-scented candle? This blue candle is the perfect summer decorating idea for anyone who isn’t particularly keen on complicated pieces. Candles are both simple and practical.

Decor that awakens the senses is particularly great for the home. Certain scents are reminiscent of each season and can really add a touch of ambiance that welcomes everyone home. Choose a candle that smells of nature, focusing on summer flowers and herbs (or the beach!).

A blue candle is placed next to a pastel pink jar.

Ceramic plant pots

Adding some new pots for your growing plants is an excellent way to add something new and summery into the mix. Even a simple white one works. These have some bohemian vibes that I sometimes dabble in, and I love these for the summer months. Just having a new pot can make a corner of the house feel fresh again. 

Here are the two I selected from Michael’s:

White Raised Dot Ceramic Pot  

Cream Striped Ceramic Pot with Stand  

Two bohemian ceramic pots are on a table.

These were 50% off, which I was more than thrilled about, so these were easy choices.

Citrus fruits in a wooden bowl

Summer decorating ideas should always include some sort of fruit. Citrus fruits are especially prevalent in summer months, with lemons and limes being my favorite.

Limes make an appearance next to a porcelain pitcher on a woven placemat.

Choose citrus fruits that you can style as a simple centerpiece that are also usable in summer foods you make. Lemons are natural and aesthetically pleasing for any table or countertop. I use limes pretty frequently, so it just made sense to add them to my table for easy access and a pop of color.

Lavender bouquet

Lavender is another summer favorite of mine. Blooms add vibrance and softness to any space. Sometimes I add it to a vase of flowers as a filler, but I usually just drape it across a book on a side table. The natural fragrance is amazing, too. 

Even as it dries, it can be used for decorating purposes again and again. 

A lavender bouquet is in front of a white box on a side table for summer decorating ideas.

For those on a budget, Trader Joe’s is a great place to find an affordable bouquet of this summer-blooming flower. 

Picnic basket

A picnic basket is by far my favorite summer decorating idea. Picnics are one of the best summer activities, yet I rarely partake in them. I love the idea of a checkered blanket and a vintage wicker basket full of goodies. Lounging on the grass and staring at the clouds… noshing on fresh strawberries alongside sparkling water. Perfect.

A summer picnic basket has vintage flair as it sits on a table.

This summer date idea is easy to emulate with one single basket. Place it on a side table as part of a staging when you have guests over. Or leave it out all season long if it doesn’t take up too much space.

A vintage-style wicker picnic basket is near some platters in a kitchen.

I found this one secondhand, so although you could find one at a department store it could be pricey. Keep an eye out at thrift stores if you’re frugal like I am.


Lighthouses are emblematic of east coast seaside towns. The lighthouse symbol is a sign of hope and perseverance. Particularly after a long, tumultuous voyage on the sea. 

This little lighthouse makes me envision balmy days filled with cool, salty breezes. Cape Cod houses–high-peaked roofs and cedar shingles, along cobblestone roadways. Historic homes neatly packed inside their quaint towns, everything within walking distance. Where people run away during the summer months to escape their busy lives. You will probably find me retiring in one of these places one day…

A lighthouse figurine is placed on two classic literature novels.

Lighthouses are special for many reasons. They’re the perfect addition to a home, especially a cottage, during the summer months.

Feed and Seed Sunday Market storage box

At first this was strictly practical, though I did find its appearance wholesome and cute. I can nicely fit most of my seeds inside this small box and display it on a shelf or table as part of my summer decor. 

A seed box lays next to a bundle of lavender on a side table.

Boxes like this are usually found in craft stores, secondhand shops, and nurseries. They are perfect for storing all kinds of small items. Find one that is large enough for storage, but small enough to slide away, out of sight in colder months. 

Tips for Summer Decorating

If it doesn’t feel right to take an eclectic approach, stick with one theme. 

For example: farmer’s market, beach, camping, florals, or boho. 

A lavender bundle and seed box sit on a table next to a woven coaster and bible.

This theme can guide you on what items to select. Just be careful about going overboard on the theme. You don’t want your house to look like an outlet store, you want it to look like a natural environment with a few trinkets thoughtfully sprinkled in.

Always try to use as many natural elements as you can first. This can save you so much money. One way to do this is to use freshly cut flowers from the garden on tables throughout your home. Using natural pieces like this will really liven up your living space.

A blue candle brings about summer vibes with its beachy scent.

If you’re picky and can’t find any of the “right” decor, make your own! Head to the craft store and get creative. Having one-of-a-kind decor is sure to impress your guests.

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