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Crunchy Mom Gifts for any holiday

Come see my comprehensive list of crunchy mom gifts curated for moms who value natural living and a holistic approach to life. With a few traditional gifts and some wild cards thrown in for fun, these will give you some new ideas for the perfect present on the next holiday that rolls around.

Crunchy mom gifts are shown in a handmade gift basket.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I decided it’d be the perfect time to create a detailed list with gift ideas. Specifically for the crunchy mamas out there.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “These granola-yoga moms who can’t stop wearing their babies are overrated and they’re all the same.” 

But here’s the thing: Humans are all vastly different, even within the communities we tend to group ourselves with. 

I won’t deny that there are some obvious similarities between lots of crunchy moms, though. They tend to have similar interests, likes, and dislikes. 

Whether you’re a homesteading mama, a suburban yogi, or a first time mom with a general holistic approach to life (or are somewhere in between), there’s something for every crunchy mama on this gift list. 

Come see the crunchy mom gifts she’ll love no matter the holiday or time of year. (…But first, let’s take a closer look at who exactly these crunchy moms are.)

What exactly is a crunchy mama?

Crunchy moms tend to go for a more natural way of living. They have a holistic view on health and may have a different philosophy for raising children when compared to mainstream society. Some are more old-fashioned than others, some are religious (although some are not). And they can range on any point in the political spectrum. Really, they all have slightly different views on various topics. Just like any group, they will all agree on some things and all disagree on others.

But most crunchy moms have one very distinct thing in common: They are very critical thinkers

They are not one to do something just because one person in authority told them it was the “right” thing to do. Crunchy mamas will not agree with the ideas of others just to fit in or because that’s the easy and convenient thing to do, or according to what mainstream society sees as normal. 

Crunchy moms are individuals and are not even afraid to deviate away from the crunchy norms if they feel they aren’t right for them. You really can’t lump us all into one single category. (That’s the beauty of being human)

Crunchy moms march to the beat of their own drum no matter how much pushback they may get from others. Most of them aren’t even necessarily extreme in their ways or pushy about their opinions. 

But they will always question the status quo, gather their own information, and consult multiple sources before making important decisions or forming opinions on different matters. 

They stand firm in their beliefs, also letting their own inner intuition and values guide them in their decisions and way of living, along with using evidence-based sources.

Some may accuse crunchy moms of being too extreme, overly simplistic in their ways, or unrealistic, idyllic, or too old-school in their views. 

Like most moms, they are just trying to do their best, though. They seek to make the best choices for their family, while staying true to their own selves in the process.

Here are a few common characteristics of crunchy moms (but not all crunchy moms–remember, they may agree on some things but have very differing views on others):

  • Homeschool their children because they believe that the public school system does not offer the best learning outcomes for individual children 
  • Cook primarily from scratch (mostly organic or local food) and believe it’s the best way to feed their family. That doesn’t mean they don’t ever eat something from a box that is processed–that’s just not a part of everyday life. Those conveniences are saved for special occasions and holidays.
  • Breastfeed, cosleep, cloth diaper, baby wear, and use baby led weaning with their babies. (Most choose to have an unmedicated, physiologic birth and some may even choose a home birth.)
  • Grow their own food and take pride in self-sufficiency and sustainability 
  • Make a lot of their own stuff–decor, clothes, hygiene products, etc.–so they can use natural and responsibility-sourced materials 
  • Have a holistic philosophy to healthcare, often favoring more natural approaches and taking a less is more approach. For some this may mean using a midwife instead of a doctor, not electing in all vaccines, or using natural remedies before resorting to using pharmaceutical medicines (most prefer to only use these in emergencies or if natural remedies fail)
  • They also favor preventative care, which means proper nutrition (lots of whole foods), better sleep quality, stress management, and using less chemicals in everyday life (think cleaning, food, pesticides, etc.)
  • Aim for an overall more natural, simple, old-fashioned way of life (less exposure to toxins, less technology, more time in nature, more time with family,) for the happiest and healthiest body and mind
  • Opt for more reading and outdoor time with children over using tv and ipads as entertainment and play
  • Environmentally conscious, choosing to compost and recycle, reuse and repurpose old items, make secondhand purchases, invest in quality products that will last versus the cheapest thing, use less chemicals in their households and in their yards
  • Research everything and research thoroughly. They look at multiple, unbiased sources, talk to those who have been through their experiences, and look to trusted, reputable experts in different fields before making important decisions (especially in education, nutrition, and healthcare).

This list is not exhaustive, and crunchy moms can absolutely hold different views on some of these topics. But they generally tend to agree with many of these points. Some of them may do some of these things but not have such strong opinions on them compared to other crunchy moms. 

Nevertheless, if your mom has some of these qualities, she is likely fairly crunchy. Read on to see some of my favorite crunchy mom gifts!

Crunchy Mom Gifts

Rosemary and Lavender Neck Wrap by Flax of Life | Crunchy Mom Gifts 

Heavy enough to relax the shoulders and neck, but light enough to not weigh down muscles too much. This neck wrap is infused with essential oils that make relaxation feasible in a cinch. The stylish pattern is calming and gorgeous, and I love that it can be heated in the microwave for added warmth when needed. It even doubles as a heating pad for menstrual or postpartum cramping.

A neck wrap is shown as a crunchy mom gift.

The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth by Genevieve Howland

I read this book in its entirety before we even conceived. I absolutely loved the evidence-based, natural approach to pregnancy and birth. It was refreshing to get perspectives from highly-trained health professionals in this comprehensive guide with 

Genevieve’s humor and down-to-earth personality. As a natural mama herself, she also provides stories from her own pregnancies along with lots of information to help you make the right choices for yourself and baby during pregnancy and birth. 

The Mama Natural Book is shown as a crunchy mama gift.

A gardening calendar from a local nursery

If you know a mom who gardens, she will love a calendar that details all the times of year she needs to start seedlings, prepare garden beds, and harvest crops. I bought one for myself from a local nursery for this year and it has had so many helpful reminders all in one place.

Toups and Co. Organic Makeup | Crunchy Mom Gifts

Toups and Co. is known for natural, organic makeup that won’t irritate skin and is safe to use without lots of added chemicals. They have a skincare, makeup, and deodorant line, plus more. I’ve only bought a couple of products from them but found them to apply like regular makeup, stay on skin well, and look wonderful.

Toups and Co. makeup is shown as part of a list of crunchy mom gifts.

WildBird Linen Baby Sling

I bought one of these during a sale long before I got pregnant. I’ve been collecting little items over time and these ring slings are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen. I’m so excited to start using it in a few short months. Definitely consider gifting this to any expecting crunchy mama in your life.

A green baby sling is pictured as a crunchy mom gift.

Wild Oak Farms Goat Milk Body Butter

Perfect for moisturizing mom during or after pregnancy (or anytime really), this goat’s milk body butter absorbs quickly into the skin nourishing it from the inside out. With all natural ingredients, the pH matches that of our own skin which makes it perfect and gentle even for using on delicate babies. I love supporting this small farm here in Missouri. They have the best products.

Goats milk body butter is stacked in glass jars.

Reusable Beeswax Wraps | Crunchy Mom Gifts

Most natural moms are not keen on plastic use. They often store items in glass jars, on plates with lids, and in bowls covered in a beeswax wrap like this. These are practical to use, easy to wash and reuse, and an affordable gift that looks pretty. 

Beeswax wraps are shown in red and yellow.

Earth Pigments Non-Toxic Dry Color Pigment Sets

These dry pigments are natural and perfect for artistic moms who like to paint in their free time. These watercolors only need to be mixed first and then they’re ready to use. In a wide variety of natural and bright colors, they have all the options she needs for her next masterpiece.

Natural powdered colors are jarred for mixing watercolors.

Berkey Water Filter

This one is definitely an investment. I recommend only getting this for the very serious crunchy moms out there (and if you can afford to drop $300+). This system removes 99.9% of contaminants in water, so she can rest easy knowing her family is drinking clean water day in and day out. At first glance it may seem ludicrous to spend so much on a water filter system, but this thing really works. It removes over 200 contaminants found in freshwater and tap water. 

Although you may not be aware of it, even tap water is not as clean as you think. The way it is typically “cleaned” is by adding chemicals in, not by filtering bad stuff out. Furthermore, not every city has the highest standards with these cleaning methods. It’s crazy how many trace chemicals are found in lab results when water is tested, and having a system like this would really ease my mind. I have yet to purchase one, but I sure hope to one day get one when we have the space.

A man gets water out of his water filter.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils | Crunchy Mom Gifts

I love this brand and have used these when making my DIY sugar body scrubs (that you can read about HERE) and other homemade products for skincare. I also diffuse them in our bathroom instead of using traditional chemical fragrance sprays that don’t eliminate odors but instead fill the air with fake scents full of toxins. No, thank you. These are an amazing alternative and safe to use when diluted and used properly. Always read instructions and blend with carrier oils when needed and you’ll be good to go.

Essential oils are lined up.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet  

Us crunchy women love our cast iron. Cast iron has been used for centuries and is much safer than chemical coated non-stick cooking pans that begin leaching chemicals as soon as they get one tiny scratch or get worn over time. Cast iron, on the other hand, can last a lifetime. Heavy duty, these skillets can be used for cooking just about anything.

A cast iron skillet with lid is shown as a crunchy mom gift.

Linennaive Dress  

Although these dresses are a bit pricey, they are high-quality, ethically made, and so old-fashioned. I love how beautiful and natural they look! These handmade dresses will last a long time and have so much thought and care put into them. One day I hope to get one of these on a very special occasion. 

A woman wears a blue dress in the forest.

Thrive Market eGift Card | Crunchy Mom Gifts

Luckily, a gift card here will cover at least a year subscription, with the option to add more for purchasing goods. Thrive Market offers a wide variety of groceries delivered straight to your doorstep with a focus on healthy, whole foods. They offer gluten free, plant based, and paleo selections, plus more, so grocery shopping for you and your family can be even easier. Thrive Market offers competitive pricing with a subscription and allows you to get everything you need for your pantry when your regular grocery store falls flat on healthy, wholesome options. What a convenient gift idea!

A Thrive Market e-gift card is shown.

Avocado Organic Cotton Sheets  

These mattresses are all the rage these days as standard mattresses can create off-gassing where VOCs (volatile organic compounds aka toxins) begin seeping into your home and the air you breathe. However, I know most people won’t be excited to give a mattress as a gift (nor will they be able to afford the steep price). But they have some wonderful cotton sheets that would make a wonderful addition to a natural mama’s bed until she can replace her entire mattress. I love investing in high quality products that are worth it and this brand has gained a reputation for being both healthy and trustworthy.

A man and woman laugh in bed with their new sheets.

A big jar of homemade healthy granola  

I couldn’t not mention something homemade and slightly sweet. My personal recipe is packed full of whole grains, antioxidants, healthy fats, and fiber (and free of refined sugars!). I don’t know any mama who will turn down free food, especially if she just so happens to be pregnant or breastfeeding. This delicious fuel is great for breakfasts and snacks and for feeding to little ones when she has no time to spare. Consider this if you need a fast, inexpensive gift for her.

An up-close shot of granola with chocolate chips in a small wooden bowl with a wooden spoon placed on the edge.

Eco-Friendly Organic Sewing Supplies by Organic Notions | Crunchy Mom Gifts  

If you know a crunchy mom who loves to sew and make her own clothes, she may really appreciate some new sewing supplies. With fabrics and more, this company offers a plethora of options for novice and expert sewers dying to put their homemaking skills to use.

Many colored spools of thread are pictured.

Botanical Interests Colorful Veggie Garden Gardening Seeds

Another great gift for gardeners, a set of seed packages is always a great idea. She can grow her own organic food free of pesticides, hone her growing skills, and become more self-sufficient and zero waste in the process. The best part is that you may just get to reap some of the benefits if she’ll be cooking up some tasty garden produce once she collects her harvest. Sounds like a win to me!

Packages of different gardening seeds are shown.

Massage Gift Certificate at a local massage therapy shop

This is probably my favorite experience gift, by far. Whether Mom enjoys a traditional Swedish massage, an intense deep tissue one, or a gentle prenatal massage, she is sure to find some solace and relief once she uses this brilliant gift. There is no greater gift than this kind of relaxation and pampering. 

Sourdough Starter by Wild Oak Farms | Crunchy Mom Gifts

I have to admit, natural mamas love their sourdough bread and they take it very seriously! It takes a certain skill to ferment a starter, make a dough, and bake it to perfection, but these kinds of mamas are usually willing to put in the time and effort to craft the perfect, healthy loaf. 

Sourdough bread is said to soak and ferment the grains enough to make it easier for digestion and healthy for the gut with all the probiotics it contains. Whether you use all-purpose flour or whole grains, this homemade bread will have more benefits than traditional, store-bought breads made in factories. (And they just taste better!)

A loaf of sourdough bread sits on a kitchen counter.

Making Scents Organics Pure Soy Wax Candles

Candles can be known for releasing lots of toxins in the air as they burn. It only makes sense. Chemicals are added to the candle. Candle hardens. Consumer burns the candle, which then releases chemicals into the home. Not exactly comforting. However, these types of soy candles with natural fragrances are much safer (and much easier on the senses–chemical fragrances give me headaches). With so many choices, it only makes sense to pay a little more for the higher quality candle. 

Candles are lined up in glass jars.

Mason Jar Cups with lids and straws

I’ve been meaning to purchase these for a while. An easy gift, most moms in general would appreciate this for sipping on cold lemonade, iced teas, infused water, or iced coffee in the summertime. They’re not only beautiful and natural, they’re also a great choice for those trying to get away from using plastics. 

Plastic has chemicals that seep into literally everything, which is sad because they’re used in practically everything these days. It’s cheap to make and unfortunately that fits the market. However, it’s no secret that glass lasts much longer than plastic, so economically it makes sense to make the investment in glassware over plastic.

Glass with bamboo lids have straws in them.

Gaiam Non-Toxic Extra Thick Yoga Mat | Crunchy Mom Gifts  

Although my ashtanga yoga practice is no more, I still enjoy an occasional yoga session. If you know a mom who enjoys working out, stretching and meditation, or simply needs to get her body prepared for the marathon of labor and delivery she will appreciate this thoughtful gift. It even doubles as a mat for kids to play or practice yoga on. 

A purple yoga mat is rolled up.

The Herbal Apothecary book by JJ Pursell

This is for the moms who like to dabble in growing herbs and using them for medicinal purposes. This book includes everything she needs to know to use herbs for different ailments, remedies, and preventive purposes. As an avid book lover and someone always looking to add a new hobby/skill to the list, I know I’d really appreciate a book like this.

An herbal book is shown.

The Whole Brain Child book by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

If she’s a crunchy mama, she’s likely into attachment parenting or gentle parenting. This book includes lots of education on the developing child’s brain, how to guide them through the early years, and how to handle the not-so-fun parts of childhood. I plan on getting my hands on this book in the near future. I’m always looking to add to my knowledge base of child development and psychology and appreciate evidence-based perspectives from experts.

The whole brain child book is pictured.

Final thoughts…

I myself can say that I know that just because something is natural doesn’t always make it safer or better… This is the kind of wisdom you develop after living the crunchy life for a while. 

However, I still wholeheartedly believe in a mainly natural lifestyle. That doesn’t make me superior to others, it just means I may have a different experience and different priorities than other moms. Just because I choose to do things differently also does not make me weird or wrong. I am very healthy, happy, and successful and I happen to think a lot of that is because of my approach to living. 

I hope this gives you a more accurate representation of crunchy mamas (who sometimes get stereotyped or just plain misunderstood). If you have one in your life, I hope it gives you some great ideas for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and other holidays throughout the year. 

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