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Boho Office Makeover

Come tour my new boho office! A stunning transformation, this space has all the charm of a modern-day office with just a touch of vintage–a nod to our bonafide Mid-Century home.

A boho style office boasts creamy orange walls, a bookcase, world map, and hanging basket light.

I can’t believe I am finally saying this, but I think the office is finished!

AJ and I have been dreaming about this much-needed space for months and months. I work on my blog from home and need a space to create, write, and edit, while my husband works a second job from home a few evenings each week.

We have both been so ready to get this office ready. Not just work-ready but also looking fabulous.

Coming into this, we realized early on that this room would differ from the rest of the house. Although still a calm pastel, the room itself is decorated a bit more modern with a bohemian flair. 

It still has a few antique pieces sprinkled in, but it has a way different vibe than the rest of the house–which veers toward the traditional style with a collected-over-time charm. 

A newly decorated office boasts a stunning blue and ivory damask wallpapered accent wall.

Although most of the rooms pay homage to the Mid-Century bones of this house, we thought we’d do things a little differently here.

Bright and perky, this area really helps keep me focused. It also keeps my spirit high. 

I can never be in a bad mood in this room. Something about the dreamy orange creamsicle color just feels so mellow yet lively.

I especially love the accent wall that is wallpapered in shades of blue damask patterns that make my untamed heart sing. 

Since I create a lot of artistic things here I didn’t want an ordinary, boring office. I needed color and personality. Since I lean on my favorite boho inspirations when other styles fall short, I thought it would be the perfect way to highlight this office.

A stunning new office is shown off.

It sure doesn’t disappoint us. 

And don’t worry, we’ve added in plenty of practical items that make this office fully functional and perfect for professional use, too.

Come on, let’s tour the new boho office. 

An office is being showcased in all its bohemian glory.

What is the bohemian “boho” style?

The bohemian style is often described as eclectic because you can combine a lot of different styles together. It is all about mixing textures, bright colors, and patterns. It’s organic and effortless, full of items from around the world, and exudes a maximalist approach. It is all about giving more life to a room–sometimes literally. 

To complete the boho style, one must have plants. Always plants. 

Natural wood and fibers, along with nature-inspired themes or patterns are key elements (hello, florals and leaf prints). It’s layered and fun and perfect for the world traveler or cultured individual.

Boho Office Tour

The Walls 

A wall is covered in damask wallpaper with creamy ivory and light shades of blues.

We decided to add an accent wall to this small space. I wanted something that would complement the light orange color on the three juxtaposing walls. I decided the color scheme for the office would be orange dreamsicle, white, and shades of blue. Luckily, I found this peel-and-stick damask wallpaper, and it captured the exact style I was going for. It complements the Boho Chic style very well. 

I hate to disappoint you if you love the orange on the walls and need a recommendation, but I mixed it myself. I used a bright orange paint we already had and mellowed it out with a white paint. However, I recommend scouring the paint aisles for an orange paint swatch. Choose something cool and dreamy–and be sure to test a spot before fully committing to painting the entire room. I recommended picking a light bulb with a cool tone for whatever light fixture you use. Believe it or not, lighting plays a huge effect on how the color of a room looks. Oranges can easily appear too bright when paired with a warm-toned light bulb. 


A creative desk is being used for professional work in a boho office.

The desk is actually a “creative desk” used for writing, drawing, and crafting–or, in our case, typing and other desk work. It can be raised to different levels, the top can be shifted and angled up for drawing and other artwork, and the side extension table can be maneuvered around as well. A stool even came with it, too, so we have this in our office for additional seating.

I especially love the storage space in the drawers, the art cups and trays, and the lower storage shelf. This desk is amazing–it has so many uses. We were lucky and got it during a sale and only paid maybe about $140 for it (it is now back to $220), but it’s still worth taking a look at if you’re interested in this sort of desk for creative work. 

Different cups hold pencils, pens, and other art supplies in a desk in a boho office.
An August date is shown on a small desk calendar in a new office space.


A gaming chair is being used as an office desk.

The chair, believe it or not, is a gaming chair. It’s the only chair we found at IKEA that was affordable, had arm rests, and was a neutral color that would fit with the style of our boho office. No one would have guessed it! We get compliments about it all the time, too. It’s pretty sleek and modern, but I love the way it works in this particular room. 

Billy Bookcase

A bookcase is the star of the room in a small boho style office.

We love this affordable bookcase. It’s the perfect size for our boho office and fits all of our books (and more). It is a bit plain, but I added lots of vintage-inspired pieces to pull the entire look together. This pairs well with the bohemian style since it is all about combining eclectic, vintage pieces with an overall cultured look.  

Shelves appear tidy but are full of eclectic books and decor on a bookshelf.

You may have read my recent post Billy Bookcase Styling + Review here on the blog. In this post I give lots of details on the decor I used to style the bookcase, along with a review on the bookcase itself. Please check this out HERE for links and further details.

The Rug

A gorgeous ivory and light blue round rug is centered in a small office.

AJ and I both absolutely agreed that the rug in the office should be round. Although I seriously questioned the size and positioning of it in the office, I think it is just right. We chose this 5×5’ noble rug and the colors are spot on. I don’t think I could have chosen a better rug since the style and colors match perfectly with the rest of the color scheme. 

Hanging Basket Light Fixture

A hanging basket light fixture stands out in a small office space.

The fixture is something we made ourselves. We did it so long ago that I don’t have a tutorial or links on how exactly we made it or what materials we used. However, I will say it is very easy to create a basket fixture. Essentially it just involved threading a hanging light kit through a basket and adding a bulb. I think we only spent maybe $30 on the materials and it was pretty easy to make. I’m sure a quick Google or Pinterest search could help you out if you’re eager to make one. 

Other Noteworthy Pieces

A three-tiered paint stand holds several plants in front of a window.
A world map linen scroll makes a nice background on a wall behind a desk.

We have several pieces throughout the room that are still worth mentioning. For one, I absolutely love, love, love the world map linen scroll that hangs directly behind the desk. It adds a very nice background when AJ is doing therapy sessions with his clients online. Maps and globes are wonderful in boho-style rooms because the boho look is all about being cultured, well-traveled, and free-spirited.

We also added a tiered plant stand directly in front of the window to house some of our house plants. It has a natural stain to it which looks good in this particular room, holds three plants–a must, and it doesn’t take up too much space here. I’m very pleased with it.

Champagne colored picture frames are subtle but sophisticated on orange creamy walls and don a graduate diploma and license.

Another honorable mention goes to the champagne colored picture frames I found HERE. They’re fairly light–a champagne mix of silver and gold– and are simple but bold enough to home my MBA diploma and AJ’s clinical license. Excellent ambiance for a boho office.

Get the Boho Office Look

Creative Desk

Gaming chair

Plant stand  

Nobel Rug  

Billy Bookcase  

World Map Linen Scroll

8×10 Picture Frame 

11×14 Picture Frame

Damask Wallpaper

A boho office tour is complete.

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