Mini DIY Fourth of July Banner

Everyone’s favorite summer holiday is here. Join me to see how to make a super easy, affordable DIY Fourth of July banner. I use burlap, mini American flags, and some twine to create this banner that will complement any of your traditional summer decor.

A mini DIY Fourth of July banner is laid across a mantle.

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Fourth of July is in less than a month, so naturally I’m scrambling to figure out what decor to make for the holiday. I originally wanted to make something for the tabletop, but since I usually like to stick to flowers or other natural pieces, I thought I’d resort to making a DIY Fourth of July banner instead.

I had actually never even made a banner myself until today, but I can confirm it is a very easy process. It’s inspired me to start making more, at such a cheap price. I imagine it would be just as easy to create a birthday or baby shower banner, too.

For this project, I knew I wanted the classic American flag incorporated into it in some way. 

I am also a big fan of burlap because of its texture and neutral color. It goes with just about anything, has a relaxed vibe to it, and its texture complements anything from dainty lace and satin to these classic miniature American flags. Very versatile.

With this, I threw in some twine I had on hand and was able to create this simple, classic banner for our home this holiday season. I may just use it one day if we ever host a Fourth of July gathering in our home. I can imagine it would be easy to make a couple more to tie together for one large banner or hang small ones in various areas of the home.

To see my step by step guide in crafting this mini DIY Fourth of July banner, read on for a few easy steps…

A mini DIY Fourth of July banner is laid across a mantle.

Where should I hang a banner?

Hang this mini banner on a chandelier, above a tablescape for a party, or over a doorway or even across a mantle. You could hang this in a living room, on a patio, in a kitchen, or wherever else you may be having your patriotic celebrations this year. It should serve as a subtle backdrop for your party or other decor.

What else can I use for a banner instead of burlap and mini American flags?

You can use other fabric with red, white, and blue on it, or you could even use some white fabric instead of the tan burlap. I recommend one neutral fabric along with the patriotic fabric of your choice for the best results.

Lots of DIY Fourth of July banner supplies sit on a countertop.

Mini DIY Fourth of July Banner

Supplies | mini diy fourth of july banner

Burlap fabric roll or pieces, 6 inches wide

Miniature American flags, 6 inches wide



Hole puncher


Tips for Success | diy fourth of july banner

To secure each piece in place, and to keep pieces from sliding down the banner once hung, tie small knots on each side of the fabric piece once it’s added to the twine. Repeat with each piece added until finished. This also prevents crowding them together.

Over time, if the edges of trimmed fabric pieces begin to fray (especially the burlap), carefully trim back the threads with scissors. Hand wash if it gets soiled to prevent more fraying around the edges. 

When trimming fabric, I like to make the first one and if it turns out well use that as a guide to trace/cut the other shapes out. This ensures they are all the same size without having to measure every single piece.

Burlap pieces are trimmed to look like ribbons.

Steps | mini diy fourth of july banner

Cut twine to length 

Decide first where you’d like to hang your banner, so you can measure the length of the banner. A long banner for a table will be much different than one hung above a small doorway. Also consider whether you’ll be pinning it up in 2 spots (on each end) or in 3-4 spots along the banner. These added “dips” in the banner will require more length for this effect. 

Pre-hang the twine without the fabric attached, if desired, for confirmation of the length before you begin. Do be aware that tying knots throughout the banner to secure each fabric piece will shorten the length considerably. Be generous in adding at least a few extra inches (if not doubling the length) to ensure the final result is long enough. It’s easy to trim extra off, if needed, once you finish. 

Trim burlap pieces, if needed | mini diy fourth of july banner

You may need to trim your burlap if you bought it in one long roll instead of individual pieces. You can opt for squares with two pointed ends on each that resemble a ribbon or a triangle shape for your pieces. These are the most traditional for a banner. Use scissors to trim pieces into desired shapes and set aside.

Remove fabric from mini flags

Carefully run some scissors along the edge of the flag, cutting it away from its stapled wooden stick. This will remove the American flag fabric for use on the banner. Repeat on all the mini flags.

Punch holes in burlap and mini flags | mini diy fourth of july banner

Use a hole punch to punch a hole out of the top middle of each piece of burlap and each mini American flag. This will allow you to thread twine through them to secure them to the twine..

Thread twine through holes 

Start by leaving some extra space on the end for hanging the banner. Thread the twine through each piece of fabric/flag piece through the holes. Alternate burlap with the American flag until you’ve reached the other side. As you work, tie a knot before and after each piece to hold it in place. You can space them out or have them slightly overlapping. Leave some more empty space on the end you finish on for hanging as well.

Hang your new DIY Fourth of July banner | mini diy fourth of july banner

Hang your new banner as a welcome to guests outside your front door or on a patio umbrella for some festive outdoor decor. I like to hang mine above a fun, patriotic tablescape or along our mantle on the main wall guests see first thing when stepping into our home. 

Be sure to secure the banner with either snail or tacks. Hang it with 2-4 nails/tacks total, depending on the length and style you’re going for. 

Burlap pieces are trimmed to look like ribbon.
Fabric pieces are string together to make a banner.

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