Spooky Halloween Wreath | Black Branch Wreath DIY

A graphic shows two spooky halloween wreaths to compare a cheap DIY dupe to a pricey black branch wreath from a prominent company.
A spooky Halloween wreath is a black branch DIY hanging on a white door.
This black Crate and Barrel wreath, though appropriate for the holiday and well made, costs nearly $70.
A spooky Halloween wreath is pictured as a black branch DIY.
A much more affordable option, my DIY wreath costs less than $5–or practically nothing if you already have these common supplies on hand.
A spooky halloween wreath is hung on a white patio door.
Branches are arranged to create a round wreath.
String is used to tie branches together.
A black branch wreath is finished with black spray paint.
A black branch wreath DIY is shown on a white door.

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