Dried Flower Crown DIY with Baby’s Breath

A dried flower crown is donned in baby's breath for a simple, feminine style.
A woman smiles with her baby's breath crown on her head.
A baby's breath floral crown is finished and lays on a marble countertop.
A flower crown is complete and is shown off up close with details of the baby's breath secured to it.
A dried flower crown is leftover from an event and is now being used on a tabletop around a vases of daisies for a tablescape.
Wire is wrapped together after measuring it around the head.
Pieces of baby's breath lay on a countertop for making a dried flower crown.
The first piece of baby's breath is secured to the base of the dried flower crown.
Floral wire is wrapped with baby's breath about halfway around the circumference.
A floral crown is complete all the way around the base with baby's breath.
A woman shows off her dried floral crown at her Mother Blessing.

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