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Natural Pain Relief in Childbirth | 10 Ways

A graphic shows a pregnant mama and a title that reads "natural pain relief in childbirth"
A comb is shown to represent one of the many natural pain relief methods in childbirth.
A bathtub is shown as a way of natural pain relief in childbirth.
A TENS Unit is shown as a method of natural pain relief in childbirth.
A woman is shown breathing and meditating to help with labor pain.
An image shows a person relaxing for a massage, a natural pain relief method for labor.
A graphic shows two birth affirmations along with a pregnant woman standing.
A woman walks to showcase how movement helps labor progress.
A woman is shown cooking as a form of distraction during early labor.
A music scale represents how music can soothe the soul.
An essential oil diffuser is shown as a way to manage labor pain.

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