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10 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

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Today I want to share a few things (10 to be exact) that I have been loving lately, in no particular order. I love these products and maybe you’ll love them too. 

I’m feeling like a non-nonsense kinda gal today, so let’s just dive straight in…

10 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

  1. Rosemary & Lavender Neck Wrap by Flax of Life

I requested this as a holiday gift and my husband graciously complied. It’s heavy enough to relax the shoulders and neck, but light enough to not weigh down muscles too much. It’s infused with essential oils that make relaxation feasible in a cinch. The stylish pattern is calming and gorgeous, and I love that it can be heated in the microwave for added warmth when needed. It even doubles as a heating pad for menstrual cramping.  

a green neck wrap is shown
  1. 2023 Pembrook Planner from Aldi 

I’m obsessed with this planner. At $8.99 from Aldi, it is large, full of vibrant illustrations of plants, and has all the components I need in a planner. I also love all the stickers in the back! I like to use both the monthly calendar for an at-a-glance look of the month ahead and to set long-term goals, and then I use the weekly planner to break down my tasks by the day and week. This makes my heart happy!

  1. The Secret Lives of Color by Kassia St. Clair

This is a thoughtful compilation of all the colors you can imagine. Although it is more of an art history book regarding the use of colors and their originations, it also inspires creatives to embrace the beauty of each and every color on the spectrum. 

A book with colors dotted on it is shown.
  1. Uno Casa Tortilla Press  

This was another Christmas gift! I had this on my Amazon wish list for a while. I finally received one, used it recently, and I am hooked. No more rolling each and every single tortilla out with a rolling pin. Before, this was time consuming and left more room for error in regards to shape and thickness. Now that I use this press, I can complete a large batch of tortillas in minutes. The skillet is the perfect size and heats quickly and evenly to create the perfect, fluffy tortilla for the tastiest Mexican dishes.

Tortilla press and cast iron skillet are shown
  1. Camelbak Water Bottle

I used this water bottle years and years ago until I quit going to the gym. After returning to my regular workouts a couple of months ago, I decided to buy another one of these. I use it all day, everyday. There’s something about the large straw that makes drinking water easier and more enjoyable for me. 

I don’t know what it is, but I love how it keeps me hydrated. It fits in cup holders, is large enough to fit lots of water, is easy to carry with its handle, and makes drinking easier without the risk of leaking all over your face when taking a drink or even when knocked over.

A water bottle is a light blue.
  1. Wild Oak Farms Goat Milk Body Butter  

When I started switching more of my everyday products over to natural ones, I searched for a good lotion everywhere. Most of them were good, but didn’t come in sustainable packaging, still had a bunch of extra ingredients I didn’t care for, and were not supporting a local business (which I prefer to do when possible). Enter: Wild Oaks Farm Goat Milk Body Butter. 

I use the unscented body butter because I don’t care for fragrances (they’re irritating to sensitive skin), but they do offer scents enhanced with natural fragrances if that’s what you’re into. I love how the pH of goat’s milk is nearly identical to the human skin microbiome–more proof that this good stuff from nature is exactly what we need. 

It’s nourishing, moisturizing, and so gentle. I love to pamper myself with this on occasion when I’m not in the mood to whip up my own homemade batch of body butter. Highly recommend.

Goat milk butter butter is stacked in jars on top of one another.
  1. Kizik’s Athens Shoes

I recently invested in these new shoes for the gym. They are roomy and have a memory foam type of padding in them. They provide good support, are stylish, and they are hands-free. You can slip them on without the heel counter falling in or creasing. It springs back, which means no bending or sitting down to get them on. They pair well with most of my outfits, too, which is always a bonus. Cannot recommend these enough.

Kizik shoes are athletic and stylish and pictured in a cream and light pink color.
  1. Balanced Beige Paint Color by Sherwin Williams

I’m not a neutral gal. I love color in my home. But neutrals do make a nice base for some rooms when I’d rather use color in the trim, rugs, or furniture. Balanced beige is slightly warmer than its counterpart, Accessible Beige, and in certain light has a creamy java color that reminds me of my morning coffee. Super cozy for a cottage kitchen! I plan on using this color on the beadboard around the kitchen when we make updates this spring.

A balanced beige color is shown from the Sherwin Williams line.
  1. Family Tree Nursery 2023 Calendar 

This is probably the best calendar I’ve ever owned. Not only does it have all the normal holidays, time changes, and season changes listed on it… It also has a section for notes where I can add gardening to-dos. It has lawn care and gardening reminders during the appropriate days of the year. Family Tree Nursery is a local business, so their gardening reminders align with my planting zone. This makes everything so much easier! Lastly, these calendars have notes about certain workshops and store hours (which vary season to season) for their nursery. This is amazing! I’m obsessed and so happy to support a local business. I only had to make a $5 donation for this beautifully illustrated houseplant calendar. SO worth it!

  1.   Spicy Lentil Wraps from Trader Joe’s 

These are always at the top of my favorite meals list. Every time I make a visit to Trader Joes (about once a month), I pick up one of these to have for a quick lunch. If you love spicy or middle eastern foods, or eat a plant-based diet, this is a must try. I’d love to try to replicate this recipe one day, down to the tahini dressing added on top. It’s full of lentils, cabbage, and spicy pepper paste–all inside a thin lavash bread that makes it the perfect, satisfying wrap.

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